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Live Action Film
14 pages in this list
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new postIron Sky20Tue, 12th Jun '12 3:26:33 PM
new postDark Shadows36Mon, 11th Jun '12 5:50:54 AM
new postX-Men First Class566Sun, 10th Jun '12 1:09:32 PM
new postJackie Chan Retires From Action Movies14Fri, 8th Jun '12 10:09:40 AM
new postClue(do)7Fri, 8th Jun '12 12:10:57 AM
new postThe Artist15Thu, 7th Jun '12 8:54:13 AM
new postBruce Lee2Mon, 4th Jun '12 8:28:24 PM
new postLooking for a Chuck Norris quote4Mon, 4th Jun '12 4:43:35 AM
new postYour ten favorite film franchises8Fri, 1st Jun '12 2:47:14 PM
new postBattleship385Fri, 1st Jun '12 2:06:41 AM
new postFilms about physical beauty?7Fri, 1st Jun '12 1:01:49 AM
new postA Cowboy and Samurai movie!5Mon, 28th May '12 3:50:44 PM
new postBeaches 19881Sun, 27th May '12 9:04:33 PM
new postHellraiser Question2Fri, 25th May '12 2:51:57 AM
new postBatman and James Bond: They Have Very Uncanny Similarities20Wed, 23rd May '12 8:34:48 AM
new postAnthologies3Mon, 21st May '12 11:20:15 AM
new postFast and the Furious 65Sat, 19th May '12 4:29:06 AM
new post"Expendables 2" to have a very famous star...22Sat, 19th May '12 12:39:07 AM
new postYour 10 movies for Sight & Sound2Sat, 19th May '12 12:08:46 AM
new postSummery of the different portrayals of James Bond 13Fri, 18th May '12 10:02:40 AM
new postWe need an Asiansploitation film12Thu, 17th May '12 10:24:24 AM
new postWhy Do We Still Go See Movies?117Sun, 13th May '12 8:18:07 PM
new postProject About Apocalypse Now5Sun, 13th May '12 7:37:54 PM
new postThe whole argument between Vi Rose and Olivia in Joyful Noise1Fri, 11th May '12 5:15:42 PM
new postHick1Fri, 11th May '12 10:54:28 AM
new postThe Avengers25Tue, 8th May '12 11:04:11 PM
new postOctane AKA Pulse4Mon, 7th May '12 3:56:09 PM
new postRan4Sat, 5th May '12 7:40:05 PM
new postWhat's so bad about CGI?96Fri, 4th May '12 7:58:01 AM
new postHow do you feel about a nostalgic 90s film made in the 10s?35Mon, 30th Apr '12 7:25:31 PM
new postKenpei to barabara shibijin5Mon, 30th Apr '12 4:52:02 AM
new postJigoku AKA The Sinners Of Hell4Sun, 29th Apr '12 11:42:03 PM
new postRequest; Trying to find a funny twist/betrayal short film3Sun, 29th Apr '12 8:58:41 AM
new postRule 63:live action film 2Tue, 24th Apr '12 6:07:28 AM
new postwhat was the scariest movie scene you ever saw?111Fri, 20th Apr '12 10:00:02 PM
new postRidley Scott films42Thu, 19th Apr '12 10:43:55 PM
new postSilent House2Wed, 18th Apr '12 8:50:09 AM
new postDiscworld1Sun, 15th Apr '12 7:31:14 AM
new postWhich film is this?10Sun, 15th Apr '12 2:26:40 AM
new postTop 100 favorite films8Fri, 13th Apr '12 4:34:03 PM
new postPossible "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" Reboot7Fri, 13th Apr '12 12:34:40 AM
new post"Paul"35Tue, 10th Apr '12 4:26:31 PM
new postPaul14Mon, 9th Apr '12 4:05:50 AM
new postTitanic being re-released in 3D in April 201256Sun, 8th Apr '12 5:21:49 PM
new postWrath of the Titans46Sun, 8th Apr '12 2:03:13 PM
new postJohn Carter may be largest Flop in History110Fri, 6th Apr '12 7:23:57 PM
new postBully (documentary about bullying) given an R by the MPAA47Fri, 6th Apr '12 10:26:05 AM
new post21 Jump Street31Thu, 5th Apr '12 6:13:59 PM
new post Apichatpong Weerasethakul3Wed, 4th Apr '12 10:38:48 AM
new postLive Action Films based on Animated Television Series9Wed, 4th Apr '12 2:02:17 AM
new postHorrible Bosses22Sun, 1st Apr '12 5:44:01 AM
new postGray morality in films2Sat, 31st Mar '12 3:22:42 AM
new postI'm tired of all this whinging about Michael Bay's TMNT reboot.3Thu, 29th Mar '12 2:58:06 AM
new postExactly how vulgar is the movie Mystery Team?7Sat, 24th Mar '12 10:10:48 AM
new postScenes you loved from movies you liked46Fri, 23rd Mar '12 1:22:06 PM
new postExtinction: a Splinter Cell fan short2Tue, 20th Mar '12 1:09:45 PM
new postNarm (i.e. Cheese) In Live Action Films8Tue, 20th Mar '12 11:15:11 AM
new postUnexpectedly subverting Seinfeld is Unfunny and movies19Fri, 16th Mar '12 7:15:48 PM
new postHarry Potter: 3rd year DADA textbook1Fri, 16th Mar '12 6:52:58 PM
new postScream7Fri, 16th Mar '12 4:37:41 PM
new postThe Lorax: Please don't botch it up, please don't botch it up . . .146Fri, 16th Mar '12 11:47:14 AM
new postGhost Rider 270Mon, 12th Mar '12 11:07:48 AM
new postAdaptation: The Original Lacks the Drama of a Car Chase!8Mon, 12th Mar '12 8:24:08 AM
new post84th Academy Awards Show156Sun, 11th Mar '12 11:12:51 AM
new postFilm/MW2Sat, 10th Mar '12 10:14:25 PM
new postPitch your film3Thu, 8th Mar '12 10:26:48 PM
new postDigitally added Ewoks7Thu, 8th Mar '12 11:24:59 AM
new postGood Deeds1Thu, 8th Mar '12 11:14:55 AM
new postBill and Ted 32Wed, 7th Mar '12 1:12:50 AM
new postHK FILM GESTURE HELP7Tue, 6th Mar '12 5:53:42 PM
new postA new Spongebob movie?23Mon, 5th Mar '12 8:01:30 PM
new postBasket Case10Mon, 5th Mar '12 11:55:57 AM
new postTwilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1108Mon, 5th Mar '12 1:04:36 AM
new postLittle Shop of Horrors: Seymour=Karma Houdini17Sat, 3rd Mar '12 2:43:26 AM
new postWhy "Quality" Is Overrated175Fri, 2nd Mar '12 5:40:57 PM
new postThe Wisdom of Crocodiles/Immortality3Fri, 2nd Mar '12 1:32:16 AM
new postCrappy polish dubbing11Wed, 29th Feb '12 11:11:28 AM
new postStruck by Lightning7Wed, 29th Feb '12 6:50:25 AM
new postWorst Case Scenario = Shock Waves?2Tue, 28th Feb '12 8:42:06 PM
new postJack and Jill19Mon, 27th Feb '12 3:19:05 PM
new postThe Woman in Black15Mon, 27th Feb '12 3:03:14 PM
new postWhy do we have so little chop-sockey?21Sun, 26th Feb '12 9:30:59 PM
new postMust-see defining movies25Sun, 26th Feb '12 11:36:01 AM
new postTwo tasteless movie ideas!2Sun, 26th Feb '12 7:08:47 AM
new postI want a movie based on conspiracy theories.8Sat, 25th Feb '12 2:18:24 PM
new postThe Mission14Fri, 24th Feb '12 9:39:56 PM
new postThe Thread for People Who Have Seen "Un Chien Andalou"31Fri, 24th Feb '12 4:09:23 PM
new postSafe House12Fri, 24th Feb '12 10:04:34 AM
new postGothic (1986)4Sun, 19th Feb '12 11:02:56 AM
new postCould someone please explain the Hans Zimmer hatred on this site?74Thu, 16th Feb '12 11:16:37 PM
new postMovie Bob talks about why Hollywood stinks!17Wed, 15th Feb '12 11:35:37 PM
new postLittle Shop of Horrors: Gonna open a can of worms here...29Wed, 15th Feb '12 9:30:10 PM
new postPossession (1981)2Wed, 15th Feb '12 7:58:04 AM
new postThe "What Movie Was This?" Thread2Tue, 14th Feb '12 9:36:47 AM
new postDisney's "The Order of the Seven" 15Mon, 13th Feb '12 11:41:05 PM
new postMaybe there should be an "Our Black Spots are Different" trope someday3Mon, 13th Feb '12 5:03:10 PM
new postLo4Sun, 12th Feb '12 2:45:47 AM
new postOsombie8Thu, 9th Feb '12 9:05:59 PM
new postWhat if...Willy Wonka's Wonkavator14Thu, 9th Feb '12 6:34:07 PM
new postAnyone else seen "Suck"?6Wed, 8th Feb '12 12:30:35 AM
14 pages in this list
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