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Repair Shop Morgue
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new postShould we cut this?: Did Not Do The Research.Angry Video Game Nerd 5Sat, 23rd Apr '11 2:51:38 PM
new postSplit comedy and serious examples?: Butt Monkey 2Sat, 23rd Apr '11 1:30:12 PM
new postRename: ambiguous: The Mario 74Sat, 23rd Apr '11 1:14:37 PM
new postNeeds a YMMV banner or fix definition: Lovable Coward 12Sat, 23rd Apr '11 10:37:54 AM
new postVerbal tic bait, "I" in the title.: If You Know What I Mean 5Sat, 23rd Apr '11 9:00:22 AM
new postA couple aren't really fallacies: You Fail Logic Forever 37Sat, 23rd Apr '11 3:45:48 AM
new postcutting real life section : Meganekko 5Sat, 23rd Apr '11 3:29:58 AM
new postWhat is this about?: Alternate DVD Commentary 9Fri, 22nd Apr '11 9:40:35 PM
new postExtent of crossover between Elemental Shapeshifter and: Dishing Out Dirt 5Fri, 22nd Apr '11 9:09:36 PM
new postRename: Badass Fingersnap 8Fri, 22nd Apr '11 5:42:37 PM
new postJetPacks vs.: Toasted Buns 5Fri, 22nd Apr '11 3:53:07 PM
new postOut Of Focus: Out Of Focus 3Fri, 22nd Apr '11 3:40:10 PM
new postWhat is the trope here?: Boldly Coming 18Fri, 22nd Apr '11 9:25:51 AM
new postGeneral clean up of trope and related tropes: Ugly Guy Hot Wife 3Fri, 22nd Apr '11 7:40:30 AM
new postCombine with Lemon?: Lime 16Fri, 22nd Apr '11 12:55:52 AM
new postTime for a split?: Nice Job Breaking It Hero 3Thu, 21st Apr '11 9:35:45 PM
new postRename: Cowboy Bebop At His Computer 14Thu, 21st Apr '11 5:26:46 PM
new postDon't know how to steal a redirect: Esperanto The Universal Language 5Thu, 21st Apr '11 4:10:41 PM
new postToo broad?: The Alcoholic 6Thu, 21st Apr '11 2:35:20 PM
new postWhat's the difference from Straw Traitor?: Category Traitor 26Thu, 21st Apr '11 2:20:21 PM
new postBroaden the definition?: Exactly What I Aimed At 3Thu, 21st Apr '11 4:08:12 AM
new postMove to Film namespace?: Red Riding Hood 4Wed, 20th Apr '11 8:13:45 PM
new postShould it be expanded?: Transhuman 3Wed, 20th Apr '11 9:06:35 AM
new postDoes this require a reason for not liking shoes?: Does Not Like Shoes 49Wed, 20th Apr '11 1:14:21 AM
new postWhy does this exist?: Die Internet 5Tue, 19th Apr '11 11:49:29 PM
new postRename...again: Artistic License Biology 8Tue, 19th Apr '11 11:35:28 PM
new postConfusing: Two Person Love Triangle 8Tue, 19th Apr '11 6:42:25 PM
new postAnyone willing to help me clean/add stuff from it?: Grandville 7Tue, 19th Apr '11 4:17:48 PM
new postneeds redirects, possibly rename: Mundanization 11Mon, 18th Apr '11 10:07:16 PM
new postNeed some help with construction...: Fan Nickname.Western Animation 3Mon, 18th Apr '11 6:36:05 PM
new postFixing awkward Wiki Wording9Mon, 18th Apr '11 6:16:38 PM
new postMake YMMV?: Small Name Big Ego 6Mon, 18th Apr '11 5:30:28 PM
new postBad examples: Lost In Translation 6Mon, 18th Apr '11 2:25:25 PM
new postThe preferred term is Romani.: Roma 10Mon, 18th Apr '11 8:52:35 AM
new postWhy was this turned into a redirect?: Peril Rollover 8Mon, 18th Apr '11 4:52:53 AM
new postQuibbling: How Do I Used Tense 2Sun, 17th Apr '11 8:54:37 PM
new postWhat is this supposed to be?: All Of Them 18Sun, 17th Apr '11 7:42:46 PM
new postOyaji Kid is a horribly defined trope.1Sun, 17th Apr '11 7:04:22 PM
new postTwo completely different tropes DontAnswerThat: Ptitle4vgtaqy8x53v 6Sun, 17th Apr '11 2:27:08 PM
new postMad creepy, son: Token Loli 166Sun, 17th Apr '11 12:33:57 PM
new postTrope bit is now missing: Black Magician Girl 169Sun, 17th Apr '11 9:07:19 AM
new postRename: Thirty Xanatos Pileup 104Sat, 16th Apr '11 10:54:35 PM
new postClean up: Kansas City Shuffle 18Sat, 16th Apr '11 10:34:48 PM
new postWhat's the difference between Token Human and The Team Normal?2Sat, 16th Apr '11 1:31:52 PM
new postUnclear title: Mickey Mousing 5Sat, 16th Apr '11 12:03:46 PM
new postRename: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 58Sat, 16th Apr '11 10:16:33 AM
new postShould be YMMV: Values Resonance 2Sat, 16th Apr '11 10:02:50 AM
new postShould this be split by seasons?: Lyrical Nanoha 91Sat, 16th Apr '11 6:58:38 AM
new postRarely used correctly: The Firefly Effect 19Fri, 15th Apr '11 10:24:21 PM
new postBuilt like an index or useful notes.: You Fail Law Forever 13Fri, 15th Apr '11 9:47:13 PM
new postIs This Just A Rant?: Who Wants To Be Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 60Fri, 15th Apr '11 6:10:26 PM
new postNeeds examples: Big Brother Is Your Friend 11Fri, 15th Apr '11 5:44:49 PM
new postTag as Trivia: Real Life Relative 3Fri, 15th Apr '11 1:26:23 AM
new postCaracter only trope?: Acceptable Breaks From Canon 4Thu, 14th Apr '11 4:43:22 PM
new postReal life examples?: Baby Got Back 15Thu, 14th Apr '11 3:12:27 PM
new postNeeds major revision: Cult Classic 47Thu, 14th Apr '11 11:18:46 AM
new postMove to Film namespace: The Red Baron 23Thu, 14th Apr '11 10:55:51 AM
new postOnly Spain and Israel get Badass subpages? What about other countries?: Bad Ass Spaniard 51Wed, 13th Apr '11 10:02:46 PM
new postMixed up with RaisingTheSteaks: Non Human Undead 8Wed, 13th Apr '11 4:52:01 PM
new postTurn into a Disambiguation page: Golden Age 19Wed, 13th Apr '11 3:05:25 PM
new postCleanup: The Coconut Effect 14Wed, 13th Apr '11 1:27:08 PM
new postPaper is an element?: Elemental Powers 49Wed, 13th Apr '11 11:57:26 AM
new postEnemy Mentor YKTTW vs.: Evil Mentor 3Wed, 13th Apr '11 9:51:20 AM
new postRename: Sugar Wiki.Moment Of Awesome 103Wed, 13th Apr '11 8:37:03 AM
new postcut real life section: Statuesque Stunner 4Tue, 12th Apr '11 8:11:29 PM
new postNeeds a split: Only Sane Man 10Tue, 12th Apr '11 3:51:54 PM
new postCut .: Just Bugs Me.Deviant ART 12Tue, 12th Apr '11 12:15:59 PM
new postRename and Split:: Hard Gay 78Tue, 12th Apr '11 1:21:21 AM
new postXJustX problems: World Of Snark 15Tue, 12th Apr '11 12:21:51 AM
new postConfusing description: Gaiden Game 27Mon, 11th Apr '11 10:07:59 PM
new postShould it be an Index?: Transformation Causes 4Mon, 11th Apr '11 9:13:30 PM
new postRename: Unmentionable BSOD 16Mon, 11th Apr '11 4:37:16 PM
new postSplit (Pokémon The Abridged Series): Ptitle98mu2pb 1 1Mon, 11th Apr '11 12:12:20 PM
new postRename: The Anakin 10Mon, 11th Apr '11 8:14:50 AM
new postRename back to FetishFuelTropes: Turn On Tropes 19Sun, 10th Apr '11 4:14:50 PM
new postWhy is it Flame Bait?: Adaptation Decay 24Sat, 9th Apr '11 11:55:48 PM
new postPeople Sit On Chairs?: The Horror 9Sat, 9th Apr '11 10:49:59 PM
new postNinety Percent Of Your Brain has problems with the description: Ninety Percent Of Your Brain 5Sat, 9th Apr '11 9:41:17 PM
new postBy The Power Of Greyskull vs. Invocation: By The Power Of Greyskull 16Sat, 9th Apr '11 1:45:40 PM
new postPage lock request: Stonkers 4Sat, 9th Apr '11 12:12:58 PM
new postToo General of a Name: Nosebleed 149Sat, 9th Apr '11 10:34:29 AM
new postCharacter trope rename?: The Boo Radley 225Sat, 9th Apr '11 10:23:12 AM
new postNeeds a better description: Space Elves 20Fri, 8th Apr '11 8:32:08 PM
new postKeep or Cut?: Troper Tales.Audio Erotica 12Fri, 8th Apr '11 2:12:38 PM
new postexample culling to fix misuse?: Manly Tears 11Fri, 8th Apr '11 1:27:38 PM
new post"More powerful than they look." Ever so much trope overlap2Fri, 8th Apr '11 1:05:57 PM
new postvs. The Hero Dies: Our Hero Is Dead 1Fri, 8th Apr '11 9:28:37 AM
new postNeed help with expanding: The Mighty Thor 7Fri, 8th Apr '11 7:15:11 AM
new postMove the examples to another page: Jumping The Shark 14Fri, 8th Apr '11 2:59:56 AM
new postYMMV Move the YMMV Page.: YMMV.Mc Donalds 3Thu, 7th Apr '11 6:24:02 PM
new postWhy is it called....: Circle Of Extinction 62Thu, 7th Apr '11 1:58:37 PM
new postNeed some help getting rid of the wicks.: Sugar Wiki.Most Triumphant Example 20Wed, 6th Apr '11 8:24:49 PM
new postSplit.: Video Game Characters 3Wed, 6th Apr '11 5:50:32 PM
new postSwap with the redirect or take other action to stop further misuse: Not Making This Up Disclaimer 35Wed, 6th Apr '11 2:05:51 PM
new postWhen did the title become B Adass?: Bad Ass 9Wed, 6th Apr '11 7:21:06 AM
new postNeeds an apostrophe before the "s": Gingers Bread 4Tue, 5th Apr '11 5:42:59 PM
new postPsyberianHusky: Thistroper.Psyberian Husky 3Tue, 5th Apr '11 5:38:14 PM
new postMaybe this could be scaled back...: Troper Tales.Hype Aversion 4Tue, 5th Apr '11 4:40:19 PM
new postRedirect to Superpowers For A Day instead of Superpower Silly Putty: Twenty Four Hour Super Power 3Tue, 5th Apr '11 4:31:02 PM
new postExamples miss the mark: Estrogen Brigade Bait 59Tue, 5th Apr '11 4:18:53 PM
51 pages in this list
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