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Enslaved Enunciation (was: Tongue Failure)
A monster/entity/magical person can make another person say things they don't mean to.
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Certain types of monsters, wizards, and other supernatural or alien beings are able to control your voice, or otherwise replace your communications with those around you. They will use your voice to lie to team mates, friends and loved ones, or to deliver warnings or threats. Sometimes this is the beginning of full on Mind Control, or the opening move of the Puppeteer Parasite.

Super Trope to Truth Serums. Subtrope of People Puppets If the person is prevented from communicating certain information, it is Tongue-Tied. Frequently part and parcel of Puppeteer Parasites' abilities.

Anime and Manga
  • Talking Head, a stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5, attaches itself to the tongue of anyone its user wishes and forces them to lie through any means, be it speech, sign language or writing. The only way it was even removed was by its victim (Narancia in this instance) to cut their tongue off.
  • In MM!, Mio hypnotizes Taro into ending every sentence with "hugetastic boobs".
  • In Smile Pretty Cure!, Majorina ruins the comedy contest by using special rings on the guest duo which make them unable to tell jokes or speak with a Kansai Regional Accent, causing their routine to fall flat.
  • Keroro Gunsou tries to make a Hypno Fool of Natsumi with a Verbal Tic candy, but everyone ends up eating one (or more).
  • Episode 35 of Hime Chen Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri features a clingy magic card. Whatever it attaches itself to is forced to lie or act against what they say.
  • Immortals from Baccano!! are incapable of using aliases in the presence of other immortals, instinctively blurting out their real names if they try. In addition, their bodies reject all attempts to establish lasting false identities.
  • Medaka Box: Oudo's Compelling Voice won't allow itself to be used for anything but Kneel Before Zod. Though he meant to tell his schoolmates to live life to the fullest, the first words that came out of his mouth were the order to bow before him.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Torunka was unwittingly affected by a Cursed Needle during his infiltration with Luna, making him tell the truth when he intended to lie.

Comic Books
  • When Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen overheard crooks planning to kidnap him and force him to reveal Superman's identity, he tried to counteract this by taking a lie serum. Hilarity Ensues. When the crooks finally strapped him to a Lie Detector and interrogated about Superman's identity, he got through it by claiming that it is Clark Kent.

  • In Bruce Almighty, Bruce uses his god-powers to make his rival anchorman speak gibberish during a live newscast.
  • The movie Liar Liar has Fletcher Reed, a busy attorney with little time for his family, subjected to a sort of spell that forces him to only speak truthfully, when his son makes a birthday wish that his Dad never tell a lie.
  • In Beetlejuice, the title character forces Lydia to agree to marry him.


Live-Action TV
  • Doctor Who
    • A certain Companion being forced to count down to her own death in Flesh and Stone.
    • In the episode Midnight, an unknown creature possesses one of the members of the group, to whom the Doctor tries to reason with. However, the creature's speech catches up to and then overtakes the Doctor's thoughts, taking control so he orders the others on the ship to kill him against his will.
  • Bewitched
    • In one episode Sam's mother put a spell on Darrin (as usual) causing him to start talking like he was three years old. Right in front of his boss!
    • At another time she casts a spell that causes him to constantly speak in clichés.
  • In the Muppet version of The Frog Prince, a witch poses as the king's sister, and only his daughter realizes it. To keep her from telling her rather dim-witted father, the witch curses her to say everything backwards.
  • The Twilight Zone
    • In TOS episode "The Whole Truth", a used-car salesman is forced to tell the truth against his will.
    • In The New Twilight Zone "The Trance", the deity Delos speaks through Leonard Randall's mouth.
  • In Get Smart, Maxwell Smart is given lying pills to foil any possible interrogation. Of course, he takes it at an inappropriate time and suddenly lies about every slightest fact, including his own name.
  • An episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch had Sabrina put a spell on Hilda so that she'd say whatever Sabrina said, so she could make her go on a date with Mr. Kraft. While that was going on, Valerie showed up and Sabrina started having a conversation with her while Hilda kept repeating everything Sabrina was saying to Valerie. Eventually the spell broke and Hilda dragged Sabrina off to Zelda to figure out an appropriate punishment.
  • One of the possible side-effects of owning someone's heart in Once Upon a Time — not only can you essentially use the victim as an unintentional mole, you can also make them say things you want them to say in order to manipulate others.

Professional Wrestling
  • WCW Masked Luchador La Parka would take the mic and a make outrageous statements, but it wasn't him talking. The voiceover would happen even if Parka didn't have the mic in his hand; towards the end of the bit's run La Parka brought a sign out to display while the voiceover happened saying "this is not my voice" or words to that effect.

Tabletop Games
  • The Puppeteer mutation in Paranoia can be used to force a character to say whatever you want (with a good enough Power roll).
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Ring of Truthlessness. The wearer must lie in response to any questions asked of them for as long as the ring is worn.

Video Games
  • The Ancient Conspiracy of the Metal Gear Solid games inject their agents with nanomachines that cause them to say nonsensical "La-li-lu-le-lo" when attempting to discuss them.

Web Comics
  • The Big Bad of 8-Bit Theater, Sarda, uses a rewriting reality spell against Black Mage, making him agree with what Sarda just said. Black Mage, who can copy spells since he is also a blue mage, tries what on Sarda; turns out, its effect is actually "rewrite reality as Sarda wishes".
  • In this strip of Dinosaur Comics, Utahraptor discusses that they wouldn't invent a lie serum. Except T-Rex does.
  • The Last Days of FOXHOUND
    • Revolver Ocelot secretly brainwashes his teammates into being incapable of saying "The Patriots", the secret organization he works for. Instead, it comes out at "LA-LI-LU-LE-LO"
    Psycho Mantis: That conniving backstabbing son of a bitch SANTA CLAUS!"
    • Confirmed by the Metal Gear Solid Database. Further confirmed by MGS4; at one point Snake mentions the Patriots, to which a confused Meryl replies, "La-li-lu-le-lo?"

Web Original

Western Animation

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