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Excessive Negativity: Consulting Detective316th Jun 2011 05:13:07 PM
Split up: The Angry Video Game Nerd226th Jun 2011 03:58:32 PM
Better title: Press X To Jason826th Jun 2011 03:28:10 PM
Rename: Sugar Wiki.Funny Moments96th Jun 2011 12:10:41 PM
Eliminate with Molten Fire: Nudge36th Jun 2011 08:21:57 AM
I know There's No Such Thing As Notability, but...: Video Games.Red Baron55th Jun 2011 10:15:27 PM
"Real Life" removal: Even Evil Has Standards415th Jun 2011 07:11:32 PM
Rename: The Ernest575th Jun 2011 02:22:00 PM
Needs a tighter definition and example cleanup: Absurdly Sharp Blade1345th Jun 2011 11:15:28 AM
Rename because "Crazy" is ableist language demeaning mentally ill: Brainwashed And Crazy65th Jun 2011 12:06:23 AM
New article on a band seems to be mainly complaining. Cut?: Emmure54th Jun 2011 10:35:50 PM
Clean-up.: Expy94th Jun 2011 03:50:00 PM
To restore, perchance to rename: Perverse Sexual Lust264th Jun 2011 03:31:30 PM
So, is this a trope or an audience reaction?: Animation Age Ghetto154th Jun 2011 11:49:26 AM
Cut and send to YKTTW?: Break The Woobie74th Jun 2011 11:29:41 AM
Small issue: Star Trek Voyager24th Jun 2011 10:51:19 AM
Evolution subpages becoming merged: Evolution73rd Jun 2011 05:14:35 PM
Excessive Negativity: Joe Quesada713rd Jun 2011 04:08:20 PM
Page Help: A Threesome Is Hot63rd Jun 2011 05:27:20 AM
Named after a work.: The Siege42nd Jun 2011 08:37:26 PM
Needs to be cleaned up: Bigger Is Better In Bed102nd Jun 2011 11:38:59 AM
Floating eyes or eye insignias?: Faceless Eye12nd Jun 2011 11:20:22 AM
Clarification worthwhile...: Sophisticated As Hell142nd Jun 2011 09:59:14 AM
Rename or redirect?: House Hiring Heuristic382nd Jun 2011 03:48:10 AM
More consistent spoiler policy needed: M42nd Jun 2011 03:16:36 AM
Rename, needs more love: You Fail Forever Forever452nd Jun 2011 12:48:45 AM
rename so people stop thinking it's about particles: Minovsky Particle1351st Jun 2011 10:49:07 PM
frequently misused on the wicks: Buxom Is Better1591st Jun 2011 06:32:21 PM
Why the hell is there an "other" category?: Fast Tunnelling41st Jun 2011 02:19:43 PM
Rename: Shares a name with a work, and stuff: Sorcerers Apprentice291st Jun 2011 12:27:26 PM
Rename: Becoming Hope621st Jun 2011 12:03:57 AM
What Purpose is served by this?: Too Much Of A Good Thing1431st May 2011 11:02:07 PM
Is this a trope?: Woman Losing A Shoe1031st May 2011 11:01:36 PM
Notable?...but I tough there wasnt notability...: Notable References To TV Tropes331st May 2011 07:21:54 PM
Why is this subjective?: Stunned Silence1031st May 2011 03:01:20 PM
Combine with Genocide Backfire?: Nice Job Breaking It Herod1031st May 2011 11:48:30 AM
Merge Da Chief and Big Good: Da Chief1131st May 2011 11:36:57 AM
Rename: The Vonda Shepard Treatment5030th May 2011 10:23:59 PM
Rename: : Your Secrets Safe With Me Superman1830th May 2011 08:33:11 PM
Choosing description: The Bermuda Triangle2030th May 2011 06:20:59 PM
You keep using that word...: Mind Rape1530th May 2011 07:58:32 AM
BeneathTheMask versus WhatYouAreInTheDark230th May 2011 05:28:24 AM
Split off the Star Wars episodes?: Family Guy2729th May 2011 08:40:11 PM
guess the trope/possible rename necessary: Closer To Earth329th May 2011 06:11:55 PM
Is this really a distinct trope?: More Than Infinite429th May 2011 04:38:57 PM
Definition: Days Of Future Past429th May 2011 02:36:48 PM
Should this only apply to certain works and universes: Most Common Super Power23029th May 2011 02:13:45 PM
Change to disambiguation page. Move content to VideoGame/Valis: Valis1129th May 2011 05:14:08 AM
Most of the examples do not fit the description : Hotter And Sexier528th May 2011 11:00:12 PM
Rename: Alien Space Bats2028th May 2011 06:35:54 PM
Remove the RL section?: Tall Dark And Bishoujo1127th May 2011 10:53:28 PM
This needs a new name: Innocent Fanservice Girl3127th May 2011 09:23:25 PM
Rename proposal for grammatically incorrect title: Diabolus Ex Vacuus1027th May 2011 07:36:56 PM
Does this make sense to anybody?: Evil Seed Plot2127th May 2011 07:17:04 PM
Why do we allow JAFAAC?: Image Links Wiki1027th May 2011 06:45:56 PM
Merge into One More Day: One Moment In Time1227th May 2011 10:11:32 AM
Rename: American And Commonwealth Spellings1626th May 2011 08:50:19 PM
Disambiguation for Siren: Enthralling Siren526th May 2011 04:34:17 PM
What is the rename? Thirty Gambit Pileup or: Gambit Pileup526th May 2011 03:41:44 PM
Renaming, Removing, and Reworking articles: Solving the TvTropes problem: 226th May 2011 02:42:16 PM
LOL: LOL826th May 2011 11:38:18 AM
Are there two different definitions here?: Cultural Cringe6526th May 2011 11:17:30 AM
Merge due to Trope Decay: Golden Ending1026th May 2011 09:47:44 AM
Zap the real life section.: The Jail Bait Wait1326th May 2011 03:02:33 AM
Salvageable, or to be cut?: Characters.Yume Nikki1525th May 2011 10:57:12 PM
Work ariticle: merge and ptitle fix required425th May 2011 09:32:55 PM
Definition is too restrictive: Hourglass Hottie4925th May 2011 07:49:02 PM
Switch I, Robot literature page to Main: ptitle46vep1yvhihu2125th May 2011 01:11:08 PM
Too many canon examples, other problems: Ambiguously Autistic325th May 2011 11:07:11 AM
Natter and Subjectivity: Strawman Has A Point3825th May 2011 05:46:50 AM
Isn't this already covered by other tropes: White Dragon4325th May 2011 05:24:06 AM
Example Sectionectomy?: One True Threesome3924th May 2011 07:30:02 PM
Rename: Test Of Character2124th May 2011 06:12:56 PM
Redirect farming: The Scrappy1024th May 2011 06:09:07 PM
Who?: Nasty Grace5024th May 2011 05:25:11 PM
Absurdly long real life section: Humans Are Cthulhu2023rd May 2011 05:32:23 PM
Prematurely launched, needs title discussion: Obviously Named Species1123rd May 2011 10:27:36 AM
Is this clear enough?: Food Chain Of Evil823rd May 2011 10:21:07 AM
Is there a point to this?: MGS 2 Ending423rd May 2011 04:12:32 AM
Suggesting rename to it's redirect, Bahzell.: War God1122nd May 2011 06:14:37 PM
Rename, seriously.: Auto Erotica4822nd May 2011 03:00:33 PM
What is this about?: Street Samurai3922nd May 2011 01:20:44 PM
"Sylvester and Tweety": One show, two pages: Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries422nd May 2011 11:31:46 AM
Change the title to "The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra": Avatar The Legend Of Korra722nd May 2011 07:31:46 AM
Index?: That Guy With The Glasses Index2122nd May 2011 12:39:16 AM
Restrict to in-universe: Matzo Fever1521st May 2011 10:56:56 PM
Cut the real life section: Grandma What Massive Hotness You Have1521st May 2011 10:52:24 PM
Embeded needs to be disabled: Thirty Xanatos Pileup821st May 2011 10:36:55 PM
Rename to make the meaning more clear.: Pink Is For Girls2821st May 2011 05:53:52 AM
Expand to include examples from all media?: Urban Legend Of Zelda2321st May 2011 03:38:08 AM
Excuse Plot: Excuse Plot320th May 2011 08:12:15 PM
Change it back!: All of the "moments"520th May 2011 12:38:45 PM
Unlock: Griefer2320th May 2011 10:13:58 AM
Stub needs examples: I Am Not My Father620th May 2011 09:18:10 AM
How can I add a WMG button at the top of the "Hawaii Five-0" page?: Hawaii Five O219th May 2011 05:46:17 PM
Self-demonstrating at the expense of readability: Long Title519th May 2011 04:28:11 PM
Should this still exist?: Troper Tales.Crapsack World1419th May 2011 02:16:17 PM
Quote changes: Purple Prose619th May 2011 05:43:58 AM
Time for an archive?: Headscratchers.Warhammer 40000219th May 2011 03:59:19 AM
What to do?: New Tech Is Not Cheap1619th May 2011 02:50:09 AM

54 pages in this list

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