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new postSuggesting rename for : A Worldwide Punomenon 48Thu, 12th May '11 9:16:41 AM
new postNot the most instinctive title: Tragic Funeral 41Wed, 11th May '11 2:17:50 PM
new postDelete Real Life Section?: I Am Not Weasel 3Wed, 11th May '11 2:11:23 PM
new postPremature Launch: Three Yay 3Wed, 11th May '11 11:05:56 AM
new postThis is about the plot, not the object itself: Geeky Glasses 13Tue, 10th May '11 7:49:33 PM
new postWhy is this a Darth Wiki trope?: Narm 7Tue, 10th May '11 6:18:52 PM
new postSplit into sections: Anti Villain 14Tue, 10th May '11 5:28:12 PM
new postWhy is this video game only? : Most Annoying Sound 14Tue, 10th May '11 10:00:21 AM
new postRename:: Hide Your Lesbians 22Mon, 9th May '11 6:21:03 PM
new postPremature launch: Red Hair And Freckles 9Mon, 9th May '11 3:41:17 PM
new postGuess the trope!: Pif Paf Pof 47Mon, 9th May '11 10:11:48 AM
new postNeeds to be merged: The Diary Of A Young Girl 9Sun, 8th May '11 4:36:03 PM
new postBadly named snowclone that leads to complaining, should be YMMV: Darth Wiki.Dethroning Music Of Suck 20Sun, 8th May '11 4:30:01 PM
new postSecond criterion is a mess.: Complete Monster 8Sun, 8th May '11 3:51:34 PM
new postClarification might be worthwhile: Suspiciously Apropos Music 6Sun, 8th May '11 3:02:14 PM
new postGive each game an individual page: Shiren The Wanderer 3Sun, 8th May '11 2:22:19 PM
new postMuch of article irrelevant to trope: Troper Tales.Creepy Uncle 6Sun, 8th May '11 9:03:51 AM
new postGross errors in the page, either fix or zap: Playing With.Mother Of A Thousand Young 4Sun, 8th May '11 8:15:56 AM
new postIntro needs some work: Bloody Handprint 10Sun, 8th May '11 2:07:21 AM
new postRedirect farming: The Cuckoolander Was Right 6Sat, 7th May '11 8:54:27 PM
new postWhy is this a ptitle at all?: Ptitleam97932h 16Sat, 7th May '11 8:25:44 PM
new postSame Trope? Creator Insignia/Creator Thumbprint7Sat, 7th May '11 8:02:35 PM
new postLong Real Life Section: Commie Nazis 20Sat, 7th May '11 7:36:15 PM
new postFlat earth athesit: Flat Earth Atheist 4Sat, 7th May '11 5:43:40 PM
new postReal Life Section: Ridiculous Future Inflation 10Sat, 7th May '11 5:36:36 PM
new postTrope is narrower than the name implies.: Sensual Spandex 2Sat, 7th May '11 4:48:51 PM
new postWe should do something for the video games: Damn You Muscle Memory 10Sat, 7th May '11 2:32:09 PM
new postOrganization.: Blatant Item Placement 3Sat, 7th May '11 2:12:41 PM
new postThere is an article... but there isn't?: You Are Umasou 6Sat, 7th May '11 2:08:57 PM
new postCan't Stop The Signal: Ptitlevwahnous 4Sat, 7th May '11 2:01:19 PM
new postNeeds a better definition: Limit Break 5Sat, 7th May '11 11:05:57 AM
new postVague and/or Pointless Page Quote: One More Day 14Sat, 7th May '11 10:56:16 AM
new postName discussion: Motherly Scientist 14Sat, 7th May '11 10:43:10 AM
new postWhat the hell is this?: Universal Tropes 191Sat, 7th May '11 8:23:47 AM
new postHow did we go so long without this book on the wiki?: Tietam Brown 5Sat, 7th May '11 2:15:19 AM
new postMixing unconnected tropes: All There Is To Know About The Crying Game 4Fri, 6th May '11 11:37:05 PM
new postDuplicate: Elves Screw You 15Fri, 6th May '11 9:44:00 PM
new postWhat to do with...: Troper Tales.Evil Is Sexy 13Fri, 6th May '11 8:19:56 PM
new postThe Inquisitor would be better, me thinks.: Knight Templar 9Fri, 6th May '11 2:28:11 PM
new postCleanup help, please7Fri, 6th May '11 12:48:09 PM
new postNeeds examples or be moved to usefulnotes: Flying Spaghetti Monster 9Fri, 6th May '11 10:34:30 AM
new postFolders not working: Headscratchers.Dragon Ball 6Fri, 6th May '11 9:59:29 AM
new postMake YMMV or Trivia: Death Of The Author 12Fri, 6th May '11 9:34:05 AM
new postRename to something memorable and that we can actually spell.: Yes But What Does Zataproximetacine DO 9Fri, 6th May '11 4:09:48 AM
new postTake a guess: Hold Your Horses 23Thu, 5th May '11 11:53:48 PM
new postCould use a better title: Flat Yes 45Thu, 5th May '11 2:55:28 PM
new postNeed to discuss the rename: If You Know What I Mean 2Thu, 5th May '11 1:44:28 PM
new postIs there a reason this doesn't have an image links section?: Evil Is Sexy 16Thu, 5th May '11 10:55:22 AM
new postinaccurate description: Who Watches The Watchmen 15Thu, 5th May '11 7:48:20 AM
new postDuplicate of Sub Trope?: Internal Subtrope 12Thu, 5th May '11 1:08:06 AM
new postSplit Negima!? and : Negima Second Season 66Thu, 5th May '11 12:08:02 AM
new postIs this a trope?: Shock Ploy 7Wed, 4th May '11 10:55:34 PM
new postNo tropes: Switchblade Honey 1Wed, 4th May '11 6:53:18 PM
new postIn need of some Wiki Magic: Dandere 6Wed, 4th May '11 5:50:28 PM
new post"It's a stupid name.": Bunny Ears Lawyer 29Wed, 4th May '11 4:47:23 PM
new postNeeds searchable redirects: The Danza 5Wed, 4th May '11 4:25:56 PM
new postSplit off Legacy?: Mortal Kombat Rebirth 4Wed, 4th May '11 12:03:39 AM
new postNeeds a more searchable name, and a rewrite: Wild Take 6Tue, 3rd May '11 3:21:02 PM
new postRewrite needed.: I Will Not Flee 13Tue, 3rd May '11 11:52:56 AM
new postCut and send to YKTTW?: Limousine Liberal 17Mon, 2nd May '11 10:41:31 PM
new postShould this be an index or a single page?: Various Videogame Views 21Mon, 2nd May '11 7:16:29 PM
new postRewrite?: Myers Briggs 24Mon, 2nd May '11 6:57:48 PM
new postBadass in a can: Sealed Badass In A Can 9Mon, 2nd May '11 5:24:35 PM
new postWhy was this renamed?: If You Know What I Mean 19Mon, 2nd May '11 12:28:25 PM
new postLock to preserve the joke?: Laconic.Grammar Nazi 5Mon, 2nd May '11 8:21:55 AM
new postIs the description too long?: Stripperiffic 19Mon, 2nd May '11 6:27:06 AM
new postRename: Ultra Super Death Gorefest Chainsawer 3000 25Sun, 1st May '11 9:08:02 PM
new postPage Quotes: Took A Level In Badass 4Sun, 1st May '11 7:19:27 PM
new postWhat exactly IS this?: The Wizardry Cycle 10Sun, 1st May '11 2:44:22 PM
new postCut for no reason?: List Of Wars By Death Toll 5Sat, 30th Apr '11 4:38:41 PM
new postMost of these are continuity errors: Writers Cannot Do Math 12Sat, 30th Apr '11 12:42:56 PM
new postOnly relevant to pro-wrestling: X Pac Heat 69Sat, 30th Apr '11 12:26:33 PM
new postNew name.: Roboteching 48Sat, 30th Apr '11 9:16:00 AM
new postNeeds serious rewriting.: The Golden Age Of Animation 8Sat, 30th Apr '11 8:30:00 AM
new postTitle, description & examples ALL mis-match each other (and are bad): Me Love You Long Time 6Sat, 30th Apr '11 7:27:07 AM
new postDo YMMV tropes that apply in-universe go on the YMMV page or the main?3Fri, 29th Apr '11 8:55:35 PM
new postA minor, quickly solvable thing.: Apocalypse How 10Fri, 29th Apr '11 2:46:48 PM
new postSplit: The Artifact 6Thu, 28th Apr '11 9:25:00 PM
new postDescribes two different tropes: Exty Years From Now 3Thu, 28th Apr '11 8:16:36 PM
new postSnowclone of a snowclone.: One Song Wonder 50Thu, 28th Apr '11 7:57:55 PM
new postWeird Twilight problem6Thu, 28th Apr '11 6:42:25 PM
new postA tad hagiographic: John Kricfalusi 11Thu, 28th Apr '11 4:35:49 PM
new postHeavy cleaning needed other than the natter: That One Level 10Thu, 28th Apr '11 11:44:07 AM
new postToo similar to "Blessed Are The Cheesemakers": The Power Of Cheese 11Thu, 28th Apr '11 9:28:47 AM
new postAll the Folders are Broken: Royals Who Actually Do Something 4Thu, 28th Apr '11 7:55:47 AM
new postBad link? Nonexistent trope? I don't know!2Wed, 27th Apr '11 6:47:36 PM
new postStrong overlap with ArtMajorPhysics.: Physics Goof 14Wed, 27th Apr '11 10:54:41 AM
new postOscar Bait should be YMMV?: Oscar Bait 2Wed, 27th Apr '11 8:42:59 AM
new postName doesn't seem to fit the trope: Schrodinger Fu 72Wed, 27th Apr '11 6:43:40 AM
new postStrange disambig page: Twilight 16Wed, 27th Apr '11 3:17:49 AM
new postMerge or more clearly differentiate this and Raised By Wolves?: Wild Child 2Tue, 26th Apr '11 11:40:05 PM
new postLaunched prematurely, Needs A Better Title: Various Videogame Views 2Tue, 26th Apr '11 10:13:34 PM
new postNamed after a work: Thirteen Going On Thirty 45Tue, 26th Apr '11 6:49:23 PM
new postThink we can do a better name?: A Very Star Wars Parody 26Tue, 26th Apr '11 6:20:15 PM
new postCut Real Life Examples?: Scary Black Man 18Tue, 26th Apr '11 3:45:50 AM
new postslipped into essay mode: Artificial Brilliance 4Mon, 25th Apr '11 3:38:45 PM
new postJust The Same But More of the exisiting trope Race Lift: Whitewashed History 18Mon, 25th Apr '11 2:11:37 PM
new postRather anvilicious itself (What do you mean It's not didactic): Ptitledz7rgdh9wrk 1 17Mon, 25th Apr '11 7:18:24 AM
new postMisuse On Pages: The Untwist 7Sun, 24th Apr '11 5:52:40 PM
new postNewly created page -- is it worth having?: Public Domain Stories 1Sun, 24th Apr '11 5:04:38 PM
52 pages in this list
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