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In films you generally want to see as much of the "important stuff" as possible (dependent on things like context, mood budget, etc). So it's natural that the Found Footage genre is no exception.

Unfortunately, said genre introduces a problem: the genre implies that the camera man is an actual character in the work's universe as opposed to a camera man calmly working in a film shoot. This means that there are a number of situations where said character makes a choice between an entertaining shot for the audience or his own self preservation.

Most of the times he inexplicably (at least from an in-universe perspective) he/she chooses the latter. Monster on your tail? Keep the camera pointed at them even if it slows you down. Everything going to hell around you? Gotta keep the camera lined up. Cornered by the monsters? God forbid you throw something to distract them, like say the camera you are holding. Given this sort of behavior, it's no wonder that it often leads to the characters' deaths.

Examples (Needs cleanup):

  • Hud in Cloverfield, who upon coming face to face with the monster, as well as its parasitic larvae, proceeds to keep FILMING IT instead of running away.
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