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The DragonThe Dragon 2 The Eternal Churchill
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This is one of the Tropes Of Legend, with 13,901 wicks and 40,922 inbounds.
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Option B

Make a Trope Transplant: move the genuine examples and the definition of "penultimate challenge for the hero" to a new trope that has a more intuitive name via Trope Launch Pad, and leave the examples of "the Big Bad's right-hand man" at The Dragon, along with a description change that makes clear its current meaning in this wiki. The Dragon would thus become a villainous Sub-Trope of Number Two.


  • It's the option that requires the least wick migration
  • The vast majority of TV Tropes already thinks The Dragon is the Big Bad's right-hand man


  • The Dragon is a pre-existing term; this would result in our having a trope named after a pre-existing term but meaning something different
  • The original term of the meaning "penultimate challenge for the hero" would be lost
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Total number of votes: 90

The DragonThe Dragon 2 The Eternal Churchill
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