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We have Write Who You Know (when authors create characters based on those they know in real life), and Shown Their Work (for when authors avert Did Not Do The Research by actually doing it, and then wanting to prove it), but for some reason, we don't have one for when authors explicitly create a story about what they're familiar with/grown up with.

Any examples would of course explain how the author is writing what they know. I.e. the author of Nothings Fairin Fifth Grade is a former elementary school teacher and school psychologist, so she knows kids damn well, and it shows. Rather than using Shown Their Work (which would indicate that she had to do research, rather than simply working in the perfect environment for her writing to benefit), I wish I had a trope to simply indicate that she knows kids well because working with them is her job, and she's just Writing What She Knows.

Could we, or do we, have an article for that?
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