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Procrastinating Speedster
Someone who waits until the last minute because they're fast.
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Basically, when someone really fast waits to get the job done. Most of the time they are able to pull it off, but in some cases they fail because of their laziness leading to An Aesop about not waiting until the last minute.

Not always about literal movement speed; sometimes this is done with other kinds of abilities such as intelligence, strength etc as long as it enables one to finish the task quickly - but then he/she chooses to laze first instead.

Subtrope of Personality Powers


Anime & Manga
  • Pokémon: During the episode Love, Petalburg Style!, Norman's Slaking slept through nearly the entire episode, until the very end when Norman summoned it to attack Team Rocket, blasting them off in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • In Dragon Ball Z, when Gotenks is first born he challenges Piccolo to a race to the Earth's surface from the Lookout. When Piccolo finally catches up, Gotenks informed him he had circled the Earth several times and even had time for a nap.

  • The hare from The Tortoise and the Hare along with pretty much every variant of the story (bar some of the parodied ones). During his race with the tortoise, after running quite far away, he lazes off and sleeps, believing that the tortoise would never get close to him. After he wakes up, he's proven wrong.

  • In the Star Trek New Frontier novels helmsman Mark McHenry is very good at quickly calculating trajectories and other math in his head, so he spends most of his time looking bored and not doing anything, then at the last minute he'll calculate and set the coordinates, then go back to being bored.

Live-Action TV
  • In My Hero, one episode has Thermoman challenged to various sports in his human identity. One challenge includes a swimming race, which he wins by half a second, because he stopped in the middle of the pool to comb his hair.
  • Played with in the MythBusters Powder Trail test. To see if a protagonist could really run ahead of the burning gunpowder and break the trail, Jamie lounged in a folding chair until the line of powder had burned a while, then started running. And then Adam charged in from the side and shoved Jamie away from the powder.


Newspaper Comics
  • A FoxTrot strip had Jason, a kid science genius taking a class test by spending an hour sitting and napping. When the teacher announces there's one minute left, he frantically scribbles everything down. According to him, he does this because final exams deserve to have a bit of pressure.

  • During "The Contest" scene of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Pirelli and Sweeney get into a contest to determine who can make the cleanest, fastest shave. Pirelli moves relatively slowly, singing all the while. Sweeney quietly spends most of the time lathering his customer up. Sweeney both starts and finishes the actual shaving part during Pirelli's big long note at the end of the song, and wins the contest.

Western Animation
  • In a Justice League episode, Batman instructs Flash on how to disarm a bomb with only a few seconds left on the timer. Flash waits until Batman finishes before doing everything he was told before Batman has time to even take a breath.
    • Again related to Flash, in the Superman: The Animated Series episode where he was introduced, he arrives almost as the charity race is about to start, explaining that he slept late. Given that the wind as he rushes past makes Lois' and Jimmy's hair stand on end, he can afford to do this.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Rainbow Dash is prone to this:
    • It's her Establishing Character Moment in the very first episode. Dash is supposed to clear the clouds out of the sky in time for a major celebration, but she lazes about while there are still a bunch of clouds left. She brags that she can afford to wait, because she can remove all the clouds "in ten seconds flat"—and she actually does.
    • In "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well," another pony falls from a broken hot air balloon, but Dash waits to sign an autograph before zipping off to the rescue. This time, she's actually a second late. Fortunately, there was someone else to save the day.
  • One episode of Care Bears had a race between the Bears and the Care Bear Cousins which Beastly tricks his way into. Fortunately, one of the Cousins chosen is Swift Heart Rabbit. Unfortunately, Swift Heart decides to wait until the race is almost over before starting. The decision comes back to bite her when she gets caught in some vines.
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