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How far have we come in regards to race?2421st Nov 2010 07:54:37 AM
Apparently nail clippers are more dangerous than machine guns3821st Nov 2010 02:43:34 AM
Dare to be stupid1520th Nov 2010 07:41:39 PM
Any Tech savvy people here?1020th Nov 2010 07:04:24 PM
Stable antimatter captured for the first time.2720th Nov 2010 04:31:27 PM
Acceptable Humour and Moral High Grounds.3020th Nov 2010 02:35:04 PM
Language death2720th Nov 2010 02:32:14 PM
The virus that is tropes spreads ever more so119th Nov 2010 06:36:52 PM
A world of evil1319th Nov 2010 06:05:06 PM
Health Insurance Co. makes record profits12918th Nov 2010 11:54:13 AM
"The man who writes your students' papers tells his story"518th Nov 2010 11:27:58 AM
Should the English have their own assembly?1618th Nov 2010 07:25:33 AM
Internet blacklist in US?1617th Nov 2010 08:52:03 PM
A few idiots undermine NUS demonstrations in Britain.6817th Nov 2010 02:36:31 PM
How much right does authority have to prevent self-harming idiocy?6217th Nov 2010 10:55:20 AM
Old habits die hard cause we want them to stay416th Nov 2010 06:08:39 AM
Do Yahoo's comments represent the majority of America?1015th Nov 2010 10:45:51 AM
What does it take to exterminate the human species?2515th Nov 2010 07:58:17 AM
Buy a truck, get a gun free5814th Nov 2010 01:32:14 PM
Texas has $25b budget gap, largest in the nation3413th Nov 2010 06:45:30 PM
Judge rules ban on Sharia Law unacceptable.3613th Nov 2010 06:43:53 AM
Stuff about the Alcubierre drive7212th Nov 2010 02:29:28 PM
Wage slavery2312th Nov 2010 01:54:15 PM
Worst Evil schemes ever1212th Nov 2010 08:07:44 AM
Cigarette boxes required to have more graphic warnings on them4911th Nov 2010 01:58:02 PM
Accidental Broken Arrow? Or did somebody try a black op launch?3311th Nov 2010 06:23:51 AM
Classism11511th Nov 2010 04:51:08 AM
"Hey baby. Wanna pee on my phone?"1610th Nov 2010 08:01:18 PM
Northern Ireland Declares Independence - A Political Theorising Thread1910th Nov 2010 06:30:04 PM
Real-life implications of Double Standard610th Nov 2010 02:17:11 PM
Power corrupts699th Nov 2010 10:45:30 PM
How do you measure your personal finances and Why?99th Nov 2010 02:46:04 PM
Anyone want to die alone?249th Nov 2010 02:12:17 PM
Why isn't exile a legal punishment anymore?639th Nov 2010 08:35:27 AM
Banker involved in hit-and-run not charged with felony...79th Nov 2010 01:36:52 AM
"Entitlement Issues" vs. "Autocracy"49th Nov 2010 12:08:27 AM
surrogate custody rights 1048th Nov 2010 05:06:51 PM
Would you quit your day job?267th Nov 2010 06:45:08 PM
Boehner swells in House rank917th Nov 2010 05:14:52 PM
Artificial art?147th Nov 2010 03:53:44 PM
Bernake does... something.347th Nov 2010 09:41:27 AM
Why do people fear even the slightest monitoring?406th Nov 2010 10:39:20 PM
Your local election issues this year.385th Nov 2010 09:24:46 PM
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis665th Nov 2010 12:32:39 PM
Why does it feel gratifying to troll?495th Nov 2010 12:20:34 AM
All candidates for Congress that supported Net Neutrality bill lose84th Nov 2010 09:24:49 PM
Goldilocks Planet Found1233rd Nov 2010 11:34:10 PM
the right to die783rd Nov 2010 07:50:11 PM
Phishing Scams - What to do if you fall for one?33rd Nov 2010 08:30:23 AM
Video games are vulgarity, but Jackass 3D isn't.303rd Nov 2010 07:32:21 AM
Iowa Justices Not Retained43rd Nov 2010 07:06:55 AM
Prostitution: Should it be legal?862nd Nov 2010 06:21:42 PM
Memory and Genes. 152nd Nov 2010 04:36:54 PM
Rally to Restore Sanity1152nd Nov 2010 11:12:18 AM
Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell Overturned3061st Nov 2010 06:15:39 PM
The War Is About So Much More141st Nov 2010 02:03:49 PM
Do students learn less when they focus on getting good grades?691st Nov 2010 01:15:11 PM
Get Back by The Beatles331st Oct 2010 08:03:02 PM
Bomb intercepted in UAE, while en route to US2231st Oct 2010 05:07:11 PM
Research Question: Social Networking Disenchantment3231st Oct 2010 01:32:09 PM
Negotiating with the Taliban13931st Oct 2010 05:05:38 AM
TV Tropes Recommendation List.Setup730th Oct 2010 11:21:59 PM
Gender and violence1630th Oct 2010 08:28:25 PM
Comic Sans: The Font of Knowledge830th Oct 2010 05:06:01 PM
Iraq War Logs - 400,000 document leak8030th Oct 2010 11:00:13 AM
Small Country Versus Large Country1729th Oct 2010 03:42:36 PM
Man faces 10 years in prison for downloading Simpsons porn.9829th Oct 2010 01:19:53 PM
Juan Williams fired from NPR6629th Oct 2010 12:44:01 PM
IVF: the hidden slaughter 14629th Oct 2010 11:22:09 AM
Corporate Executive Gender Equality13529th Oct 2010 11:07:10 AM
Rand Paul supporter summoned to court after stomping protester's head1428th Oct 2010 10:32:16 PM
The Red Ribbon Week Thread1128th Oct 2010 04:57:09 PM
Is God ignorant of his own ignorance? (Or atleast was he?)6928th Oct 2010 01:54:43 PM
Russia signs deal with Venezuela to build a nuclear power plant10026th Oct 2010 10:22:55 PM
O'Donnell questions separation of church, state 14125th Oct 2010 07:18:14 PM
Jim Moran (D-VA) says military service isn't "public service"3325th Oct 2010 07:13:23 PM
The advantages of 150+cc mopeds v motorcycles in urban areas724th Oct 2010 11:50:43 AM
Massive leak of millitary documents on War in Afganistan14423rd Oct 2010 10:17:34 PM
Living Wage Calculator2622nd Oct 2010 07:34:54 PM
Ok!Cupid's latest Gayness Article1722nd Oct 2010 06:18:54 AM
Confused re: Plato, the Supreme Being and Christianity1422nd Oct 2010 12:08:24 AM
Why is Cracked considered the best source to cite in TV Tropes?1921st Oct 2010 11:37:30 PM
They kill mosquites with FRICKIN LASER BEAMSē4421st Oct 2010 10:01:02 PM
Only 1 in 10 Americans know that Obama lowered taxes10921st Oct 2010 04:44:47 PM
[NEWS] Supreme Court Allows Corporations To Support Campaigns24521st Oct 2010 03:58:04 PM
the male pill2420th Oct 2010 12:34:30 PM
On Fetishism and Predatory Behaviour1320th Oct 2010 11:06:01 AM
Angela Merkel Says German Multicultural Society Has Failed4920th Oct 2010 09:47:41 AM
Al-Qaeda branch publish magazine to assist in "Terrorism"619th Oct 2010 02:20:53 AM
Would Chinese Democracy be a Good Thing?2618th Oct 2010 11:23:52 PM
Economist Prescribes Solution to Drug Violence in Mexico2618th Oct 2010 05:23:34 PM
Flaming Ice Stroh-Manner wafers918th Oct 2010 03:21:40 PM
Interested in learning music theory - book recommendations.518th Oct 2010 02:55:47 PM
Banning books in public schools7416th Oct 2010 06:31:53 PM
Israel's image where you live5516th Oct 2010 09:22:04 AM
Book Thrown At Obama2616th Oct 2010 04:52:49 AM
FDA warns companies that sell OTC chelators to remove unproven claims1516th Oct 2010 01:51:12 AM
Israel offers to freeze settlement building on one condition9315th Oct 2010 02:56:10 PM
Nobel Peace Prize3015th Oct 2010 02:37:51 PM
Are the Democrats Really in Trouble?31815th Oct 2010 01:57:57 PM

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