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Biggest Complaint
Biggest Complaint: Dollhouse
Here's the place to let the world know about something that doesn't work about this show, trope, or author. As the votes roll in, you'll be able to see if it is also a problem for other folks.
At issue:
+11 (yeas:14 nays:3)
The way the series worshiped Eliza Dushku/Echo/Caroline. No matter which more interesting character or plot was being dealt with in the episode, we were always reminded that she (the character? the imprint? the actress? who knows!) was the absolute greatest, sexiest, and most important thing ever to happen to anyone forever always amen.
+3 (yeas:7 nays:4)
Alpha just dropped off the face of the earth halfway through season two. I mean, I know, they're busy going after Rossum, they don't have time for psycho ex-actives. But he couldn't have HELPED?
-1 (yeas:4 nays:5)
Boyd. Just Boyd. C'mon, someone who hadn't spent two series becoming AWESOME couldn't have been the Big Bad?
Total number: 3. Number shown: 3.
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Total number of votes: 37

Biggest Complaint

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