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My Grandma Can Do Better Than You!
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Working Titles: My Grandma Can Do Better Than You! My X Can Do X Better Than you! (Any suggestions for a title? or is one of these two good?)

Stock Phrase.

A common insult, sometimes "grandma" is replaced with something else. Bonus points for following it up with "...and she's dead!"

See Never Mess with Granny and Cool Old Lady, for when there is some truth to this statement. See You Fight Like a Cow and My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad for similar insults.

Rolling Updates


  • In the Toonami version of Dragon Ball Z, a virtual Sayan warrior (conjured by Mr Popo's training room) uses this line to ridicule the secondary characters' power levels.

  • The Road to El Dorado:
    Miguel: You fight like my sister!
    Tulio: I fought your sister, that's a compliment!
  • Pinocchio:
    Lampwick: Ah, you smoke like me grandma!
  • B.O.B.'s Big Break, supplemental short on the Monsters vs. Aliens DVD:
    General Monger: You throw like my nine-year-old niece... that I may or may not have.


Live-Action TV:
  • The exchange in Star Trek: The Original Series where Scotty tells Chekhov that Scotch Whisky is a man's drink, and Chekhov replies that it was invented by a little old lady from Leningrad.
  • In the Quantum Leap episode "Running for Honor," Sam leaps into a track runner, and fails to live up to the guy's previous performance:
    Sam: (looking at his time) Is that good?
    Coach: Yeah, that's great. If you're my grandmother!

Video Games:
  • Appears in the "sports" game Chaos League as an insult by one of the two guys commenting the game.
  • Variant: In Warriors Orochi, Badass Grandpa Shibata Katsuie occasionally taunts "You can't outfight my corpse!"

Western Animation:
  • Bart and Lisa of The Simpsons used a variant of this on the players when they were at a minor league baseball game:
Bart: You throw like my sister!
Lisa: Yeah! You throw like me!
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