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One-Sided Arm Wrestling
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Somehow, in some over the top fashion, a situation has arisen that can only be solved by one character arm wrestling another. This will almost always result in a character who appears scrawny having to arm wrestle a man far larger than they are.

This never favors the big man, since almost as often, the character only appears scrawny, and is in fact a Not So Harmless Cute Bruiser, or otherwise ends up being more powerful than they look.
  • Gon, Killua, and Leorio actually make money doing this in Hunter Hunter, having Gon arm wrestle passerby and win. Also, the strongest person he arm-wrestled and forced him to use Nen to win: A Meganekko.
  • Little House with an Orange Roof has Natsumi in this situation in chapter 38. On a whim, she plays an arm wrestling game and beats it even when her youngest daughter sets it to the highest level. It's later revealed the machine was broken, but Natsumi doesn't know that when she has to arm wrestle a construction worker to get her house worked on. The intervention of the kids warms the hearts of the construction workers and the event is called off.
  • Episode 7 of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor has Bridge Bunny Yuriko facing off with big Marine Lt. Andressen to decide whether or not they clean up the Soyokaze. Yuriko holds out well, but is on the verge of losing until Captain Tylor cheers for Andressen. This gets Yuriko mad and, to everyone's shock, immediately pins down Andressen's arm.
  • An episode of Dexter's Laboratory has Dexter's dad being made to arm wrestle a trucker. Knowing the match is one sided, Dexter fits his dad with a super robotic arm that sends the trucker flying through the wall (if this troper remembers correctly).
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