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Live Action Film
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new postThe Mission14Fri, 24th Feb '12 9:39:56 PM
new postBen 10 Live Action 8Fri, 24th Feb '12 6:16:55 PM
new postThe Thread for People Who Have Seen "Un Chien Andalou"31Fri, 24th Feb '12 4:09:23 PM
new postSafe House12Fri, 24th Feb '12 10:04:34 AM
new postGothic (1986)4Sun, 19th Feb '12 11:02:56 AM
new postCould someone please explain the Hans Zimmer hatred on this site?74Thu, 16th Feb '12 11:16:37 PM
new postMovie Bob talks about why Hollywood stinks!17Wed, 15th Feb '12 11:35:37 PM
new postLittle Shop of Horrors: Gonna open a can of worms here...29Wed, 15th Feb '12 9:30:10 PM
new postPossession (1981)2Wed, 15th Feb '12 7:58:04 AM
new postThe "What Movie Was This?" Thread2Tue, 14th Feb '12 9:36:47 AM
new postDisney's "The Order of the Seven" 15Mon, 13th Feb '12 11:41:05 PM
new postMaybe there should be an "Our Black Spots are Different" trope someday3Mon, 13th Feb '12 5:03:10 PM
new postLo4Sun, 12th Feb '12 2:45:47 AM
new postOsombie8Thu, 9th Feb '12 9:05:59 PM
new postWhat if...Willy Wonka's Wonkavator14Thu, 9th Feb '12 6:34:07 PM
new postAnyone else seen "Suck"?6Wed, 8th Feb '12 12:30:35 AM
new postThe Jetsons Live Action39Mon, 6th Feb '12 10:51:32 PM
new postDull Surprise in a World of Ham or Vice Versa?....5Mon, 6th Feb '12 8:41:16 PM
new postManos: The Hands of Fate in High Definition14Mon, 6th Feb '12 3:14:57 PM
new postThe Grey: Liam Neeson vs. A Whole Bunch of Maneating Wolves32Mon, 6th Feb '12 6:17:04 AM
new postThe Darkest Hour6Mon, 6th Feb '12 5:24:06 AM
new postThe Mask2Sat, 4th Feb '12 8:42:01 PM
new postHow does Blue Velvet have so much High Octane Nightmare Fuel?12Sat, 4th Feb '12 1:52:46 PM
new postLittle Shop of Horrors: The Intended Edition24Sat, 4th Feb '12 10:23:13 AM
new postAkira71Thu, 2nd Feb '12 11:06:17 AM
new postWho would win? (Rocky Edition)5Wed, 1st Feb '12 5:06:55 PM
new postTree of Life Discussion16Wed, 1st Feb '12 6:15:25 AM
new postSafety Not Guaranteed8Mon, 30th Jan '12 7:51:08 AM
new postHaywire21Sun, 29th Jan '12 10:43:31 PM
new postGeorge Lucas Semi-retires69Sun, 29th Jan '12 7:59:07 PM
new postTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)55Fri, 27th Jan '12 7:56:22 PM
new postBad Action Movies formula30Fri, 27th Jan '12 4:26:50 PM
new postStar Wars- TvTropes Edition58Tue, 24th Jan '12 8:41:30 PM
new postLindsay Anderson's If...1Tue, 24th Jan '12 2:09:20 AM
new postGood vs. Bad directing48Tue, 24th Jan '12 1:54:33 AM
new postMovies by a director who's 17 years older than talking pictures3Sun, 22nd Jan '12 11:31:04 PM
new postSherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows255Sun, 22nd Jan '12 11:12:23 PM
new postI am putting together a film class and need help!11Sun, 22nd Jan '12 6:45:59 PM
new postKung Fu Hustle Accuracy *spoilers*12Sun, 22nd Jan '12 6:25:11 PM
new postThe Anderson Tapes4Sat, 21st Jan '12 11:30:51 PM
new postEver wonder if your favorite cult films have any celebrity fans?25Sat, 21st Jan '12 9:43:50 PM
new postHas an executive ever been fired for bad Executive meddling?13Sat, 21st Jan '12 3:06:23 PM
new postNew John Carter Trailer17Thu, 19th Jan '12 11:01:37 PM
new postMission Impossible 432Thu, 19th Jan '12 12:25:08 PM
new postTransformers: Dark of the Moon435Thu, 19th Jan '12 12:19:23 AM
new postI'm Trying to Remember a Movie and Just Can't4Wed, 18th Jan '12 7:31:54 PM
new postFlying Swords of Dragon Gate1Wed, 18th Jan '12 6:54:19 AM
new postYou just couldn't finish it317Tue, 17th Jan '12 4:28:25 PM
new postIndiana Jones and the Crystal Skull67Tue, 17th Jan '12 12:15:02 PM
new postWar Horse11Tue, 17th Jan '12 7:03:24 AM
new post2011 National Film Registry inductees10Mon, 16th Jan '12 2:43:38 PM
new postPrometheus2Mon, 16th Jan '12 12:31:04 AM
new postPowerful standalone scenes in film16Sat, 14th Jan '12 12:56:45 AM
new postCreepshow3Wed, 11th Jan '12 3:57:54 AM
new postTransfer (German film)1Mon, 9th Jan '12 9:07:22 PM
new postAbraham Lincolm Vampire Hunter5Fri, 6th Jan '12 5:34:06 PM
new postSearching for the title of a TV movie2Fri, 6th Jan '12 1:15:20 PM
new postHugo- Martin Scorsese's children's film32Wed, 4th Jan '12 8:32:07 PM
new postRecommend a movie that will save my roommates lives29Fri, 30th Dec '11 6:22:53 AM
new postLisbeth Salander: the next James Bond?11Wed, 28th Dec '11 10:00:54 PM
new postGerry3Wed, 28th Dec '11 8:22:30 PM
new post500 Days of summer analysis13Wed, 28th Dec '11 2:01:09 PM
new postUnused Scripts20Sun, 25th Dec '11 11:37:36 PM
new postDoctor Who movie in development163Sun, 25th Dec '11 12:23:34 PM
new postThe new Mission Impossible is getting surprisingly good reviews11Sat, 24th Dec '11 2:50:20 AM
new postComplete Monster: Disney: Ms. Stout: Comeuppance or Karma Houdini?10Fri, 23rd Dec '11 8:25:16 PM
new postThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie hollywood remake18Thu, 22nd Dec '11 9:27:02 PM
new postThe Descendants (2011)1Thu, 22nd Dec '11 8:40:10 PM
new postRare Exports - A Christmas Tale4Thu, 22nd Dec '11 12:38:05 AM
new postHow many holes does starw ars have?26Wed, 21st Dec '11 9:10:00 PM
new postJack the Giant Killer3Wed, 21st Dec '11 4:57:15 PM
new postCrazy, stupid, love - romantic comedies are misandrist.19Tue, 20th Dec '11 5:33:45 PM
new postResident Evil Begins15Tue, 20th Dec '11 12:53:47 AM
new postApollo 1844Sun, 18th Dec '11 8:10:59 PM
new postDario Argento's Dracula 3D4Sat, 17th Dec '11 4:12:41 PM
new postJohn Rabe (German foreign film)11Sat, 17th Dec '11 3:40:23 PM
new postFurry Vengeance3Sat, 17th Dec '11 3:18:38 PM
new postThe Award Snub thread62Sat, 17th Dec '11 11:43:21 AM
new postJesus Christ Superstar13Thu, 15th Dec '11 11:45:46 PM
new postTarsem Singh wants to direct a live-action Samurai Jack movie39Thu, 15th Dec '11 9:13:45 PM
new postThe Three Stooges30Thu, 15th Dec '11 3:00:46 AM
new postWhat the hell is the title of this movie?!2Tue, 13th Dec '11 11:39:49 PM
new postWhy do filmmakers not always choose to film in correct cities?14Mon, 12th Dec '11 10:18:06 PM
new postEver wondered what a sci-fi film made in Ghana would look like?5Mon, 12th Dec '11 9:28:44 AM
new postLooking for a short film2Sun, 11th Dec '11 1:18:27 PM
new postI always wanted to see a "slasher" movie like this8Fri, 9th Dec '11 5:34:56 PM
new postDead horses they need to stop beating9Fri, 9th Dec '11 9:58:52 AM
new postDC Movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe13Wed, 7th Dec '11 6:36:29 PM
new postIn Time8Sun, 4th Dec '11 6:13:42 AM
new postHobo With A Shotgun40Sat, 3rd Dec '11 1:34:28 PM
new postMovie shots that would be good album covers30Sat, 3rd Dec '11 10:53:58 AM
new postWhat is the name of this high school horror movie?5Wed, 23rd Nov '11 4:43:19 PM
new postRed Tails11Wed, 23rd Nov '11 4:42:19 PM
new postFalling Down8Mon, 21st Nov '11 6:08:42 PM
new postPanzer 886Mon, 21st Nov '11 5:34:20 AM
new postHausu3Sun, 20th Nov '11 6:58:25 PM
new postAnyone know the name of this movie?3Sat, 19th Nov '11 2:18:19 PM
new postLargest miniature?1Thu, 17th Nov '11 7:58:12 PM
new postDo you ever let a Director's personality alter your opinion of a film?104Wed, 16th Nov '11 6:23:50 PM
new postWhat Could Have Been: David Hayter's Black Widow2Tue, 15th Nov '11 4:52:21 PM
14 pages in this list
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