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Uncanny tendency for everyone to have an alternate version of self, no matter how much sense does it make.
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Do We Have This One??

Say, you traveled to Alternate Universe. John Kennedy is alive there and Martin Luther King replaced Andrew Jackson on twenty dollar bill. Some things don't exist, and other non-existent in your world do. And USA is ruled by communists who is in cold war with capitalist Russia. And everyone has two heads.

What's your chances that you were also born in this world? Answer is: almost 100% if you happen to be main character. Against all odds, you were born. You have the same name, appearance and often - biography.

This can not be applied to situation where it does make perfect sense. Creating a divergence point after certain person was born, for example. Or dreams, hallucination, any other constructed realities, that were based on "real world"


Live-Action TV
  • Fringe: Universes are different in technology, history ect, but still - fringe team is lead by colonel Broyles and Olivia, Charlie and Astrid are employed. There's also two identical Bishop families.
  • Star Trek: Most famous - mirror universe where everyone are evil sociopaths, but still has the same names and positions.
  • Stargate Verse: Plenty of alternate universes. Almost everywhere there are Goa'ulds, SG-1 with the same members.

Western Animation
  • Family Guy: episode "Road to Multiverse" - every universes had Quahog and Griffin families, even if there are reversed roles between humans and dogs - there is even a human Brian.
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