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Spawned as a sidenote from Airborne Aircraft Carrier.

This thing is an inter-service nightmare. The general premise seems to be "hey, these things are awesome, but what if we put them TOGETHER?" Ironically, this isn't limited to fiction, as many have actually been prototyped by the world's militaries.

Examples include:

  • Airborne Aircraft Carrier (obviously)
  • Land Battleship: This is essentially what it sounds like. A massive rolling fortress with cannons and weapons galore. May be a hovercraft or have wheels or tank treads.
- Mobile Suit Gundam loves these, often sticking them in almost every sub-continuity. Perhaps the most unique were the Zanscare Empire's, which were literally battleships built on top of equally massive motorcycle chassis. - The Fatboy from Supreme Commander isn't just a land battleship, but a rolling factory to boot. Similarly, the Cybran frigates actually deploy spider legs when coming onto beaches, allowing them to attack amphibiously. - Truth In Fiction pops up as the British actually created and fielded some rudimentary Land Battleships in WW2, but found them far too impractical to justify the cost. The Nazis also created at least one working prototype and designed several even more enormous ones, before the end of the war stopped that line of development. - Dai-Gunzann/Dai-Gurren in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is both a Humongous Mecha and a Land Battleship...literally. It's a battleship hull with a Humongous Mecha body built into the middle that allows it to walk across land. Ironically, it requires special adjustments to even think about crossing water.
  • Submersible Carrier
- Mobile Suit Gundam SEED had several of these serving to launch both aerial and amphibious mobile suits - Supreme Commander has the Atlantis-class submersible carrier for the UEF - Macross Zero had the Auerstadt as the Anti-UN forces home base, launching both variable fighters and transforming mini-sub OCTOS. - Tuatha de Danaan from Full Metal Panic! - Again, prototyped during both World War I and II by the British, French, Americans, Germans, and other powers.
  • Amphibious tanks aren't just tanks that can travel in water, but often are entirely submersible until they surface on the beach.
- The Fatboy from Supreme Commander is also this. Ditto the Cybran Monkeylord spiderbot. - Cobra had a couple, including the most notable being the Hammerhead which was not only a submersible tank, but a submersible carrier for its own mini-fleet of smaller vehicles.
  • The submersible jet fighter which can perform as well underwater as in the sky.
- Gold Digger gave the villainous Night Flight an entire wing of these. - G.I. Joe had the S.H.A.R.K. aircraft
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