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Idiot Jerkass
A character who is characterized for being an idiot and a jerk.
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"Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results."
Margaret Atwood, Surfacing

Idiots are hard to tolerate. So are jerkasses. If you combine them together, you get someone who is even harder to tolerate. This, of course, makes the character even funnier than either just the Jerkass or just The Ditz. This is a Comedy Trope since an Idiot Jerkass in a drama would make the character rather unlikable. Usually it's when Jerkass acts are caused by stupidity, or the other way around (where the Jerkass act become the Idiot Ball), or maybe the stupidity and jerkassness do not even cause each other and are just used for characterization and for comedy's sake.

This trope is Truth in Television since (according to psychology) one can be so stupid that they eventually become a Jerkass. Idiot Jerkass is also one of the most prominent features in fictional and even non-fictional bullies.

Compare The Ditz, Jerkass, Dumb Jock, Stupid Evil, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist (most of the characters in that trope aren't very bright) and Jerk Jock. Contrast Insufferable Genius, where the character is so smart that he or she might come off as a Jerkass.


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