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Fake Sleep Means Fake Snoring
You can't pretend to sleep quietly.
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A character is in bed, pretending to sleep. The writers, wanting to clue their audience in that he or she is faking, instruct the actor to produce a fake snoring noise to go with the pretend slumber. Whether or not the ploy works on the other characters is generally related to whether the situation is being Played For Comedy or Played for Drama.

Note that a character doesn't have to be in bed to unleash the fake snoring; it can just as easily happen on a couch, especially if it's for a good laugh.

Better title? Needs More Examples as well.

  • Special mention goes to Ferris Bueller for not even being in the house, much less his bed, while the fake snoring rolls like thunder. An athletic dummy fills in for his fake-sleeping self, rigged to rise if disturbed.
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