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Blanket Tug-O-War

When two people share a bed, one of them pulls the sheet over him/herself, forcing the other person to grab the sheet back in order to get warm.

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Unfortunately, people aren't always able to be still when they sleep. They may likely end up trapped in a tangle of sheets and blankets by the time they wake up. This is just what happens when someone is sleeping alone.

If someone else is sleeping in the bed, they will usually have to put up with a sleeping partner who constantly pulls the sheet over him/herself. This may be done unconsciously, or the other sleeper is actively seeking warmth. This would, of course, happen at the expense of the other person in the bed, who will start feeling cold and will probably grab the sheets back. Then, the first sheet-hogger gets cold again, and they tug the sheets back towards themselves, get the picture.

Sometimes accompanies There Is Only One Bed, but is not necessarily its subtrope.

Examples of this trope:

Newspaper Comics
  • Calvin and Hobbes: In one Sunday strip, Hobbes pulls the covers from Calvin while they're sleeping, and after a tug-of-war Calvin gives up and goes to sleep with his parents, then does the same thing to his dad.

Web Original
  • Smosh: In "Paranormal Easy Bake Oven," among other running gags, Anthony repeatedly does this to Ian, despite the wall of pillows Ian keeps building to prevent this (and prevent Anthony from feeling up Ian in his sleep).

Western Animation
  • Tom and Jerry: In "Million Dollar Cat", not only does Jerry pull on Tom's sheets, he also shoves him out of bed.
  • The Rugrats Movie: Dil and Tommy do this while sleeping under a tree during the storm. It sets in motion the short but sweet chain of events when Tommy realizes just how badly he's been treating his baby brother, and starts reassuring and comforting him instead.
  • Spongebob Squarepants: An interesting variation in "Home Sweet Pineapple" - Patrick invites the newly homeless SpongeBob to be his "rockmate," so they sleep on opposite sides of Patrick's rock, with the rock being the blanket in this scenario.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Applejack and Rarity do this.

Real Life

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