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Power of Hope

Hope gives the characters motivation.

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Ah, hope. In one sense, powering every character to every action taken, in hope that it will change this.

The Power of Hope, however, comes into play when it is explicitly brought into play to force back a Despair Event Horizon or the Jade-Colored Glasses, so that the characters can perverse when they are tempted not to. The Rousing Speech often inspires it.


  • In Terry Pratchett's Raising Steam, Of the Twilight the Darkness explains to Moist that he was built up as a great hero in the speech, because the goblins need hope.

  • In Freefall, Max says his hope can overcome Blunt's fear-mongering.
  • In Order Of The Stick, Elan, after they are broken from an illusion of victory, urges Roy to remember how good it felt to have thought he had defeated Xykon, so as to encourage him. When Roy says that won't help them win, Elan says it will, because it's called morale — or, sometimes, hope.

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