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Chronic Cancellation Curse
Everything this person shows up in gets cancelled
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Have you ever seen a show that you've never heard of, but gave it a chance and found out you really liked it, but then for some unknown reason, it got cancelled? Unfortunate, but it happens. But later on, you find another show you like, and you see an actor in that show from the other cancelled show, and it brings up fond memories of the first show... until this show also get's cancelled. Later on, yet another show featuring that actor gets cancelled. A movie they're in flops at the box office. A book featuring a character based on them barely sells 20 copies.

It's almost like this actor is destined to never be a part of a successful work. Whatever they appear in, regardless of quality, will barely last one season before getting axed without explanation. If they join a currently successful established franchise, that's the moment it Jumps the Shark.


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