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Best Episode
Best Episode: Dollhouse
This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.
At issue:
+14 (yeas:16 nays:2)
"Epitaph One"
+11 (yeas:11 nays:0)
Though I never want to watch it again. Belonging.
+8 (yeas:8 nays:0)
The Attic
+7 (yeas:7 nays:0)
Man on the Street.

I mean, come on. Everyone knows that's the episode where the show became awesome. It took everyone for a ride. If you thought you saw one plot twist coming, cool, but there's no way you were ready for all four.
+3 (yeas:3 nays:0)
"Epitaph 2: Return"
-1 (yeas:2 nays:3)
The Next One.
Total number: 6. Number shown: 6.
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Total number of votes: 52

Best Episode

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