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Transformation of the Possessed
Possession gives you a demonic appearance
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formaly Possessive remodeling.Also, is this ready for launch? I see one hat four hats.
Perhaps it's just that Evil Makes You Ugly or that your body is the plaything of the mind, but when your body gets possessed there is a nasty tendency for you to be remodeled, and possibly shown off.

Compare and Contrast: Empathic Shapeshifter, Evil Makes You Monstrous , Heroic Host, Powers via Possession, Super Empowering, Viral Transformation, and Willing Channeler


Anime and Manga
  • Apparently happens in Ao no Exorcist. Father Fujimoto is definitely an example. So is Toudou, later on, although it does seem to depend on how powerful the demon in question is.
  • Happens with Orochimaru's hosts in Naruto.
    • when Naruto bas a demon cloak with 4 or more tails the nine tailed fox is controlling him.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: The first anime had Dante's deterioration with each possession.
  • Animals possessed by spirits in Berserk get deformed human-like faces

Film- Live Action
  • Legion: various angels do Odd things to the bodies they enhabit.
  • The Exorcist? had a pretty gruesome transformation.

  • True for most Denarians in The Dresden Files, though some of them choose to keep their human appearance.
  • Played With in Perelandra, Dr. Weston's possessed body at first looks quite normal but as it is damaged beyond repair in the course of the plot (yet continues to move thanks to the devil inside it), it becomes horrible to look at and wholly inhuman.
  • In The Inheritance Cycle, when a human is possessed by spirits and becomes a Shade, it transforms their appearance, including turning their hair bright crimson.
  • Professor Quirell from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Live-Action Television
  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, when the Pa-Wraiths possess someone, the person's sclera's become red.
  • In Kamen Rider Den-O being possessed by any of the friendly --taro imagin gives the character a lock of appropriately colored hair and sometimes a change in wardrobe.
  • Demonic possessions eventually tend to disfigure the host in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 & 4.0: Many fiends find remodeling their new body to their advantage and extensive remodeling can result in being completely replaced.
  • In Warhammer40000, Daemons will alter the body of their host, moulding it into one more suitable for them. The host rarely lasts for very long.
  • In Demon: The Fallen, Demons knowledgeable in the lore of transformation can make permanent alterations to its host.
  • The Fomori in Werewolf: The Apocalypse. When a bane (an evil spirit of the Wyrm) possesses a human body, that person's body is hideously mutated with whatever the Storyteller picks from a grab-bag of disgusting Body Horror-based powers. Examples include multiple limbs and mouths, corrosive puss boils, and internal organs replaced by infectious fungus.

Video Games
  • Legacy of Kain: Raziel learns to occupy corpses and shape them into an image of himself
  • This happens to anyone possessed by a demon in Dragon Age.
  • In Diablo 2 this happens to the first game's protagonist when they fail to contain Diablo's soul.
  • When an Ing from Metroid Prime 2 fuses itself to a host, the host takes on a darker, mutated appearance as a direct result.

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Shendu a dragon-demon-wizard wanted his current host Valmont to get scales.
  • •After being possessed by Zordrak in an episode of The Dreamstone, Amberley gains a pair of extremely evil looking glowing eyes.
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