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Protect The Object
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Needs a Better Title.

A cross between Escort Mission and Hold the Line where you're staying in one place and protect a stationary object or NPC while enemies pour in and attack your charge. Usually, you either have to protect them for a specific period of time, or just kill all the enemies.

Tend to be easier than classic Escort Missions, since you do not have to worry about the idiot escortees blundering into danger.

  • Near the end of Half-Life, where you're about to teleport into the Another Dimension, you have to prevent aliens from killing a scientist who's busy setting up the teleporter until he finishes his job.
  • Pops up a few times in the tactical strategy Odium. Four times you have to kill the enemies before they kill a stationary NPC (who, of course, just stands there while enemies attack him). Once you have to protect some security monitors (why do the mindless monsters have an apparent temporary grudge against them is unexplained.)
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