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Giving two different sets of "futuristic" technology distinct styles..1130th Sep 2012 06:57:01 PM
How to create a plot?1030th Sep 2012 06:04:23 PM
Setting idea- If evolution had favored cats instead of primates430th Sep 2012 06:43:18 AM
Character University1,84829th Sep 2012 11:22:17 PM
Coup attempt and nobility329th Sep 2012 05:30:30 PM
Transition troubles in the beginning of my webcomic329th Sep 2012 11:44:52 AM
How do you write OVERconfidence?629th Sep 2012 11:40:16 AM
How'd you gain your Badass levels?128th Sep 2012 05:24:46 PM
Complete this Five Man Band1028th Sep 2012 04:52:00 AM
Public FOOD Fountains1627th Sep 2012 07:49:42 AM
Need help with a intro/party scene.427th Sep 2012 06:33:34 AM
How fancy should ones writing be? (and everyone sucks somehow)3127th Sep 2012 03:59:12 AM
Story about ghosts. Need help.226th Sep 2012 09:42:30 AM
Doctor Who Deconstruction.126th Sep 2012 06:05:34 AM
Exposure1126th Sep 2012 04:42:10 AM
A bizarre dream I had last night225th Sep 2012 09:06:21 PM
Gettin' the Female Gaze for my TF Story124th Sep 2012 10:54:54 AM
Brainstorming for ideas based on Billy Joel's song "The Downeaster Alexa"1323rd Sep 2012 07:47:48 PM
What's your writing setup?4223rd Sep 2012 06:57:00 AM
Help with my world a total confused mess2822nd Sep 2012 06:46:18 PM
Weirdest Crossover Idea?1721st Sep 2012 07:28:54 PM
Danube in the Plaza (A Shared Story Exercise)17621st Sep 2012 07:27:17 PM
How to deal with supernatural elements?721st Sep 2012 03:59:04 PM
How can two people write a screenplay together?321st Sep 2012 11:04:45 AM
Is a Western Chess Tournament Arc Story Possible?2221st Sep 2012 05:12:45 AM
Nil, by Forzare3420th Sep 2012 06:15:24 PM
Famous anime cars?2120th Sep 2012 11:12:10 AM
Standards for Stupid.1520th Sep 2012 11:11:22 AM
Are these unfortunate implications?1619th Sep 2012 08:08:53 PM
Realish- Webcomic Captain Esatz Characters.318th Sep 2012 12:53:54 PM
My Work in Progress: A Gurren Lagann of Puella Magi118th Sep 2012 07:23:04 AM
Crossover Ship Thread915th Sep 2012 07:54:20 PM
Monkeys of the Sea (fantasy short story, 1,500 words)515th Sep 2012 01:06:04 PM
The inspiration for CL.214th Sep 2012 04:28:20 PM
Subverting Be Careful What You Wish For3013th Sep 2012 02:58:01 PM
The Ben Franklin Method For Getting Better At Writing: A Forum Game1512th Sep 2012 03:41:06 AM
Avoiding Suetiful All Along1211th Sep 2012 08:43:05 PM
Cuba Libre4011th Sep 2012 07:13:11 PM
Help with Slob to Suave Montage811th Sep 2012 01:14:45 PM
Avoiding Sue Through Experience1911th Sep 2012 09:56:20 AM
Mood Wiplashing Yourself? 210th Sep 2012 11:46:00 PM
Insect-based/themed Powers1810th Sep 2012 09:37:46 PM
Needing help with character creation...1810th Sep 2012 09:42:28 AM
How can flaws help avoid Sue-dom?2210th Sep 2012 08:49:09 AM
Tom. (Max Chis & Wheezy, 10 pages, urban fantasy/surreal horror)19th Sep 2012 03:51:50 PM
If your character had a leitmotif, what would it be?139th Sep 2012 02:10:38 PM
The New Adventures of Lenard Yang the Spider-Guy!19th Sep 2012 11:17:40 AM
How to deconstruct "Most powerful Dark Mage Ever"239th Sep 2012 04:37:08 AM
What are some plausible and complex reasons? Do I even need them?139th Sep 2012 03:35:47 AM
futuristic military dictatorship Cuba with an American blockade?107th Sep 2012 02:26:06 AM
Implementing stealth into a SRPG36th Sep 2012 11:00:13 PM
Seeking Help on Snark-to-Snark Combat55th Sep 2012 04:01:53 PM
Always Save The Girl and Undying Loyalty: Are they the "good" choice.75th Sep 2012 03:35:26 PM
Famous Failures and Presumptuous Critics185th Sep 2012 11:14:53 AM
Same document for all drafts?114th Sep 2012 10:04:23 PM
My entry for a comic contest about... Let's not spoil it.144th Sep 2012 07:16:58 PM
Tattletales64th Sep 2012 05:08:02 PM
Just working on a character. Opinions?54th Sep 2012 01:38:26 PM
The Use of English Prime (E-Prime)1234th Sep 2012 12:21:08 PM
Basic Conspiring, Plotting, Scheming, Lying Bastards/Bitches.204th Sep 2012 10:57:54 AM
Reverse Stockholm?34th Sep 2012 06:19:28 AM
The Wizard13rd Sep 2012 08:07:44 PM
Burning Bridges (Pilot/Ch. 1)23rd Sep 2012 08:43:24 AM
How to Write Deliberate Values Dissonance82nd Sep 2012 10:45:16 PM
Reed Richards Isn't THAT Useless222nd Sep 2012 10:34:17 PM
Is Groundhog Day Loop becoming a cliche?122nd Sep 2012 09:58:13 PM
Your opinion on "I just want to be normal"572nd Sep 2012 09:07:57 PM
Tokusatsu: The Five Tear War Year 182nd Sep 2012 06:42:22 PM
Subtlety In Writing192nd Sep 2012 05:59:55 PM
My book, plz help?141st Sep 2012 11:27:12 PM
Recycling your Old Shames.101st Sep 2012 07:32:57 PM
Avoiding a Goku clone41st Sep 2012 05:12:10 PM
Magic Inheritance system. Any UI?171st Sep 2012 01:47:48 AM
Would this variation of a robot "rebellion" make sense?1131st Aug 2012 03:29:00 PM
The Watering-Down of YA Lit (Development)69430th Aug 2012 06:50:17 PM
Thinking Of Name-Titles For God-Like Beings330th Aug 2012 08:38:13 AM
Writing an asexual character1029th Aug 2012 10:49:12 PM
Cultural Input Thread2129th Aug 2012 07:59:03 PM
how to wright music into a story529th Aug 2012 10:25:06 AM
Any opportunities for screenwriting minors?329th Aug 2012 06:48:25 AM
Are there labels on funeral wreaths?229th Aug 2012 04:15:40 AM
Things that would render Earth less then habitable928th Aug 2012 04:35:35 PM
Memory Tampering and Martial Artists: Plotbunny Idea128th Aug 2012 10:40:30 AM
Lots of ideas about the same subject matter128th Aug 2012 09:52:07 AM
So, how do I create a fanfic/Writing Project based on this trope?328th Aug 2012 09:00:46 AM
Elseworld fanfic328th Aug 2012 08:32:25 AM
What's Your Muse?2926th Aug 2012 01:37:28 AM
Should I have someone give cultural input?524th Aug 2012 12:00:52 AM
Character Dinner Party52323rd Aug 2012 06:01:25 PM
Help with designing/writing an androgynous character...2723rd Aug 2012 03:58:58 PM
After after the end, brainstorming.123rd Aug 2012 03:31:21 PM
Formula for plots or character development123rd Aug 2012 10:47:12 AM
The Fate of the Antagonist.622nd Aug 2012 06:29:58 PM
Wich are your Spanish language favourite names for a character?1022nd Aug 2012 05:50:00 PM
How to track down an old girlfriend822nd Aug 2012 08:54:05 AM
Ending a chapter1021st Aug 2012 06:45:03 PM
Help/advice with writing a female character821st Aug 2012 12:42:28 PM
Need help with ideas for short story story220th Aug 2012 09:00:57 PM
should cultural immersion be practiced?3020th Aug 2012 03:54:54 PM
Give us a bad metaphore or similie119th Aug 2012 06:18:48 PM

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