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Way Too Much At Stake
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(Alternatively Why So Serious or Bridge Of Fate)

I was looking through Serious Business and I noticed that a couple of examples could be considered really serious if they occurred in Real Life, such as a game determining the fate of the world or keeping something evil sealed in its can. Sure, Bridge is a silly thing to fight and kill over but a game of Bridge where the winner can claim the entirety of the USSR's Mnogo Nukes would be taken very seriously indeed, even in the real world.

The real Elephant in the Living Room is why any one in their right minds would give such power to something so trivial, so I think we need a Sister Trope to Serious Business where the business is serious but the effects and implications are too drastic to make sense.

Either that or the trope needs a bit of expansion because right now all it says is "why is everyone so worked up about this?"

Simple. Because people could really die if you roll a 1. Lots of people.

EDIT: A sort-of example for more clarification:
  • Serious Business: Why is everyone more focused on this game than on the problems of humanity?
  • This trope: This game can solve all the problems of humanity if the right person wins but if the wrong person wins we will all die. How is that logical? Why make such a game?
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