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Jak And Daxter
Crowning Moment Of Funny
Crowning Moment Of Funny: Jak And Daxter
These moments just make you burst out laughing. This is for all the scenes that were just flat-out hilarious.

You can vote yea or nay for every individual example. If your favorite scene isn't already here, you can add a new example at the bottom.

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The Reveal near the end of Jak 3. As it turns out, the Precursors, a god-like race responsible for the creation of the world are ottsels. The reaction shot, which includes Veger dropping his cane and Jak's famous "Oh my God" are what really clinch it as a C Mo F.
  • According to the Making Of extras, the guy who animated that scene begged to do so once he learned about The Reveal.
  • This troper can't remember, but there was a scene in the PSP spinoff that might've gone like this:
Erol: Who called you?
Daxter: Your boy, y'know, Captain Xi-xi-ximon... Rupert... tikjakmos...
Erol: Nice try. That call didn't happen. [beat] Captain Rupertikjakmos is on leave this month.
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In the intro cutscene of Jak 2, after jak has been knocked out and arrested-
Daxter: Don't worry Jak! I'll save you before you know it!
(two years later...)
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Jak And Daxter
Crowning Moment Of Funny

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