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Roar of Despair

Someone just lets out a shout of agony, when feeling extreme sadness.

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Some characters get so emotionally distraught that they can't even let out their feelings in words, so they just let it out in a scream.

This is usually to help punctuate the drama of a moment, to show that's it's dire enough to bring one character to this point. This is why many works use this rarely, to avoid ruining the serious of the moment. Works that overuse it can turn into Melodrama.

Although it can also be Played for Laughs, but even then is still usually reserved for the right moment.

Often, this can overlap with Inelegant Blubbering, Berserker Tears, Unable to Cry (when this becomes a substitute for tears).

A Sub-Trope of Angrish.

Compare Big "NO!", Gasp, Manly Tears, Tears of Remorse, The Scream.


  • After Lois dies in Superman The Movie, Superman does this before he wrestles with his conscience to use his powers to change history.
  • In Ladyhawke, Navarre shouts after he almost is able to touch Isabeau, but the curse changes her again before it can happen.
  • In Beauty and the Beast, Belle sees that her father is in danger, and Beast, realizing that he loves her, allows Belle to leave. Since it means the curse might never be broken, and that he might never see Belle again, he roars as he watches her go, and suffers a Heroic B.S.O.D..
  • Spoofed in Frasier, when Bulldog is dumped by a girl he likes. Niles tells him to just let his feelings out, and Bulldog just screams.
  • Done three times in Saints Row: The Third as part of the Stylistic Suck of Gangsters In Space. The boss does this with a Skyward Scream as her main crew dies on the way to fight the Big Bad.
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