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Link and Zelda from the Wind Waker are Older than they look631st Jul 2012 02:35:16 PM
Fast Eddie is Secretariat.619th Jul 2012 09:22:27 PM
Muslim Brotherhood is Team Rocket414th Jul 2012 07:05:25 PM
If you change some of the names in The World God Only Knows...24th Jul 2012 05:32:46 AM
That Big J Guy Lied24th Jul 2012 05:24:32 AM
LMFAO Is A Parody Band227th Jun 2012 06:16:40 AM
Our lives are movies5429th May 2012 05:20:32 PM
Oban Star-Racers is the future of Code Lyoko125th May 2012 02:15:11 PM
The most bullshit WMG ever924th May 2012 05:33:59 PM
Marble Hornets WMG124th May 2012 10:53:34 AM
Ultima-type Avatars18th May 2012 01:08:27 AM
Haruhi Suzumiya is a lucid dreamer.47th May 2012 09:53:20 PM
Half-life's Combine are Trolls!822nd Apr 2012 10:21:18 PM
Hyper Dimension Game Neptune: is Delphinus actually the True Goddess?212th Apr 2012 11:18:21 PM
Caligula was a pretty cool guy.312th Apr 2012 08:20:24 PM
Princess Peach is The Dark Tower of the Mushroom Kingdom57th Apr 2012 02:50:30 AM
We are all dead and this is hell.437th Apr 2012 02:44:59 AM
SOPA is a Time Lord!324th Mar 2012 06:32:43 PM
If you raise 42 to the power of 42, and divide the result by 0....2820th Mar 2012 03:25:59 PM
Lady Gaga Isn't Human, but a robot716th Mar 2012 11:34:57 PM
Spectacular Speculation: What Spider-man season 3 might have been128th Feb 2012 11:48:46 AM
The Truth Behind American Politics124th Feb 2012 09:20:50 PM
We all are anthropomorphic personifications215th Feb 2012 10:21:48 AM
Charles Manson is Bill Cosby's evil fraternal twin615th Feb 2012 09:11:33 AM
Nintendo's saving Majora for a terrifying, terrifying rainy day186th Feb 2012 02:25:53 PM
The Official Nikola Tesla Theories Thread!2124th Jan 2012 06:37:06 AM
Pinkie Pie is Orz910th Jan 2012 04:34:23 PM
Davey is Son Of Sam18th Jan 2012 12:20:13 AM
Obama is the Antichrist229th Dec 2011 11:32:54 AM
Link is a girl1228th Dec 2011 03:01:55 PM
Imagine the Star Wars Holiday Special had been shown...420th Dec 2011 07:25:29 PM
STAND BACK!119th Dec 2011 08:56:46 PM
the G-Man's briefcase is the same briefcase as in Pulp Fiction314th Dec 2011 10:01:12 AM
Valve is DONE with Episode 353rd Dec 2011 09:42:33 AM
The news of IJBM's impending deletion is a joke2625th Nov 2011 05:23:52 AM
Americana is a Rock Opera/Concept Album (and Oddly Prescient)415th Nov 2011 10:51:17 PM
Creepers (Minecraft) are actually dolls made by Alice (Touhou)311th Nov 2011 01:34:01 PM
Something I noticed in Pokemon Soul Silver...1111th Nov 2011 01:20:01 PM
Heavy Weapons Guy is AuthorAvatar of Gabe Newell15th Nov 2011 05:05:30 PM
Ambulances and Fire Trucks24th Nov 2011 12:34:48 PM
Louis XIV was a closet lesbian.173rd Nov 2011 08:43:50 PM
Team Fortress 2 will have a final upate929th Oct 2011 09:06:40 PM
Pauli exclusion principle applies to tropes.129th Oct 2011 01:41:09 AM
There are the original tf2 mercenaries, and there are the clones217th Oct 2011 11:04:27 AM
The Chaos Heart in Super Paper Mario wasn't the real one116th Oct 2011 06:15:09 PM
The Wesker Children215th Oct 2011 11:44:57 PM
The State of Washington does not exist.8330th Sep 2011 05:22:50 PM
The Third Anti Christ1628th Sep 2011 11:08:00 PM
effeminate men are straighter than macho men1726th Sep 2011 09:29:51 PM
The Koopalings and Bowser jr's mother822nd Sep 2011 09:59:28 AM
Naruto's World is so Technologically Weird BECAUSE...3021st Sep 2011 08:41:26 PM
The Voynich Manuscript was left behind by wormhole using elves121st Sep 2011 01:54:31 PM
Major Tom is an Astronaut Lost in Space320th Sep 2011 05:53:56 PM
Nicolas Cage is The Joker717th Sep 2011 10:36:34 PM
The Room is actually a Magical Girl version of Madoka Magica413th Sep 2011 04:00:29 AM
The House is a Constant212th Sep 2011 06:56:43 PM
Paul McCartney is dead, and Phil Spector killed him421st Aug 2011 01:27:54 PM
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is...919th Aug 2011 04:05:32 PM
Secret of the Pyramids Solved??1518th Aug 2011 06:51:09 PM
Mandark is the Master1015th Aug 2011 10:10:45 AM
FinalFantasyIV and FinalFantasyVI are related.412th Aug 2011 07:42:33 PM
The truth about The Actor Rule...111th Aug 2011 11:01:36 AM
The gamma bomb is created by DBR Corporation29th Aug 2011 06:56:03 AM
Modern China is the Roman Empire145th Aug 2011 02:22:56 PM
All Dogs go to Germany930th Jul 2011 04:27:32 PM
Geth Knight is Jesus.117th Jul 2011 08:04:00 PM
Half Life 2 Episode 3 is coming very soon912th Jul 2011 10:06:06 AM
Tommy Wiseau is secretly one of the Admins handling the forums193rd Jul 2011 01:17:29 AM
Mentioning Five Star Stories in any thread will kill it31st Jul 2011 04:12:56 PM
The in-universe reason for all the I Wanna be The Guy fangames31st Jul 2011 03:29:37 PM
The internet exists of only one real person and that is you471st Jul 2011 02:43:56 PM
Aperture Science and Black Mesa are Expys of Apple and Microsoft829th Jun 2011 08:44:57 PM
Beowulf was a blitzball player.825th Jun 2011 08:42:41 AM
Osama bin Laden was Voldemort.1020th Jun 2011 07:02:05 AM
Lady Gaga's Born This Way is about The Iluvatar Children's Awakening68th Jun 2011 07:45:24 PM
Putin is James Bond88th Jun 2011 06:35:57 AM
Mario is a Plumber531st May 2011 02:36:13 PM
Charlie The Unicorn takes place in the same universe as MLP FIM.229th May 2011 09:08:40 PM
Leif Erikson = Rock and Roll pinoneer229th May 2011 07:33:27 PM
Pirates of the Carribean: the fountain of youth is Atlantis428th May 2011 11:00:55 AM
TvTropes is Opposed to Freedom of Speech227th May 2011 07:45:19 PM
Princess Peach is hermaphroditic226th May 2011 03:27:17 PM
Prototype is an alternate universe of Incredible Hulk224th May 2011 09:11:52 AM
Kirby reproduces via binary fission819th May 2011 08:43:28 PM
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Illia's Amnesia1717th May 2011 10:12:24 AM
Shark Theory413th May 2011 10:54:56 PM
Every WMG has a universe where it's true.713th May 2011 02:06:38 PM
Anonymous User and Central Avenue share a mind608th May 2011 02:34:42 AM
If Figaro the cat from Pinocchio was an adult cat?56th May 2011 07:00:02 PM
Spell-casters in D&D get their powers from micro-organisms called525th Apr 2011 04:27:14 AM
Relationship between No ontological inertia/No conservation of mass 125th Apr 2011 02:55:05 AM
Yuri Gagarin died of space radiation622nd Apr 2011 05:18:16 AM
Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst = Tara Gilspie 319th Apr 2011 08:56:06 AM
The Librarians of the Great Library of Congress are all the Time Lord118th Apr 2011 10:13:33 AM
Earthbound is Ness' escapist fantasy1117th Apr 2011 06:26:56 PM
The Valve Combined Universe Theory217th Apr 2011 07:48:46 AM
Something Positive WMG112th Apr 2011 08:51:06 PM
Phantom Hourglass and Link's Awakening happened simultaneously112th Apr 2011 06:20:50 PM
The mods are playing Sburb35th Apr 2011 06:30:31 PM
Our universe is a square root of 2125th Apr 2011 12:42:33 PM

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