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new postWe need to sandbox this (yes, again): Sonichu 35Sun, 3rd Jul '11 8:27:16 PM
new postTrope is being incorrectly potholed: The Yoshi 69Sun, 3rd Jul '11 5:23:29 PM
new postMale counterpart?: Woman Scorned 7Sun, 3rd Jul '11 1:43:42 PM
new postRepair: Lucky Seven 44Sun, 3rd Jul '11 10:03:49 AM
new postA few problems here: Turn Based Tactics 13Sun, 3rd Jul '11 10:00:49 AM
new postReinvent the scale?: Mohs Scale Of Science Fiction Hardness 124Sun, 3rd Jul '11 9:46:46 AM
new postLump: Elemental RPS and Tactical RPS 6Sun, 3rd Jul '11 7:45:24 AM
new postNeeds a description rewrite because its been plagiarised: Der Fuehrers Face 2Sat, 2nd Jul '11 9:46:02 PM
new postHeavily misused: Oh Crap 45Sat, 2nd Jul '11 9:00:13 PM
new postDoes this need examples?: Crack Is Cheaper 46Sat, 2nd Jul '11 8:40:28 PM
new postComplaint-fest: Character Derailment 94Sat, 2nd Jul '11 6:31:09 PM
new postMisleading: Chekovs Gun 2Sat, 2nd Jul '11 1:22:35 PM
new postWhy is this YMMV? : Acceptable Targets 26Sat, 2nd Jul '11 12:21:54 PM
new postTrope Needs To Be Revised: Half Dressed Cartoon Animal 8Sat, 2nd Jul '11 11:52:21 AM
new postand sorting of Flanderization: Motive Decay 7Sat, 2nd Jul '11 11:25:38 AM
new postToo negative?: Lifetime Movie Of The Week 60Sat, 2nd Jul '11 11:18:57 AM
new postLots of Square Hole Round Trope examples.: The Lancer 53Sat, 2nd Jul '11 11:18:42 AM
new postBad title, Rename: Clueless Chick Magnet 60Sat, 2nd Jul '11 9:20:39 AM
new postThe sarcasm! It burns! : Beast And Beauty 46Fri, 1st Jul '11 5:42:22 PM
new postDescription is too long: Determinator 63Fri, 1st Jul '11 3:11:06 PM
new postRename: Clock Tower Finale 14Fri, 1st Jul '11 1:29:56 PM
new postMisuse, perhaps needs cleaning: Dummied Out 5Fri, 1st Jul '11 9:07:33 AM
new postRename: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 75Fri, 1st Jul '11 9:00:43 AM
new postNatter in the trope description.: Artistic License Nuclear Physics 7Fri, 1st Jul '11 8:58:28 AM
new postOverdramatized examples: Darker And Edgier 6Fri, 1st Jul '11 4:23:05 AM
new postWe should delete the Phineas and Ferb IRC page.: Phineas And Ferb Wiki IRC 38Thu, 30th Jun '11 5:50:36 PM
new postRight title for the wrong trope?: Prime Directive 34Thu, 30th Jun '11 4:01:27 PM
new postDo we really need Real Life examples?: Black Speech 4Wed, 29th Jun '11 11:09:14 PM
new postIs it supposed to be this confusing (。。q?: True Art 32Wed, 29th Jun '11 7:17:37 PM
new postExamples do not match article: Girls Love 391Wed, 29th Jun '11 5:50:24 PM
new postNot objective : Hollywood Homely 20Wed, 29th Jun '11 10:41:22 AM
new postONLY for protagonists?!: Rogue Protagonist 5Wed, 29th Jun '11 9:23:56 AM
new postCleanup: Transfer Student Uniforms 7Wed, 29th Jun '11 8:32:13 AM
new postBroken Link Policy3Wed, 29th Jun '11 8:02:05 AM
new postUndo/Reverse Redirects: Captain America The First Avenger 18Wed, 29th Jun '11 2:35:32 AM
new post"The very concept is FridgeLogic" is FridgeLogic: Love Makes You Evil 9Wed, 29th Jun '11 2:25:28 AM
new postSplit? (Everybody's Dead Dave): ptitleil4s0matfkiy 8Wed, 29th Jun '11 1:06:57 AM
new postShould probalby be split into two distinct pages.: Shoot The Medic First 8Tue, 28th Jun '11 11:33:09 PM
new postDialog as Title Rename: The Only One I Trust 35Tue, 28th Jun '11 11:14:48 PM
new postLine of dialog title [What year is it?]: Ptitle2f4agitl 40Tue, 28th Jun '11 11:13:02 PM
new postRename: : Super Gods 52Tue, 28th Jun '11 8:32:56 PM
new postRename: Pink Boy Blue Girl 7Tue, 28th Jun '11 6:35:18 PM
new postRename: Dancing Bear 46Tue, 28th Jun '11 11:41:56 AM
new postCleanup/sorting.: Word Salad Lyrics 12Tue, 28th Jun '11 11:30:20 AM
new postClarify wording please?: Little Girls Kick Shins 2Tue, 28th Jun '11 10:15:35 AM
new postWe have two of these.: Recorded And Stand Up Comedy 4Tue, 28th Jun '11 8:34:38 AM
new postMerge: A Man Should Never Wear A Bikini 10Tue, 28th Jun '11 7:34:46 AM
new postPick a quote for the main page and stick with it (So bad it's horrible): Darth Wiki.Ptitlew9bltta3dv6n 4Mon, 27th Jun '11 5:20:23 PM
new postWhat to do with the subversions.: Human Aliens 5Mon, 27th Jun '11 3:44:22 PM
new postUnnecessary redirect: Western Animation.Teen Titans 16Mon, 27th Jun '11 3:03:27 PM
new postSubjective, poorly-defined conglomeration of tropes: Moe 99Mon, 27th Jun '11 2:48:15 PM
new postSuggesting we delete webcomic time.: Webcomic Time 38Mon, 27th Jun '11 2:26:52 PM
new postOne work, two work pages: Maken Ki 5Mon, 27th Jun '11 2:20:51 PM
new postSplit: Goggles Do Nothing 30Mon, 27th Jun '11 12:59:32 PM
new postNamed for a work: Soul Train 57Mon, 27th Jun '11 9:08:06 AM
new postNeeds work. Possible Cut list.: Pervs Sell Products 8Mon, 27th Jun '11 8:44:25 AM
new postCleanup?: Jak And Daxter
30th Jun '11 11:59 PM
18Mon, 27th Jun '11 6:49:15 AM
new postBreak off the list as it's own trope.: Space Battle 15Sun, 26th Jun '11 9:55:24 PM
new post"Zeno's Race" is non indicative, and kind of complaining.: Ptitle96cc44ei 80Sun, 26th Jun '11 8:18:36 PM
new postNeeds a rewrite: Amazons Attack 5Sun, 26th Jun '11 7:09:43 PM
new postNeeds a better description.: Lemon Stu 5Sun, 26th Jun '11 6:59:55 PM
new postSo, yeah: Who Writes This Crap 5Sun, 26th Jun '11 6:43:37 PM
new postUsage doesn't match definition: The Ace 10Sun, 26th Jun '11 4:43:34 PM
new postShould it exist: RPG Codex 9Sun, 26th Jun '11 4:26:45 PM
new postCut the real life section: Light Is Not Good 5Sun, 26th Jun '11 4:06:35 PM
new postSplit: Comically Missing The Point 15Sun, 26th Jun '11 4:00:25 PM
new postNeeds clarification and a better description : Hollywood Pudgy 57Sun, 26th Jun '11 3:47:36 PM
new post"This Genre Sucks": Docu Soap 3Sun, 26th Jun '11 10:50:46 AM
new postCtrl + F = useless: Say My Name 18Sun, 26th Jun '11 9:12:31 AM
new postPossibly False Interpretation of Spy Catsuit: Painted On Pants 28Sun, 26th Jun '11 9:08:47 AM
new postDoesn't seem to be clearly about anything, didn't go through YKTTW: Have I Mentioned I Am A Dwarf Today 3Sat, 25th Jun '11 11:02:09 PM
new postNeeds a lot of work.: Theme Music Abandonment 9Sat, 25th Jun '11 8:55:30 PM
new postWhy isn't this about games?: Bonus Points 18Sat, 25th Jun '11 8:16:38 PM
new postTo clarify, what counts as an example.: Getting Crap Past The Radar 3Sat, 25th Jun '11 5:57:08 PM
new postRedirect farming: Noodle Incident 5Sat, 25th Jun '11 3:54:28 PM
new postFanFic/{{Diplomacy}} vs. Game/{{Diplomacy}}5Sat, 25th Jun '11 3:10:40 PM
new postExamples have problems: Popular Saying But 6Sat, 25th Jun '11 11:04:02 AM
new postmove to unpublished works?: Fan Fic.Earth- 3682155 22Sat, 25th Jun '11 7:37:05 AM
new postMerge with 'Pan and Scan'?: The Ken Burns Effect 22Fri, 24th Jun '11 9:00:48 PM
new postDid this go through YKTTW?: Medium Two Shot 4Fri, 24th Jun '11 7:08:12 PM
new postWhy do we have this?: Secrets Of German Medieval Swordsmanship 22Fri, 24th Jun '11 1:11:10 PM
new postbad title, little use: Tourist Trap 13Fri, 24th Jun '11 12:45:26 PM
new postWeren't we doing something with this?: Chinese Girl 31Fri, 24th Jun '11 9:32:46 AM
new postCutting the main page: Incest Yay 121Fri, 24th Jun '11 9:31:42 AM
new postProblems: Painted On Pants 8Fri, 24th Jun '11 6:53:54 AM
new postWhy is there a real life section?: Canada Eh 8Thu, 23rd Jun '11 12:05:21 PM
new postNeeds better division: Daddy Long Legs 13Thu, 23rd Jun '11 9:28:47 AM
new postI thought tropes were not bad: Bad Writing 40Wed, 22nd Jun '11 9:24:15 PM
new postRename: Xanatos Planned This Index 66Wed, 22nd Jun '11 8:25:47 PM
new postStupid, possibly offensive Useful Notes title: Flaming Fruit Vendors And Angry Arabs 25Wed, 22nd Jun '11 1:15:31 PM
new postProtagonist not the main character?: Villain Protagonist 4Wed, 22nd Jun '11 10:17:49 AM
new postThe curious case of two genres that seem to say the same thing: Mystery Fiction 9Tue, 21st Jun '11 8:06:19 PM
new postBlue Bishonen Ghetto/Pink Bishoujo Ghetto1Tue, 21st Jun '11 12:44:22 PM
new postQualifications: Complete Monster 6Tue, 21st Jun '11 11:38:27 AM
new postQuadrophenia; natter/review in the main pages: Quadrophenia 2Tue, 21st Jun '11 7:03:33 AM
new postCan this even be saved?: Complete Monster 5Tue, 21st Jun '11 6:34:36 AM
new postNot a healthy trope: Dermot Mulroney Syndrome 6Mon, 20th Jun '11 2:23:22 PM
new postNeeds an index: Dirty Social Tricks 3Mon, 20th Jun '11 12:00:48 PM
new postDo we really need this? Suggesting to cut examples.: Troper Tales.Hype Backlash 8Mon, 20th Jun '11 10:10:19 AM
new postin need of major overhaul: You Are Fat 20Mon, 20th Jun '11 8:39:34 AM
51 pages in this list
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