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new postRename: Doppleganger Crossover 13Fri, 5th Aug '11 4:52:06 PM
new postWork page needs writeup badly: Dinosaur Comics 17Fri, 5th Aug '11 4:39:45 PM
new postSplit:: Boke And Tsukkomi Routine 10Fri, 5th Aug '11 4:38:16 PM
new postUnlock: Talk.Who Would Win 28Fri, 5th Aug '11 12:11:28 PM
new postMake or rework page or subpages?: Japanese Holidays 6Fri, 5th Aug '11 11:49:29 AM
new postApparent misuse: Flat What
8th Aug '11 11:59 PM
16Fri, 5th Aug '11 11:43:21 AM
new postProbably needs some reworking : Boobs Of Steel 98Fri, 5th Aug '11 9:42:53 AM
new postExamples don't fit the description: Nineties Anti Hero 1Fri, 5th Aug '11 8:18:40 AM
new postSplit off rescue from revenge: Roaring Rampage Of Revenge 5Thu, 4th Aug '11 6:07:13 PM
new postRename: The Egregious Trope Man 16Thu, 4th Aug '11 5:31:41 PM
new postWhen was this rewritten as a self-demonstrating article?: You No Take Candle 8Thu, 4th Aug '11 4:14:37 PM
new postRename: Has Japanese Word in Title: Tiny Tyrannical Tsundere 147Thu, 4th Aug '11 10:09:07 AM
new postShoehorning: Ambiguously Autistic 51Thu, 4th Aug '11 9:27:08 AM
new postDescription: Only talking about females?: Censor Suds 3Wed, 3rd Aug '11 10:58:17 PM
new postHeavy cuts, if not an outright cutlisting, needed.: Useful Notes On Bra Sizes 32Wed, 3rd Aug '11 6:58:17 PM
new postMerge with EveryoneIsSatanInHell?: Demonization 14Wed, 3rd Aug '11 5:30:31 PM
new postWaiting Puzzle vs. Rewarding Inactivity4Wed, 3rd Aug '11 3:31:38 PM
new postExpand to include all media?: Port Town 43Wed, 3rd Aug '11 1:12:41 PM
new postSplit LesbianCop from being on the same page: Lesbian Jock 10Wed, 3rd Aug '11 8:23:40 AM
new postSquarePegRoundTrope: Even Evil Has Standards 17Tue, 2nd Aug '11 11:55:48 PM
new poststub: Casabianca 4Tue, 2nd Aug '11 5:17:50 PM
new postNeed help cleaning up: Beauty And Warrior 1Tue, 2nd Aug '11 4:45:05 PM
new postSplit: Third Person Person 10Tue, 2nd Aug '11 4:42:08 PM
new post"This show sucks" syndrome: Big Brother 2Tue, 2nd Aug '11 4:35:04 PM
new postYMMV and doubly useless: Guilty Pleasures 7Tue, 2nd Aug '11 3:15:11 PM
new postGuess the meaning.: Troping The Light Fantastic 43Tue, 2nd Aug '11 1:03:05 PM
new postNeeds thorough update: Character Sheets 14Tue, 2nd Aug '11 7:11:04 AM
new postEvident rampant misuse...: Moral Event Horizon 34Tue, 2nd Aug '11 12:04:47 AM
new postCould we at least tweak this?: Take A Bite Out Of Crime 21Mon, 1st Aug '11 10:15:24 PM
new postToo many examples: Mohs Scale Of Rock And Metal Hardness 19Mon, 1st Aug '11 9:00:53 PM
new postAm I the only one confused by this trope?: What Measure Is A Mook 17Mon, 1st Aug '11 8:06:30 PM
new postIs anyone willing to work some Wiki Magic on my page?: Fan Fic.New Look Series 12Mon, 1st Aug '11 3:45:50 PM
new postRedirect Farming: Most Common Super Power 148Mon, 1st Aug '11 10:54:49 AM
new postDuplicate of SufficientlyAnalyzedMagic?: Fantastic Science 8Mon, 1st Aug '11 8:36:28 AM
new postWhat is this and why is it a page?: TV Tropes Flaming Combo Attack 4Mon, 1st Aug '11 7:30:14 AM
new postFim/ Book Split?: The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz 19Mon, 1st Aug '11 12:12:34 AM
new postWhat's going on here?: Justice Will Prevail 22Sun, 31st Jul '11 7:04:46 PM
new postBad information: Vagineer 10Sun, 31st Jul '11 5:27:04 PM
new postWhat should I do if I want to create an article about the network?: TLC 7Sun, 31st Jul '11 1:01:26 PM
new postBroken spoiler tagging?: WMG.The Lion King 4Sun, 31st Jul '11 6:05:12 AM
new posttoo restrictive?: Textual Celebrity Resemblance 4Sat, 30th Jul '11 8:43:15 PM
new postShould this include an index?: No Real Life Examples Please 18Sat, 30th Jul '11 6:35:37 PM
new postPretty sure this is exactly what we DON'T want in an article.: Emoticon 32Sat, 30th Jul '11 6:19:58 PM
new postNeeds a clearer title: Weeping Angel Artwork 31Sat, 30th Jul '11 5:31:43 PM
new postRename: Somerset And Mills 14Sat, 30th Jul '11 1:55:08 PM
new postInto an Index: Four X 11Sat, 30th Jul '11 10:06:26 AM
new postVideoGame-centric?: Good Bad Translation 7Sat, 30th Jul '11 9:18:05 AM
new postRealLife examples may be a bad idea...: We Have Reserves 6Sat, 30th Jul '11 12:22:58 AM
new postDiet Time?: Meta Game 14Sat, 30th Jul '11 12:13:28 AM
new postRename: Shlubb And Klump English 19Fri, 29th Jul '11 8:37:12 PM
new postDescription is a mess.: Animesque 14Fri, 29th Jul '11 8:23:19 PM
new postNeeds to be worked on: Lies Damned Lies And Statistics 7Fri, 29th Jul '11 7:34:56 PM
new postThe time has come for a split: Private Detective 25Fri, 29th Jul '11 5:18:41 PM
new postRename: Falls on the wrong side of the witty/informative spectrum: Springtime For Hitler 1Fri, 29th Jul '11 3:08:26 PM
new postNeeds more examples: Player Versus Player 28Fri, 29th Jul '11 2:10:18 PM
new postPage delete for non reason.: Web Original.This Troper 27Fri, 29th Jul '11 12:35:10 PM
new postRewrite description: Deadline News 11Thu, 28th Jul '11 5:53:23 PM
new postSonicAdventureSeries: Sonic Adventure Series 13Thu, 28th Jul '11 5:38:59 PM
new postStill horribly misinformative: Vagineer 4Thu, 28th Jul '11 4:55:34 PM
new postHow inclusive is AlmightyJanitor?: Almighty Janitor 6Thu, 28th Jul '11 2:41:32 PM
new postRename: Robinson Goldberg Contraption 33Thu, 28th Jul '11 2:30:15 PM
new postIs Not A Subjective Trope: Idiot Hair 7Thu, 28th Jul '11 6:24:41 AM
new postUnfinished launch - needs work: If Only You Knew 4Thu, 28th Jul '11 4:22:37 AM
new postIntervention requested: Manly Gay 41Wed, 27th Jul '11 10:40:40 PM
new postA lot of Fetish Fuel examples: Ryona 49Wed, 27th Jul '11 7:58:38 PM
new postDuplicate of HalfBreed: Tragic Mulatto 11Wed, 27th Jul '11 7:29:24 PM
new postTighten or Split (new crowner): Obvious Trap 17Wed, 27th Jul '11 5:49:06 PM
new postExample cleanup: Design Student's Orgasm: Ptitle7wmurkq3abiw 10Wed, 27th Jul '11 7:12:50 AM
new postSubsection overlap?: Curse Cut Short 1Wed, 27th Jul '11 6:42:25 AM
new postExample Sectionectomy: Sci Fi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale 5Wed, 27th Jul '11 6:36:11 AM
new postHonor Harrington will need a sub page split: Honor Harrington 16Wed, 27th Jul '11 5:52:52 AM
new postPoor performance, nonsensical title: Did Not Eat The Mousse 26Tue, 26th Jul '11 8:17:53 PM
new postA very Anvillicious AuthorTract.: Useful Notes.For The Love Of Many 15Tue, 26th Jul '11 5:46:44 PM
new postUnderused needs major pimpin, misused in other tropes, possible rename: Too Hot For TV 37Tue, 26th Jul '11 1:19:35 PM
new postNeeds a less offensive title: Half Breed 7Tue, 26th Jul '11 1:07:02 PM
new postSame as I Never Said It Was Poison: Saying Too Much 5Tue, 26th Jul '11 10:44:57 AM
new postTweak this for context?: The Krusty 29Tue, 26th Jul '11 9:34:52 AM
new postClean-up on aisle:: Anime Character Types 68Tue, 26th Jul '11 9:31:44 AM
new postThree conflicting definitions: Fallen Princess 11Tue, 26th Jul '11 8:37:15 AM
new postWork to be done, possible split: Unlucky Childhood Friend 37Tue, 26th Jul '11 8:36:00 AM
new postRename: Bosom Buddies 24Tue, 26th Jul '11 7:57:55 AM
new postRename: No True Scotsman 9Tue, 26th Jul '11 7:22:39 AM
new postIs this actually about strawmen?: Strawman News Media 10Tue, 26th Jul '11 5:29:21 AM
new postNot thriving: No Just No Reaction 52Mon, 25th Jul '11 10:28:08 PM
new postRename: Big Damn Villains 47Mon, 25th Jul '11 7:48:35 PM
new postRedundant?: Television Is Trying To Kill Us 4Mon, 25th Jul '11 4:24:35 PM
new postThis isn't about shipping: Token Shipping 14Mon, 25th Jul '11 1:21:41 PM
new postToo specific?: Fatal Family Photo 10Mon, 25th Jul '11 12:28:39 PM
new postDisambig or create a trope? : Karoshi 12Mon, 25th Jul '11 7:35:57 AM
new postExample Trimming: Handle This Index With Care 61Mon, 25th Jul '11 5:54:34 AM
new postSwitch with redirect: Henohenomoheji 10Sun, 24th Jul '11 7:56:50 PM
new postSplit and Rename: Down The Rabbit Hole 8Sun, 24th Jul '11 7:07:03 PM
new postIssues with: Everyone Loves Blondes 22Sun, 24th Jul '11 6:47:05 PM
new postNeed some help with the pages for Warhammer 40000 Space Marine10Sun, 24th Jul '11 4:36:17 PM
new postMajor trimming needed: Who Wants To Live Forever 13Sun, 24th Jul '11 3:54:37 PM
new postNeeds a rewrite and a cleanup or split: Armor Piercing Question 15Sun, 24th Jul '11 2:02:27 PM
new postPunctuated title: Overly Long Name 3Sun, 24th Jul '11 11:12:28 AM
new postThese are all funny animals: Barefoot Funny Animals
23rd Jul '11 11:59 PM
70Sun, 24th Jul '11 8:19:42 AM
new postShould it be merged with The Scrappy?: Ethnic Scrappy 5Sat, 23rd Jul '11 9:45:41 PM
new postMisapplied to Jesus-like characters, non-Christianity-like religions: Crystal Dragon Jesus 27Sat, 23rd Jul '11 8:36:15 PM
52 pages in this list
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