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Should Have Learned To See It Coming By Now
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Do We Have This? People from Lost and Found didn't seem able to spot it specifically, so...

This trope is about when, no matter how many times a character faces a sitation, he'll always be dumbfounded and unprepared when it happens again.

So supposing, Evil Overlord Bob faces against Magical Girl Alice, using always the same strategy, on the exact same situation, and losing due the exact same circunstances, he'll be positivelly aghast when it happens again.

Or if a battle mage had his magic powers drained from him on two different episodes, and by the third didn't learn to buy a gun already for when it happens again.

Not to be confused with Aesop Amnesia; the character isn't forgetting lessons, he's not learning them in the first place.

Contrast Crazy-Prepared.

Compare to Too Dumb to Live

(will flesh this out as I get examples)


  • Gladstone Gander has in many, many stories lost his luck in one way or another (and in one particular story it's revealed he becomes extremelly unlucky every year on his birthday), yet in most following stories, he reacts in awe when his luck fails because apparently it has never happened before.
  • After all their adventures, Scooby-Doo and his friends should no longer be surprised that the monster they are investigating is just some criminal in a rubber mask.
    • Which does eventually happen, in the movies... when they start finding actual supernatural phenomena.
  • Voldemort attempts to kill Harry Potter with the same spell no less than five times throughout the series. Each time the spell backfires, leaving him at a disadvantage and on the last incident, dead. The reasons for the backfires are different in each case, but all are ultimately the result of his inability to understand love. Nevertheless, it would have been prudent for him to adopt an alternative after about the second failure.
  • Aside some Genre Savvy moments, Bluto really needs to learn how to run away after Popeye eats some spinach.
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