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Absolute Awful

So awful that it depicts nothing

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"It's almost as if aliens saw video games and tried to make one on their own, without realizing why people actually played games." - Chrontendo's Top 10 worst NES/Famicom games part 2 -

Sometimes, you have works that are bad. Usually they fail at getting their message across. Some of them are very painful to watch, others fail in a way that makes them good because of something else, but then you have works that fall into this category.

These works are the epitome of pointlessness, as they have absolutely nothing to tell the audience. Usually, you are just looking at it, hoping that somewhere in this empty void f nothingness you might find something that entertains you, but alas. This makes you unable to love or even hate the work in question.

Can also be used in-universe as the above quote demonstrates.


Video Games

  • The example above is from the famicom game Super Monkey Daibouken, a game inspired by Journey to the West. You are traveling to a journey to India. The problem of this game is that random enemy encounters happen so rarely, leaving you at the overworld, with you desperately looking for something to do. A person on Game Center CX finished this game and during the time that he played it, he needed support from the public.
  • Pen & Teller's Desert Bus, a minigame on a compilation for the Sega CD is also a decent example, you are driving a bus on a road that never seems to change direction for 8 hours long.
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