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new postpinnedThe Totally Radical Thread for Crotchety Old Bitches36,617 Mon, 22nd Sep '14 12:02:52 PM
new postpinnedWelcome to the Porch 151Sat, 6th Sep '14 10:41:19 AM
new postThe 90s Nostalgia Thread513 Mon, 22nd Sep '14 2:20:01 PM
new postThe office: Chatter about your job2,247 Mon, 22nd Sep '14 12:09:47 PM
new postThe responsible drinkers thread990 Mon, 22nd Sep '14 11:13:33 AM
new postThe Kitchen: all things delicious and disastrous4,061 Mon, 22nd Sep '14 11:10:40 AM
new postThe Garage: A craft-y type thread for handypeople778Fri, 19th Sep '14 11:18:35 PM
new postQuill and Ink Corner: A writing thread for the Cobbies.304Wed, 17th Sep '14 8:03:48 PM
new postWTF Adulthood23Mon, 15th Sep '14 11:20:31 PM
new postThe Driveway: COBbies talk cars548Sat, 13th Sep '14 9:52:19 AM
new postSo, how's the weather?1,388Fri, 12th Sep '14 3:12:21 AM
new postDo you want kids?273Thu, 11th Sep '14 8:28:12 PM
new postThe Vanity Mirror: For beauty tips and other such things260Sat, 30th Aug '14 9:16:51 AM
new postThis Hotel Room: COBbies talk about conventions68Wed, 27th Aug '14 11:34:10 PM
new postThe Library/Bookshelf! (COBbie Literature Thread)452Fri, 22nd Aug '14 5:58:30 PM
new postLiving Room: Crotchety Old Bitches Talk Vidja Games Thread432Tue, 12th Aug '14 1:57:09 AM
new postThe Art Shack23Fri, 1st Aug '14 8:09:19 PM
new postAre the Millennials really the Me generation?11Mon, 21st Jul '14 10:21:51 PM
new postThe 80s Nostalgia Thread154Sat, 21st Jun '14 11:07:00 AM
new postMy Generation59Tue, 17th Jun '14 2:48:03 PM
new postI'm bad at being a teenager.93Sat, 17th May '14 8:53:42 PM
new postThings You Miss93Tue, 13th May '14 8:58:07 PM
new postThe teetotalers thread128Thu, 8th May '14 3:04:45 PM
new postFinely Aged Suck60Wed, 12th Mar '14 6:23:09 PM
new postThe Hardy Boys11Thu, 6th Mar '14 10:00:36 PM
new postMoney Management10Fri, 14th Feb '14 8:47:13 AM
new postThe Dirty Smokers Thread52Thu, 13th Feb '14 10:59:56 AM
new postGetting rid of fire ants (ANY method welcome)18Fri, 13th Dec '13 4:54:01 PM
new postThe Backyard: Gardeners, Assemble!208Fri, 29th Nov '13 7:16:39 PM
new postFire Fox Three Was Better Than Fire Fox Four121Thu, 10th Oct '13 6:30:22 AM
new postQuite Interesting28Fri, 12th Apr '13 10:49:25 AM
new postWhat are some great reads on the following topics? (HRS related)3Mon, 8th Apr '13 3:08:34 PM
new postMovable Picture Photo-Plays - Or, The Film Thread76Sat, 2nd Mar '13 3:17:07 PM
new postSo, um, Chapter 7 possibly in the near future.4Fri, 22nd Feb '13 5:54:58 PM
new postWhat's the longest day you can remember clearly?21Fri, 1st Feb '13 10:37:46 AM
new postSenility, Alzheimers, and Nursing Homes38Tue, 4th Sep '12 6:12:57 AM
new postThe Barroom: Drunk COBbies Solve The World's Problems5Tue, 28th Aug '12 7:32:27 AM
new postThe 60s Nostalgia Thread17Thu, 16th Aug '12 5:22:26 PM
new postThe Deja Vu - How do you cope with it?5Fri, 10th Aug '12 1:38:13 AM
new postLooking for (probably) 90s kids show2Fri, 27th Jul '12 8:42:47 PM
new postLiving Room: Crotchety Old Bitches Talk Anime Thread426Thu, 26th Jul '12 10:15:27 PM
new postThings you'll have to explain to your kids.236Tue, 17th Jul '12 11:34:10 PM
new postGET OFFA MY LAWN76Fri, 13th Jul '12 4:53:27 PM
new postRelating to Members of Other Generations47Fri, 29th Jun '12 7:30:06 PM
new postBeing The Conflicted9Sat, 16th Jun '12 3:45:20 AM
new postThings ya used to do as a youngun64Mon, 4th Jun '12 7:42:45 PM
new postThings you're nostalgic for83Sun, 3rd Jun '12 12:41:37 PM
new postThe Ultimate Guide To Internet Participation: A Tentative Project1Mon, 14th May '12 7:20:43 AM
new postHow to Non-Toxically Deal with Ants20Fri, 6th Apr '12 12:13:14 AM
new postI'm trapped12Sat, 10th Mar '12 10:45:14 AM
new postTimes when the universe made sense16Fri, 9th Mar '12 12:36:33 AM
new postHow to (non-toxically) deal with a nest of black widow spiders?19Wed, 25th Jan '12 8:25:16 AM
new postThe Turntable293Tue, 24th Jan '12 2:36:23 PM
new postThe 70s Nostalgia Thread22Wed, 28th Dec '11 12:30:47 PM
new postAlk's totally self indulgent moving check-list7Tue, 29th Nov '11 3:16:22 PM
new postSo I just watched this thing called a television26Tue, 29th Nov '11 9:47:42 AM
new postGoogle's Search Box5Wed, 24th Aug '11 10:38:06 AM
new postWhy aren't people complaining about gas prices?155Tue, 23rd Aug '11 9:03:53 PM
new postNews in text6Fri, 8th Jul '11 9:16:36 AM
new postThem thingies with words and pictures47Fri, 20th May '11 3:04:46 PM
new postTie/Bowtie appreciation society21Sun, 15th May '11 6:50:13 PM
new postThe Attic: Things you don't use or used to have11Thu, 21st Apr '11 6:33:36 AM
new postLiving Room: Western Animation5Wed, 20th Apr '11 10:51:08 AM
new postInflation in your lifetime16Thu, 14th Apr '11 1:00:26 PM
new postWebCOBmics72Mon, 4th Apr '11 9:36:27 AM
new postInspiring Poems6Sat, 2nd Apr '11 8:10:08 PM
new postTom Swift2Thu, 31st Mar '11 9:11:12 PM
new postWintersports.16Mon, 21st Mar '11 1:19:44 PM
new postThis New Fangled Subforum212Fri, 18th Mar '11 8:47:04 PM
new postOld Anime fans3Fri, 18th Mar '11 1:04:45 AM
new postWhat?37Mon, 14th Mar '11 11:10:55 PM
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