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Level Diorama Preview
You get to see a glimpse of the level you are about to enter thanks to a small diorama.
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A Video Game trope currently becoming more and more popular as time passes, this is about a diorama used as a small "preview" of sorts for the level you're about to access. It generally comes off as a classy touch, and as a generally nice addition to the game as it makes easier (and in some cases possible) to tell the levels apart.

Given this is easy to confuse with the World Map, there's a just-as-easy example to distinguish these two tropes: while the World Map illustrates the world as a whole, the Level Diorama Preview is used for a level or world accessible by itself inside either the World Map or The Hub, depending on the case.

For example, while the smaller World Maps in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins actually are dioramas but don't qualify as Level Dioramas, given they show a world as a whole, the level selection screen in Super Mario Galaxy, as well as the World Map in its sequel, both have small dioramas - for the individual levels - in them, and therefore those games count as examples of this trope.

While easier to implement in Platform Games, this trope isn't strange to other genres, either.

Level Thumbnail ( at the moment the other ykttw in this page) is the Super Trope.

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