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Midair Repair

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Our heroes are in an aircraft, falling. Perhaps they've been shot down, or maybe their vehicle didn't work in the first place. No need to worry, though. Someone (usually the [[Gadgeteer Genius]] or [[Mad Scientist]] of the cast) will get everything back into working order. In mid-air. Before hitting the ground.

This can be as simple as flipping some switches (Anakin pulled this one off with his podracer) or climbing out and cranking the engine until it restarts. Of course, there's also the option of rebuilding the engine in midair.

Needs examples and possibly more links.

Read Or Die has two examples of this - once in the original OVA, where Yomiko's paper airplane takes a nosedive off of a skyscraper because she forgot the tail, and once in the TV series, where a crashing jumbo jet is saved by wrapping it in paper and turning it into a giant bird.
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