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Manipulating your audience.36th May 2014 07:58:41 PM
Doing research116th May 2014 10:17:15 AM
How to write a sequel series fanfiction26th May 2014 02:21:11 AM
Multimedia?55th May 2014 04:59:58 PM
What you do, when you find similarities in your work with anothers?144th May 2014 05:41:12 PM
Angst vs Wangst and all that jazz (trigger warning just in case)154th May 2014 02:23:53 PM
What makes people care about a character?44th May 2014 10:55:29 AM
My Male Chauvinistic writing style 693rd May 2014 07:29:44 AM
Things you want to see more often in stories22nd May 2014 11:44:52 AM
How to write a gay/bisexual character10630th Apr 2014 01:45:59 AM
Deconstructive Mons parody427th Apr 2014 01:20:48 PM
Superhero vs Anti-Hero927th Apr 2014 05:06:32 AM
What genre am I writing exactly? 1626th Apr 2014 04:18:35 PM
Bill Sikes as a berserker: Possible unfortunate implications?726th Apr 2014 05:43:57 AM
Need help balancing schools of magic525th Apr 2014 04:29:44 PM
What would I expect a TV Network to class this as?724th Apr 2014 03:13:11 PM
Reducing coincidences for story hook (Trigger warning!)1024th Apr 2014 12:43:10 PM
My emotion is blocking my progress322nd Apr 2014 04:09:16 PM
Red Stapler and Leather Pantsing1622nd Apr 2014 06:26:59 AM
Do you have to have been to a place to write about it convincingly?2822nd Apr 2014 06:04:54 AM
Deconstructing a half human hybrid1121st Apr 2014 10:28:04 PM
Why do we even care about canon?1221st Apr 2014 09:34:36 PM
What The Hell Is Poetry?2321st Apr 2014 07:23:13 AM
What needs to change in these genres to stay fresh(ish)?5120th Apr 2014 07:41:52 PM
What do you dislike about Christian fiction stories?8720th Apr 2014 05:57:24 PM
Pulling off MundaneMadeAwesome420th Apr 2014 04:24:43 AM
Building off the work of others720th Apr 2014 01:06:03 AM
Where to even start?419th Apr 2014 09:08:10 PM
Trying to avoid "Angst? What Angst?" in a certain situation.317th Apr 2014 10:47:09 PM
I'm stuck and i can't continue316th Apr 2014 03:41:09 PM
Published my own novel5413th Apr 2014 10:30:06 PM
Just created a creepypasta plot generator7313th Apr 2014 06:29:59 PM
Writing a Rebellion413th Apr 2014 03:35:17 PM
Critical Thinking and Writing812th Apr 2014 12:52:43 AM
writing an insane character2610th Apr 2014 11:49:52 PM
So what are your impression of these characters?1110th Apr 2014 10:59:38 PM
What do you do when your writer's vision is corrupted?410th Apr 2014 04:22:04 PM
How does this background for an atheist character sound? 128th Apr 2014 06:29:30 PM
Connecting the pieces of this character's backstory.118th Apr 2014 09:22:48 AM
Advice for writing a story based on an XCOM:EU playthrough48th Apr 2014 08:18:45 AM
The Cheezy Sci Fi Weapon Name Generator378th Apr 2014 04:32:31 AM
Ethical slut ingenue character57th Apr 2014 05:09:53 AM
I think I may have a problem53rd Apr 2014 12:00:37 AM
Poets Needed72nd Apr 2014 04:02:30 PM
A bit of epic poetry112nd Apr 2014 04:01:10 PM
A Slice Of Life In Hell331st Apr 2014 12:36:40 AM
The troubles of writing your first story + advice please1331st Mar 2014 06:47:32 PM
How to Write a Crush830th Mar 2014 12:53:50 PM
Let me introduce myself629th Mar 2014 11:05:09 AM
Opinion poll on required familiarity628th Mar 2014 01:06:28 PM
Good Places to Find Beta Readers228th Mar 2014 04:31:30 AM
Cultural Appropriation in a Fantasy Race927th Mar 2014 11:31:20 PM
Worrying about your main character's likeability vs your vision 927th Mar 2014 06:42:59 AM
Lovecraftian Superpower Ideas2926th Mar 2014 11:55:55 PM
Fast Food First Time926th Mar 2014 05:04:33 PM
Would you keep Reading?326th Mar 2014 11:48:22 AM
Laxdaela Saga on a Caribbean island 226th Mar 2014 04:04:48 AM
How many stories can you write at once?925th Mar 2014 10:18:07 PM
Post you bad/embarassing first stories?4425th Mar 2014 01:12:46 PM
Shout Out vs Rip Off.2525th Mar 2014 05:55:28 AM
How do you write an acid trip?424th Mar 2014 10:40:10 PM
Okay, what now?2223rd Mar 2014 06:02:35 PM
Creating a Ghetto Supervillain523rd Mar 2014 01:14:04 PM
Country to set a military thriller in723rd Mar 2014 12:16:12 PM
My first published work in several years might be legislation123rd Mar 2014 05:48:42 AM
Thoughts/advice on turning fanfics into original works?621st Mar 2014 05:36:13 PM
Your best, two-sentence horror story5120th Mar 2014 01:19:31 PM
Evocative versus descriptive names515th Mar 2014 07:37:56 PM
Why should heroes continue to be heroes?914th Mar 2014 10:32:27 AM
Religion in a sci-fi when you don't feel comfortable making one up?1614th Mar 2014 08:05:04 AM
Finding good editors213th Mar 2014 09:24:14 PM
How can i go about this story? (Repost)213th Mar 2014 09:19:36 PM
What makes a good mentor character?1013th Mar 2014 09:12:37 PM
How do you all seasoned writers write?1013th Mar 2014 08:14:23 AM
Idea for an oddball Hunger Games oneshot312th Mar 2014 08:46:34 PM
Setting up a base for invation512th Mar 2014 07:41:50 AM
Another Poem for my Wife211th Mar 2014 02:40:52 PM
If you could enter one of your own stories...4410th Mar 2014 12:33:28 AM
Perspective Flip of the Noah's Ark Story - Please Critique29th Mar 2014 07:06:17 PM
What kind of metal do you use to pin bones?69th Mar 2014 04:40:33 PM
Finding a Character's Voice39th Mar 2014 04:04:17 PM
People of The Rocks: Dwarves "on the lines of" JRRT139th Mar 2014 03:46:54 PM
Unorthodox Gender Roles In Sci-Fi29th Mar 2014 08:58:43 AM
Japanese names for evil wolves.58th Mar 2014 01:42:56 PM
Transcription-Tangled37th Mar 2014 11:01:05 AM
Share your first lines!1016th Mar 2014 11:20:34 AM
Conspiracy Theory Story Idea54th Mar 2014 05:52:57 PM
When is realism too much?204th Mar 2014 04:05:29 PM
The Expy Discussion Thread: A Request for Help Understanding Expies53rd Mar 2014 10:36:18 PM
Is it racist to give a Native American supersoldier tomahawks?103rd Mar 2014 08:02:17 PM
Functional concerns on the subject of a completely replaced skeleton.43rd Mar 2014 05:23:41 PM
The Fantasy Novelist's Exam2883rd Mar 2014 05:04:06 AM
Some Sex Related Questions193rd Mar 2014 04:34:07 AM
Calling on Thunder: Making Shock and Awe Work72nd Mar 2014 12:53:43 PM
What's a fanfiction writer to do?71st Mar 2014 05:04:00 PM
How would being raised in a brothel effect someone (male character)?1728th Feb 2014 09:39:47 PM
Transgender People in a Fantasy Setting927th Feb 2014 09:46:23 AM
Language in a Fantasy Setting1526th Feb 2014 08:53:19 PM
The Unchosen Heroes and the Broken World!526th Feb 2014 11:47:53 AM
Feeling pressured to write826th Feb 2014 04:28:15 AM

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