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Two or more than one Lancer.
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The opposite of Co-Dragons, its Evil Counterpart. The Hero has two or more Lancers who are Foils to him or her, and are regarded as equally dangerous among the other characters. They will usually have distinctive personalities, roles, or skill-sets, or may perform the same job but in different regions, but just like a single Lancer would be, they are answerable only to The Hero and are significant threats in their own right.

For example: This often happens when a Sixth Ranger is introduced. Most Sixth Rangers function as a second Lancer, if not just replacing the current one after a season or so goes by, or if The Rival every decides to join the team one 'Lancer' will be friendlier, and the Rival will become a more vitriolic 'Lancer'

Compare and Contrast Co-Dragons, its Evil Counterpart.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
  • Code Geass: Both Suzaku and Kallen are this to Lelouch, although they rarely work together (in fact they're known to butt heads with each other).

[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • In most rosters of The Avengers, we have Captain America, Iron Man, and The Mighty Thor. Cap is usually the leader while Thor and Iron Man are both lancers in different ways. Tony is more willing to skirt the rules for pragmatic reasons while Thor has a very strict honor code that he feels must be enforced with Cap in between.

  • Cahir the Knight is Geralt's foil throughout most of The Witcher saga, but The Smart Guy and Vegetarian Vampire Regis also serves as one to Geralt and is promoted to Lancer during the Final Battle after Cahir is killed and Regis starts drinking human blood again.
  • In the twelfth century portion of the Deryni timeline, Duke Alaric Morgan and Prince Nigel Haldane become this in relation to Nigel's nephew, King Kelson Haldane. Both men have superior combat skills, in part because they were largely raised together in the royal household; Morgan's cousin Duncan makes a joke about both men's propensity for weaponry when Nigel is revealed to be carrying two daggers in addition to his sword (Morgan being famous for his sleeve stiletto). While Morgan handles the magic (including helping trigger Kelson's powers and showing him how to use them), Nigel helps with more administrative tasks (he trains the pages and squires in the royal household) and acts as Regent when Kelson is absent or otherwise unable to preside at court.

  • Star Trek: Although technically Spock was the official second in command and outranked Dr. McCoy, in practice they were Kirk's co-equal advisers.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • While most of the team are on equal terms, Applejack and Rainbow Dash tend to take turns being Twilight Sparkle's primary confidants in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, with Spike being her right hand man.

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