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Shooting Spree
Someone uses a gun and shoots a bunch of defenseless victims.
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"I am the Angel of Death. The Time of Purification is at hand." - The Simpsons, "Marge Gets a Job"

A shooting spree is when someone takes a gun and shoots a bunch of innocent, defenseless people in cold blood.

The reasons may vary. Maybe the gunman can only take so much stress before he snaps. Or perhaps he's just crazy, mind controlled, possessed, a robot, or a rebellious teen, or has a brain tumor.

No matter the case, a knife won't do. He needs a gun and he plans on getting a little rampagy on some people who aren't equally equipped (and are varying degrees of innocent, rather than, say, zombies). He doesn't want people to fight back, he just wants to massacre as many people as possible.

If we're lucky, this is just a Dream Sequence. Or maybe one of his victims has a gun and fights back so that the audience can discuss gun rights.


Anime and Manga

  • American Psycho: The film focuses on the parts of the book that aren't entirely about torturing women to death as that might be offensive, so the film spends a large portion on the unoffensive notion of killing mostly male victims while on a shooting spree.
  • Basketball Diaries: Leonardo DiCaprio has a dream sequence about killing his schoolmates.
  • The Bourne Legacy: Dr. Donald Foite shoots all of his co-workers.
  • Elephant: A 2003 film from Gus Van Sant about a high school shooting spree.
  • Taxi Driver: Robert De Niro shoots up a whorehouse for pimping out Jodie Foster. Though they're not quite "innocent", they are pretty defenseless.
  • Terminator: Though a police station filled with armed police officers may not seem like "a bunch of defenseless victims," they sure are when compared to a T-800.

Live-Action TV
  • American Horror Story (Episode: "Piggy Piggy"): Tate kills his classmates.
  • Six Feet Under (Episode: "You Never Know"): An office killing spree by someone who just got fired.

Video Games
  • Grand Theft Auto: The player has the option to go on a shooting spree.
  • Postal: The option to go on a shooting spree is available, and the game is called as much since postal workers were notorious for going on shooting sprees.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons: One is simply a guy polishing his shotgun while saying "I am the Angel of Death. The Time of Purification is at hand" in the episode "Marge Gets a Job." The other is in the episode "Homer Loves Flanders."
    • Ned walks up a churchtower whistling "Bringing in the Sheaves." At the top, he assembles a semi-automatic rifle. He then starts saying "there's Homer" before every time that he shoots someone in the park down below. "There's Homer. There's Homer, too. That's also Homer!" One of his targets is a postal employee, who of course has his own automatic rifle. A gunfight breaks out.

Guns and Gunplay Tropes

No Real Life Examples, Please! because it's always Too Soon.

Also, do we really need this? Or do we need a "mass murder" page to go along with the "serial killer" page? And "shooting spree" could be a "mass murder" subtrope?

Now that Two Gun Angel pointed out that we have both Going Postal and Axes at School, I'm going to say again that we definitely need a Mass Murder page that absorbs Axes at School and Going Postal into one page.
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