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With animal characters in video games and animated movies, shorts, and TV shows, you are bound to find animals with just enough clothing to make it quirky to that character without covering up the most basic cues like accessory wearing and half-dressed cartoon animals. With Barefoot Funny Animals, keeping the feet exposed emphasizes their animal qualities and prevents them from appearing too human. But there are also animal characters who dress in a full outfit and wear shoes.

This animal clothing trope is often averted because a full outfit with shoes has a high chance of obscuring what species a particular animal character is. But there are a lot of animal characters who are fully clothed by human standards.

There are three variants of this trope, characters who are always or almost always fully-dressed, those who are often fully dressed or fully dressed most of the time, and those who are fully dressed only in certain appearances or scenes.

Contrast with Barefoot Funny Animals, which are fully dressed, but do not wear shoes and half-dressed and accessory-wearing, but otherwise naked cartoon animals, which only wear partial clothing or accessories.

Subtrope of Appropriate Animal Attire. Often, but not always overlaps with The One Who Wears Shoes.



  • The title character of Little Bear averts this trope by usually being completely unclothed, yet his parents and grandparents play this trope straight by being fully-dressed including shoe-wearing.

Video Games
  • Most of the female characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog games wear full outfits with shoes and gloves, including Blaze the Cat and Amy Rose.

Western Animation

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