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Relative Prospect Hatred
A character hates the possibility of becoming related to another character.
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Do We Have This One?? Is This Tropeable?

Most [[index: Love Interests]] have relatives that become a part of the main characters' lives. In some cases, the protagonist and their Love Interest's relatives get along as soon as they meet. In others the protagonist meets them and dreads the prospect of becoming related to them. A common variant involves the protagonists as the usually school-aged children of single parents who hate the thought of stebsiblings. This version is distinct from Parent with New Paramour, but can also be a form of it.

Examples: (Both involve stepsiblings)

In Being Bindy by Alyssa Brugman, this issue drives the plot.

In "Dawn's Wicked Stepsister'', one of The Baby-Sitters Club books, Dawn and Mary Anne fight after they actually become stepsisters. So, Is This Tropeable? What does everyone else think? Does anyone have any other examples? EDIT:Expanded following Koveras' suggestion. And given new title.
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