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Doesn't Go Far Enough
Implied answer opposite directly stated answer, but further along the line.
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Is it any surprise that two thirds of the entries on the list can be found in Australia?
Yes. Only two-thirds?
- (Used to be from) the real-life section of Killer Rabbit's examples list, referring to this article from Cracked.

Do We Have This One?? Also, I'm open to title suggestions. That, and a better description; I am still not quite sure how to describe this concept. Despite no other examples coming to mind I find it familiar from elsewhere; others express the same thing, and if they can come up with better ways of describing that concept that would be helpful.
In response to a yes-or-no question, (or something analogous to it) someone's implied answer is in the opposite direction from its initially stated answer, but further along the line, as if to imply that a yes-or-no answer doesn't go far enough. 1. If they say yes, it's to imply that no would be an understatement. 2. If they say no, it's to imply that yes would be an understatement.

Needs More Examples.

EDIT: Oh, and suggestions for an alternative page quotation are welcome as well; the tenatative one has been criticized as showcasing natter.
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