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Super Toughness

The power of unambiguously superhuman durability.

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The power of unambiguously superhuman durability, ranging from being "merely" capable of taking a dozen gunshot wounds and keeping walking like they were nothing, to getting hit by a train car and only suffering a few shallow cuts and minor bruises, to having enough explosives to take out a skyscraper strapped to your chest, have them detonate, and get a few second degree burns and maybe a couple of broken ribs for your trouble [[hottip:*: Well, assuming that you don't get buried under enough rubble that you suffocate to death, that is]].

This is a Required Secondary Power to be able to do anything with Super Strength; without it, Newton's Second Law would result in you breaking your hand every time you threw a super-punch, and every bone would snap under the tension of lifting a car.

Nigh-Invulnerability is this trope's big brother, where almost nothing is able to harm the character. Compare Made of Iron, where an explicitly non-superpowered character can take a lot more punishment that is normally possible for no apparent or explained reason.

Often takes Nigh-Invulnerability's place in the Flying Brick package for "lower-tier" superhumans. Sometimes a side-effect of particularly adaptive Healing Factors. Most Super Soldiers possess it. Combine it with Super Strength, and you're likely to end up with the Implacable Man.



Anime and Manga
  • In Ghost in the Shell, Mokoto Kusanagi, courtesy of bionics.
  • In InuYasha, Yokai and Hanyou can take more damage than a human can.
  • In Macross, lampshaded by Bretai:
    "I am not built as weakly as you are"
  • This is basically Shioon's power in The Breaker.

Comic Books
  • Rogue of the X-Men, when she was a Flying Brick (due to a certain instance of power absorption), was usually tough but not fully invulnerable. One comic had her taking a bullet to the head, which knocked her out (whereas such things would simply bounce off of other Flying Bricks).

  • In the case of Robocop, this arguably is his main superpower, with super strength and justified Improbable Aiming Skills as his secondary ones.
  • Not sure if King Kong or other Daikaiju count or not, since relative to size, human weapons are rather puny.
  • The Terminator, especially in its debut film. It's not indestructible, it takes damage throughout the film. Actually getting what's left of it to stop is another story.

Live-Action TV
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer gives us Buffyverse vamps, Slayers and many species of demons. All of them can take quite a beating, ranging from being able to take a full-force beatdown from someone with super strength to needing a specific way to be killed.
  • Firefly gives us the Reavers. They're basically rape-obsessed Space Zombies. Fighting them just isn't done, and a pretty weak one beat Janye.

Video Games
  • Master Chief of Halo fame is a Spartan-II who can survive atmospheric reentry and subsequent impact with the ground almost unaided. The fact that he didn't turn into a squishy soup like mixture is a testament to his Super Toughness.
  • [PROTOTYPE] gives us Alex Mercer. He isn't unkillable, but multiple RPGs, choppers, tanks and zombies aren't going to do the job unless the player is playing the game wrong.

Real Life
  • It's now believed that Martial-Art experts actually develop denser bone structure with training, allowing them to break objects with their bare hands with reduced skeletal injury.

Tags: Needs a Better Title, Needs More Examples, Rolling Updates, Seen It a Million Times, How Did We Miss This One?.

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