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Balloon Bursting Bird
Bird breaks your balloon/inflatable, usually when you're in the air
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You've got a big balloon. The balloon is so big that you're actually floating up into the air]]. But what's this? A bird is approaching your balloon and you suddenly realize how sharp the beak is...POP!!!

If you have a party balloon or some other inflatable (inner tube, hot air balloon, weather balloon, etc), it always seems that there's a bird around to break it. Usually Played for Laughs, especially in cartoons - yet if you're floating high up in the air...

Could overlap with Bubble Gum Popping, if bubble gum is involved.


  • Pokémon: Team Rocket's hot air balloon is prone to bursting, and if a bird type pokemon is involved, you can bet that that's how it's going to bust.

Comic Books
  • Gaston Lagaffe's pet laughing gull hates balloons with a passion. At one point it crosses paths with a hot-air balloon, and the next panel has the now grounded occupant saying "I don't know, there was a kind of sadistic laughter and the next thing I knew, pffffft!"

  • The 1963 horror film The Birds involves said avians attacking a little girl's birthday party. During the assault, the birds pop a number of balloons.
  • The 1995 Australian movie Napoleon opens with the title character, a Golden retriever puppy, floating away in a basket with helium balloons. A bird gets him down by popping all the balloons; the puppy lands unharmed.

  • One entry from Disney's Wonderful World of Knowledge, a series of children's encyclopedias from The '70s, featured a history and overview of aircraft hosted by Pete. As balloons were covered, one humorous illustration shows an anxious Pete begging a bird not to pop his hot-air balloon.

  • The tie-in magazine for 3-2-1 Contact would publish computer games written in BASIC to run on your computer during The '80s. One of the games, called "Pop!", carried an illustration of a computer blowing bubble gum and spotting a bird ready to pop the bubble.

Newspaper Comics
  • One comic of The Far Side had a pair of aerial balloonists staring up in horror at a woodpecker about to burst their hot-air balloon.

Video Games
  • Subverted in one table-top electronic game version of Donkey Kong Jr. The port added a few things not in the original arcade game such as umbrellas to float down on and balloons to float up on. Birds are your enemies - but they're not the ones who can pop the balloons; that's done by a sharp tree branch at the top of the game screen.
  • Birds could pop Alice's balloons in the 1990 Game Boy game Balloon Kid.
  • In Point Blank, one of the shooting mini-games involved protecting Dr. Dan or Dr. Don from birds since they were floating on balloons over shark-infested waters.
  • In the second Simon the Sorcerer game, after you use three ballons to get to the castle treasure room through a window, a bird bursts all three balloons when you leave the room.

Western Animation
  • The 1970 Beary Family cartoon "The Unhandy Man" has Charlie Beary trying to install a garage door opener on his own. One of this attempts to get his garage door open involves a big balloon, which fails when a bird pops the balloon.
  • Woody Woodpecker did this too when opponents used balloons.
  • Frequently happened with Inspector Gadget and his inflatable coat.
  • A variation happened in one episode of the animated Dennis the Menace (US) . Mr. Wilson parachutes from a plane, only to have a bird peck at his parachute - leading to a long drop.
    • It happened again in another cartoon episode when Dennis gets accidentally caught up in a hot-air balloon race. A flock of birds burst one of the hot-air balloon.
  • In the Valentine's Day episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob's gift for Patrick is a hot air balloon made of chocolate. Sandy is to fly it to the carnival but is delayed when scallops (which act as birds on the show's setting) try to eat the balloon.
  • One animated segment from Sesame Street had a Jerk Ass asking for a big, bigger, and biggest balloon (popping the first two he's offered); the biggest balloon causes him to fly up into the sky, only to get popped by an equally big bird soon after.
    • Another animated segment from Sesame Street was a balloon alphabet. Balloon shaped letters from A to Z were popped by a speeding bird.
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