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At issue:
Hot Mom currently has the very broad definition of "mother who is meant to be seen as attractive" and it is often used to mean "character I find attractive who happens to be a mother", which isn't tropeworthy.
This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.
+14 (yeas:16 nays:2)
Change the definition back to the old Hot Shonen Mom one i.e. a mom as fanservice for a demographic
0 (yeas:9 nays:9)
Redefine the trope to be about a mom who is recognised as being attractive in-universe.

Con: Is this definition tropeworthy?
-6 (yeas:6 nays:12)
Cut Hot Mom.

Con: It has 2050 inbounds. May need to be redirected instead.
-8 (yeas:4 nays:12)
Leave it as is.
Total number: 4. Number shown: 4.

Total number of votes: 70

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