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Fading Into The Next Song
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So, you have this song. It's pretty cool, but the fadeout is kind of long. What do you do? Continue the fadeout into the beginning of the next song on the album, and copy-paste the intro of the second song over the fadeout.

Live songs and medleys don't count. Concept albums most definitely count. This refers only to when a song's fadeout spills into the beginning of the next one - sound effects, abrupt switches without gaps and other transitions don't count.

Really needs a better description.

  • Led Zeppelin: "Your Time Is Gonna Come" --> "Black Mountain Side".
  • Rolling Stones: "Ventilator Blues" --> "I Just Want to See His Face".
  • Tool: "Parabol" --> "Parabola". Well, as long as you consider them as separate songs and not just one long song split in two...
  • Pretty much every song on Dream Theater's Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence does this, although it's concept album so it may not count.
  • A few songs on Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight album. "Shadow of the Day" --> "What I've Done", for example. "Leave Out All The Rest" seems to be an odd inversion, as it ends with the background noise Bleed It Out.
  • A Perfect Circle do a similar thing with "Weak and Powerless" --> "The Noose", as the fadeout in "Weak and Powerless" blends into the intro guitar rift for the next.
  • Pink Floyd, unsurprisingly. Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and The Division Bell are pretty much gapless albums, since all songs transition into each other with very few exceptions. Isolated instances also appear, such as: "Your Possible Pasts" --> "One of the Few" and "The Heroes" --> "The Gunner's Dream" on The Final Cut and "A New Machine Pt. 1" --> "Terminal Frost" on A Momentary Lapse of Reason.
  • The Beatles have "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" --> "With a Little Help From my Friends", "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)" --> "A Day in the Life", the entire second side of Abbey Road.
    • Also, all of Love.
  • Inverted The Birthday Massacre several times on their album Violet, most notably with the ending of "Play Dead" containing the opening of "Blue."
  • Happens a few times on The Avalanches album Since I Left You.
  • From Avenged Sevenfold's Self-Titled Album, "Unbound (Wild Ride)" ends with a Heartbeat Soundtrack that continues beating into the next track "Brompton Cocktail".
  • Hawkwind do this a lot.
  • This happens on almost every album by The Faint, but especially Blank-Wave Arcade and Fasciinatiion.
  • On Josh Groban's CD Awake he sings Lullaby and Weeping with Ladysmith Black Mambazo which fade into each other.
  • Counting Crows: "Hangin' Around" segues into "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" on This Desert Life.
  • Twilightning: Delirium Veil --> Return to Innocence
  • David Bowie's album Diamond Dogs where three tracks segue into each other and essentially (and intentionally) make one long song - Sweet Thing --> Candidate --> Sweet Thing (Reprise).
  • Green Day's American Idiot has "Holiday" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" mixed into one another... Not like I know that or anything...
  • Boston had Foreplay/Long Time, two songs played together so consistently, even on radio play, that they might not even be considered two separate songs.
  • "The Engine Driver" and "On The Bus Mall" by The Decemberists. They've probably got more given their love for concept albums, that example just jumps to mind.
  • Several Shania Twain albums run their songs together, although it's most obvious on Come On Over.
  • They Might Be Giants do this with "Au Contraire" and "Damn Good Times".
  • Arctic Monkeys: "This House is a Circus" --> "If You Were There, Beware"
  • Beck: "E-Pro" -> "Que Onda Guero?"
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