Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming: Gunnerkrigg Court

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Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming: Gunnerkrigg Court
There are certain moments that feel so right, where something happens that feels so good and so appropriate in the story, that you can't help but be moved by it. These are those moments.

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+52 (yeas:53 nays:1)
Annie and Kat, hanging out at the cherry tree.
+51 (yeas:52 nays:1)
Gamma's reappearance in "Power Station". After a whole chapter wandering around the dark city of Zimmy's mental landscape, they find Gamma in the only lit room, surrounded by stuffed animals. To symbolize just how much Zimmy cares for Gamma.
+45 (yeas:45 nays:0)
The end of "A Week For Kat". Kat's boyfriend turns into a bird and flies away (forever, according to the narrator) and how does she react? "Who could cry after a week like that?"
+45 (yeas:49 nays:4)
+41 (yeas:42 nays:1)
Kat punching Muut after finding out why Annie is angry at the Guides. It's such a little gesture that means such a lot.
+31 (yeas:31 nays:0)
The end of 'A Ghost Story' is amazingly sweet. "Always remember... Remember I will never send you into danger."
+30 (yeas:31 nays:1)
The beginning of "Red Returns", where the normally-stoic Annie cries tears of happiness upon seeing Kat for the first time after summer holiday.
+23 (yeas:24 nays:1)
Skywatcher: But there is a new statistic. The total number of angels I have seen is One.
+21 (yeas:25 nays:4)
Reynardine questioning Kat about Annie's life at the Court, showing that he does, in fact, care about her life.

Reynardine: "You are a good friend to her, Katerina. How is she doing in her studies? Does she have many other friends? Has anyone been giving her trouble? Has a boy caught her eye?"
+20 (yeas:20 nays:0)
"Dobranoc, Gamma" generally, especially the fact Gamma has been trying to never sleep because Zimmy doesn't. And the end - I have no idea what just happened, but Zimmy is so happy! Aww!
+18 (yeas:18 nays:0)
Coyote juggling his eyes while reminiscing about Annie's mother, stopping when he notices it is making her sad, and responding with "It is sad she is gone. We are all sad. All the people of the forest, and there are many."
+14 (yeas:15 nays:1)
Annie's way of telling Kat she's beautiful. AWWW!
+13 (yeas:13 nays:0)
This page from Chapter 28, "Spring Heeled". Pay close attention. "I do it because I love you, Zimmy"
+10 (yeas:10 nays:0)
Annie and Ysengrin's exchange in "Old Dog's Tricks". Aww.
+10 (yeas:10 nays:0)
This touching exchange between Antimony's and Reynardine's true selves. Could they actually be... bonding?
+9 (yeas:13 nays:4)
Reynardine: "Aren't you going to ask me what I did? What law I broke?"
Antimony: "In your own time."
+5 (yeas:8 nays:3)
Annie and Kat going to socialize with the other kids in "Residential".
+5 (yeas:8 nays:3)
The revealing of Renard's body, perfectly preserved by Coyote in anticipation of his return.
+5 (yeas:7 nays:2)
"You saw three Ysengrins tonight: the way others see him, the way he sees himself, and the way he truly is. I want you to keep in mind the real Ysengrin!"
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GleeGunnerkrigg Court higurashi
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