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Alice and Bob couldn't be any more different. Alice is a wealthy noble from a prestigious family and given the upbringing of one meant to be married off to royalty. Bob is a rugged mercenary, willing to do what ever gets him payed. But look at their hair! The exact same shade of blue and with cowlicks that totally mirror each other. Further more, Bob is the only non-noble in the entire world to have that hair colour? Seasons pass, big-bads thwarted, and half of the characters you have come to love have made the ultimate sacrifice. Now, the final episodes are upon us, and just before they go off to the final battles, the groups resident sage lays down the twist thats supposed to change everything: Alice and Bob are twins!

Huh? Wait, we knew that already, right? I mean, surely some one said that some where during the series. I mean, we all knew that already, how could we possibly have known that if it was never rev--- THE HAIR! How couldn't we know? It's like they wanted us to know. I mean, what other reason could there possibly be for them to have the exact same hair?


Since this is a spoiler trope, there will be unmarked spoilers below.

Anime and Manga
  • Zero no Tsukaima does this twice.
    • The series is set in alternate Europe and there are very few characters with black hair. Among them are Saito, who's from Japan, and Siesta, who has Japanese ancestry.
    • In season one, we learn about Tabitha's backstory and meet her mother, who has the same exact shade of light blue hair as her. Her butler, Mister Exposition, tells us about Tabitha's evil uncle who usurped the throne. The story is dropped until season three, which introduces the mastermind behind the mastermind behind the mastermind of the events of season one. He wears a crown, and his hair color is the exact same shade of blue as Tabitha's and her mother's.
  • Saint Seiya: Four of the main Bronze Saints have normal hair colors (Hyuuga's blond hair coming from his Russian mother), but Andromeda Shun has green hair. Meanwhile, every person we see that is inhabited by a god has hair colors not found in nature. Come the Hades Saga.... (A hint only to the audience, mind you, as Shun's hair color was never remarked on in-story.)
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex has three episodes that feature characters with hair the same purple color as the major's. They're all either the major or one of her waldoes. The episode "Kusanagi's Labyrith" subverts this -- it's easy to figure out that the young girl is the major, but it distracts you from guessing that the young boy is Kuze.


  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, we meet a black-haired king, a blonde queen, and various black haired bastard children of the king, before it is revealed that the Queen's blonde kids are not his.

Video Games

  • In Chrono Trigger, after traveling to the Kingdom of Zeal in 12,000 BC, you meet Queen Zeal and her children, Schala and Janus. The three of them have the exact same shade of light purple hair which is found on nobody else -- except Magus, who is actually an older Janus.
  • In Legend of Dragoon, the revelation that party-member Meru and penultimate villain Lloyd are both Winglies is spoiled by their platinum (with a blue tint for Meru) hair, which is exclusive to Winglies.
  • Skies of Arcadia: The fact that Fina and Ramirez are some how related to each other is pretty obvious, as they are both very pale and are they are the only fair haired members of the cast from a game that take Loads and Loads of Characters Up to Eleven. While not literally related, they are both members of the thought lost silver civilization, and are in fact the only members who aren't ancients. It is arguable that this is purposely invoked though, since literally no other character in the game share their complexion.

Web Comics

  • In the Girl Genius cast that only has naturally possible haircolours (although Tarvek's bright red kind of stretches it), you just know the greenheaded Zeetha will be revealed to be Special. In her specific case, a member of a wiped-out, forgotten civilisation.

Western Animation

  • In Batman Beyond, many viewers noticed that Terry and Matt had black hair while their parents had red hair. Genetically this is unlikely. Come the Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue" and we learn Bruce Wayne, who is black haired, is Matt and Terry's biological father due to the genetic tempering of Amanda Waller who wanted to create a new Batman. It's something of a Retcon, as Terry's full origin had not been decided when the character was conceived, though his relation with Bruce was decided soon enough that other hints could be dropped during the run of Batman Beyond.
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