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Foreign speaking spy reveal
A person is revealed to be a spy by speaking in a foreign language or accent
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A spy, saboteur or the like is observed speaking in accent that he was previously shown not to have. Alternatively he could be speaking in a foreign language, or both. This character has let his guard down, probably preforming minimal or no counter-surveillance measures prior to doing so. The character in question thinks that only members of his intelligence agency are around. The things said in conversation are often easily damaging to his cover as well.

Contrast Spy Speak, which is making a conversation that has covert purposes seem mundane.



  • In Death of Achilles, Fandorin learns that Wanda works for the Germans after overhearing her talking in German with an unknown man (who is later revealed to be a German residential agent).

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  • In Dan Vs. Dan and Chris see the governor speaking on a foreign accent he did was previously not using in public. And almost immediately after, he was talking on the phone in foreign language. The things said in the conversation were also damaging to his cover. His sinister purpose and foreign allegiance were hinted at shortly prior to this.

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