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Role Playing Signups
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new postLegend Hunters - a Fantasy Pokémon RP78Mon, 22nd Jul '13 8:28:12 AM
new postInnsmouth 1773 (Reboot) Interest Check 1Sun, 21st Jul '13 4:35:29 PM
new postSensory Shock (Interest Check) (Sci-fi/Survival Horror/RPG hybrid) 83Sun, 21st Jul '13 2:18:59 PM
new postUnder a Blank White Sky: Interest Check and Signups163Sun, 21st Jul '13 7:58:13 AM
new postShattered World--Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy RP Interest Check15Fri, 19th Jul '13 2:28:47 AM
new postMedieval Adventures: A Fantasy RP (Signups)108Thu, 18th Jul '13 2:31:18 PM
new postTask force, a cyberpunk/post-cyberpunk law enforcement interest check/signup/world build RP87Thu, 18th Jul '13 9:59:02 AM
new postSteampunk Jidai Geki Legend RP--Interest Check and Signup10Wed, 17th Jul '13 9:37:15 AM
new postSEVER: Another Homestuck RPG Signup203Tue, 16th Jul '13 9:15:19 PM
new postThe Mega-Crack Ultra-Crossover Game [MCUCG]44Mon, 15th Jul '13 1:29:11 PM
new postThe Imagination War Sign-up55Sun, 14th Jul '13 9:22:41 PM
new postHero's Arms, Hero's Heart - Fantasy Roleplay [Brainstorming/Signups]87Sun, 14th Jul '13 8:02:41 PM
new postServants of the those Stronger: A Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Crawl adventure10Sat, 13th Jul '13 12:36:01 PM
new postYu Gi Oh!: East Academy Interest Check/Signups208Thu, 11th Jul '13 4:42:21 PM
new postVitae Iaculis: Fantasy/Sci-Fi Interest, Worldbuilding and Signup17Thu, 11th Jul '13 2:08:29 PM
new postInFamous: Conduits United.11Wed, 10th Jul '13 10:35:42 AM
new postBrainstorming/interest checking for a Capcom/Namco/Sega Xover RP100Tue, 9th Jul '13 8:44:55 AM
new postA Heavenly Plan (Slice of Life Supernatural RP)56Sun, 7th Jul '13 2:19:30 AM
new postThe Numbers War - Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXaL RP Sign-Ups55Fri, 5th Jul '13 9:26:39 AM
new postHenshin Legends: The Mystics-Signup/Interest Check80Thu, 4th Jul '13 9:50:29 PM
new postCovenant Academy - Signup Thread57Thu, 4th Jul '13 9:48:01 PM
new postOC Crossover? Interest check!119Thu, 4th Jul '13 5:35:20 PM
new postYet Another Yu-Gi-Oh! RP: Interest Check and Sign-ups80Thu, 4th Jul '13 1:15:24 PM
new postSuper Robot Wars T - Interest check and brainstorming!313Thu, 4th Jul '13 5:15:53 AM
new postInner Being (Sigh-Ups)16Wed, 3rd Jul '13 8:37:34 PM
new postQuest 64 Roleplay Sign-Ups and Rules19Wed, 3rd Jul '13 7:06:03 PM
new postOne Piece RP: Blackbeard's Plan.76Mon, 1st Jul '13 3:56:02 AM
new postKamen Rider RP (Signup)27Sun, 30th Jun '13 11:37:15 AM
new postInnsmouth 1773 Interest Check27Fri, 28th Jun '13 9:26:48 AM
new postImperial Glory Remix: A Grand Conquest Role-Play13Thu, 27th Jun '13 7:19:52 PM
new postThe List (Interest Check/Sign-up)19Thu, 27th Jun '13 4:55:57 PM
new postInterest/signup for a RP based on NamcoxCapcom and ProjectxZone34Wed, 26th Jun '13 6:35:28 PM
new postWinter of Premara107Wed, 26th Jun '13 4:17:10 PM
new postBeyond the Horizon Interest Check/Sign Ups56Wed, 26th Jun '13 2:36:04 PM
new postThe Subspace Emissary-The RP48Tue, 25th Jun '13 7:50:44 AM
new postLegends of the Lost150Mon, 24th Jun '13 9:28:13 PM
new postStorytellers-Intrest Check38Mon, 24th Jun '13 9:01:31 PM
new postInterest Check: Another whack at a Grand Conquest Role-Play?2Mon, 24th Jun '13 8:54:31 PM
new Sign Up/ Interest Check. 79Mon, 24th Jun '13 8:06:03 PM
new postRadio City 2112: An Evil Mastermind RPG Sign-Ups407Sun, 23rd Jun '13 9:36:19 PM
new postStar Trek Crossover Brainstorming351Sat, 22nd Jun '13 8:30:18 PM
new postA Fire Emblem Roleplay (once again) Sign-up/Interest Check37Sat, 22nd Jun '13 8:07:29 AM
new postGuardians of the Stars - Real Robot Sign-Up113Fri, 21st Jun '13 1:18:15 PM
new postAll-Around TYPE-MOON: RP Festival! - Interest Check/Signups100Fri, 21st Jun '13 3:39:02 AM
new postStar Wars: Rebel Squad Signups57Thu, 20th Jun '13 6:23:08 PM
new postStreet Fighter X Resident Evil: Signups and Interest Check8Thu, 20th Jun '13 2:51:59 PM
new postFirst Contact51Thu, 20th Jun '13 10:24:36 AM
new postYugioh: the hunt for numbers interest check/sign up50Wed, 19th Jun '13 1:34:52 PM
new postUrban Fantasy Zombie Apocalypse (Intererest Check & World-Building)33Wed, 19th Jun '13 10:13:03 AM
new postThe Twelfth Seat - A Multi-Doctor RP25Tue, 18th Jun '13 11:51:43 AM
new postJurassic Park-Intrest check17Mon, 17th Jun '13 11:46:27 PM
new postFallout New Vegas RP: Signups27Mon, 17th Jun '13 11:22:34 PM
new postPost Apocalyptic Survival4Mon, 17th Jun '13 10:16:53 PM
new postA couple of RP interest checks11Mon, 17th Jun '13 5:30:51 AM
new postLegends of Aerith378Sat, 15th Jun '13 4:36:39 PM
new postSign-Up: The Legend of Artedon: A Fantasy RP90Sat, 15th Jun '13 11:00:34 AM
new postKamen Rider: The New Life (Reboot)45Fri, 14th Jun '13 7:36:28 PM
new postVictorian Crossover: Signup Sheet77Fri, 14th Jun '13 11:08:34 AM
new postCaptain Kurtz Fantastic Voyage (Literary Steampunk RPG) Signups62Wed, 12th Jun '13 8:33:23 PM
new postWelcome to Lunara: A Wide Open Sandbox RP28Mon, 10th Jun '13 8:02:21 PM
new postCrossover RP for Unused Original Characters152Sun, 9th Jun '13 11:52:06 AM
new postMass Effect: Corporate Warfare78Sat, 8th Jun '13 9:08:20 PM
new postD-Cross and the Schoolof AWESOME!! - Signing Up...1Sat, 8th Jun '13 8:54:36 PM
new postYu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Ancients172Sat, 8th Jun '13 8:00:54 AM
new postAn Age of Wonders: Anime/Manga + Superheroes RP (Sign-ups/Worldbuild)79Fri, 7th Jun '13 8:22:09 PM
new postThe Aquila and the Rising Sun: The Imperium of Man Came to Gensokyo Signup Thread. 274Thu, 6th Jun '13 2:36:40 PM
new postMonster-girl Highschool Signup/Interest Check88Thu, 6th Jun '13 9:50:39 AM
new postTales From Mabase- FLCL signup/interest check9Tue, 4th Jun '13 4:17:04 AM
new postInterest Check: The Legend of Artedon: A Fantasy RP16Mon, 3rd Jun '13 9:01:51 PM
new postThe Struggle for Aldaris - An Apocalyptic Fantasy RP - Interest Thread357Fri, 31st May '13 8:04:46 PM
new postInterest Check-Amber Chronicles RP-Corwin Arc only6Thu, 30th May '13 10:51:54 AM
new postSupernatural Detective Agency: Reboot!119Mon, 27th May '13 3:25:32 PM
new postNew Yale Brotherhood (Sign-Ups)75Mon, 27th May '13 12:15:06 PM
new postTempest: The Shade War-Sign-up/Character List10Sat, 25th May '13 7:58:54 PM
new postTempest:The Shade War-Interest Check and World Building102Sat, 25th May '13 3:15:10 PM
new postAvatar: The Last Stand - A Last Airbender RP106Fri, 24th May '13 6:37:52 AM
new postPersona: Through the Dreamlands RP Sign Ups36Thu, 23rd May '13 6:21:08 PM
new postImperial Glory: A Grand Conquest Role-Play (Signups)21Thu, 23rd May '13 11:34:52 AM
new postWarhammer 40,000 Collective Roleplay - "Inquisitor Quest"9Thu, 23rd May '13 10:40:10 AM
new postEvangelion Reboot RP Interest Check68Mon, 20th May '13 1:42:37 PM
new postMinecraft RP Interest Check3Mon, 20th May '13 1:21:21 PM
new postCyberpunk/Postcyberpunk RP interest checking thread3Mon, 20th May '13 12:12:40 AM
new postFate/nexus (Apocrypha Inspired RP)168Sun, 19th May '13 9:57:21 PM
new postDeath Game: The Floating Castle of Aincrad (SAO RP)58Sun, 19th May '13 6:04:59 PM
new postThe Sakamoto High School for the Exceptionally Gifted78Sun, 19th May '13 2:08:37 PM
new postThe Hero Has Fallen: interest check17Sat, 18th May '13 2:50:27 PM
new postAn Universe of Magic - Sci-Fi Fantasy RP Interest and Worldbuilding27Thu, 16th May '13 9:38:20 AM
new postThe Road to Dawn (Sign-Ups)1Thu, 16th May '13 4:54:17 AM
new postInterest Check: A Grand Conquest Role-Play (Feedback Needed)101Wed, 15th May '13 8:55:48 PM
new postIOX - Interdimensional Omniport1Wed, 15th May '13 5:00:26 PM
new postKingdom Hearts: Collapse into Darkness (RP Sigh Ups)42Wed, 15th May '13 4:41:47 PM
new postEast vs. West: A Grand Conquest Role-Play (Signups)88Tue, 14th May '13 6:56:22 PM
new postArtedon: A Fantasy RP (Sign-Up Thread)11Mon, 13th May '13 2:09:45 PM
new postBond Beyond Technology: A Mecha RP Interest Check and Signups103Mon, 13th May '13 1:22:31 PM
new postApartmentstaid - Homestuck/SBURB RP31Mon, 13th May '13 1:15:30 AM
new postSonic the Hedgehog Z Signups45Sun, 12th May '13 6:33:42 PM
new postPersonality-Driven Crossover RPG Interest Check101Sun, 12th May '13 3:58:53 PM
new postDoctor Who Multi-Doctor RP Interest Check34Sun, 12th May '13 8:16:23 AM
new postDarwin's Curse - Fluffy Fantasy RP?!11Sun, 12th May '13 7:53:04 AM
new postTouhou RP/Interest Check: Phantasmagoria of Electric Boogaloo34Sun, 12th May '13 4:59:01 AM
15 pages in this list
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