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Explosive Decontamination
Where you cure diseases by blowing them up
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A specific variety of Kill It with Fire, this is what happens when some area--whether a single laboratory or a whole city is so heavily infested with The Plague that the only option for preventing it's spread is to find, the hottest, most explosion-y kind of incendiary device you can, and hope to cook everything in the infected area.

Sometimes it works, but it's also a common way to add a plot twist in the form of Failsafe Failure or a tough moral decision when there are also living people who are going to be exploded.


  • The Walking Dead, where the CDC complex is apparently just a giant bomb
  • In The Andromeda Strain , the whole research facility is built on top of a nuclear bomb, which automatically detonates if containment is breached
  • 28WeeksLater and Outbreak both involve the eventual decision to bomb a city where the disease has gotten out of control.
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