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Western Animation
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new postFire Nation vs. Slytherin: Showing Humanity from an "Evil" Tribe97Thu, 4th Oct '12 11:20:31 AM
new postBlack Dynamite: The Series82Tue, 2nd Oct '12 9:00:12 AM
new postStudio Mir?9Mon, 1st Oct '12 6:10:29 PM
new postRob Pratt and Superman Classic2Mon, 1st Oct '12 3:08:42 PM
new postSym-Bionic Titan and ThunderCats coming to Toonami on October 6th14Sun, 30th Sep '12 7:04:38 AM
new postAnimation and Its Influence on Furries43Fri, 28th Sep '12 12:26:14 PM
new postBest use of Flanderization in an animated series53Thu, 27th Sep '12 2:03:14 PM
new postShould Fox stop picking up stuff from Seth Macfarlane?253Thu, 27th Sep '12 1:22:08 PM
new postKim Possible46Wed, 26th Sep '12 8:53:52 PM
new postLegend Of The Guardians: Owls Of Ga'Hoole26Mon, 24th Sep '12 10:12:18 PM
new postMary-sues in Family Guy.18Mon, 24th Sep '12 5:25:25 PM
new postI'm looking for animated nostalgia3Mon, 24th Sep '12 4:45:09 PM
new postHated Ed Edd n Eddy episodes you didn't think was so bad16Mon, 24th Sep '12 4:15:31 PM
new postPopeye the Sailor Man26Wed, 19th Sep '12 9:32:55 PM
new postCare Bears on The Hub52Tue, 18th Sep '12 7:02:44 PM
new postExamining Propaganda In Cartoon Form13Tue, 18th Sep '12 3:01:23 PM
new postThomas The Tank Engine8Tue, 18th Sep '12 7:27:20 AM
new postGeneral Disney Animated Canon Re-release thread165Sun, 16th Sep '12 7:05:52 AM
new postWhat Is The Most Memetic Western Cartoon EVER!?72Sat, 15th Sep '12 1:29:10 PM
new postTwo new Cartoon Network Cartoons green-lighted. 29Sat, 15th Sep '12 7:22:33 AM
new postBeast Hunters2Fri, 14th Sep '12 3:58:36 AM
new postWilliam Hanna and Joseph Barbera5Wed, 12th Sep '12 9:11:16 PM
new postDreamWorks schedules 12 animated films for the next 3 years!32Tue, 11th Sep '12 3:23:30 PM
new postMost WTF (Positive,mind you) Induced by a Western Cartoon28Mon, 10th Sep '12 6:50:50 PM
new postCodename: Kids Next Door12Sat, 8th Sep '12 4:30:40 PM
new postDP, AD:JL and TLATOJL: How would a crossover between them work?15Thu, 6th Sep '12 5:27:28 PM
new postStar Wars: Detours14Thu, 6th Sep '12 12:22:39 PM
new postWhat episode of The Simpsons was it?4Tue, 4th Sep '12 3:53:34 PM
new postA Non-Fox Cartoon Enters syndication for the first time IN YEARS8Tue, 4th Sep '12 12:13:26 PM
new post Cookie Jar TV: Doomed?17Sun, 2nd Sep '12 2:45:13 PM
new postWho's the most adorable character in Western Animation?38Fri, 31st Aug '12 4:59:06 AM
new postThe Great Mouse Detective4Thu, 30th Aug '12 8:12:34 AM
new postUnderappreciated Cartoons116Mon, 27th Aug '12 6:21:35 PM
new postStar Wars Detours5Sun, 26th Aug '12 9:21:21 PM
new postVenture Bros. theme of failure1Sat, 25th Aug '12 12:00:32 PM
new postX-Men The Animated Series4Sat, 25th Aug '12 8:13:46 AM
new postDisney's overall impact 25Thu, 23rd Aug '12 7:22:02 AM
new postDo You Remember When It Was Noggin?10Tue, 21st Aug '12 3:03:51 PM
new postThe Secret Show7Sun, 19th Aug '12 7:19:05 PM
new postPost your favorite Disney Music46Fri, 17th Aug '12 7:51:06 PM
new postMost Polarizing Western Animation You Are A Fan Of71Wed, 15th Aug '12 1:07:29 PM
new postFamous people's favorite cartoons45Wed, 15th Aug '12 12:51:12 PM
new postW.I.T.C.H.25Tue, 14th Aug '12 1:05:55 PM
new postRanking Animation1Mon, 13th Aug '12 7:28:32 PM
new postBlue-Linking The 100 Greatest Looney Tunes3Mon, 13th Aug '12 7:01:52 AM
new postFinding Nemo Getting A Sequel87Fri, 10th Aug '12 7:27:26 AM
new postWhatis this from?7Thu, 9th Aug '12 2:46:06 PM
new postIs Ratigan really a rat in the movie?21Tue, 7th Aug '12 5:14:09 PM
new postCharacter that the voice actor voices that you think is weird34Tue, 7th Aug '12 2:19:19 PM
new postMirthworms - anyone remember them?2Tue, 7th Aug '12 6:14:52 AM
new postGuillermo del Toro's Pinocchio15Tue, 7th Aug '12 12:55:21 AM
new postCartoons You Changed Opinions Of70Mon, 6th Aug '12 6:46:29 AM
new postOperettas=Disney movies? Or is it the other way around? 9Sun, 5th Aug '12 6:37:51 AM
new postNeed help identifying an animated film with singing monkeys/apes?4Sat, 4th Aug '12 7:43:36 PM
new postPraise cartoons you dislike, criticize cartoons you like!51Sat, 4th Aug '12 9:58:49 AM
new postMy Feelings regarding animation nowadays5Sat, 4th Aug '12 8:19:04 AM
new postA Small Question regarding "Scooby-Doo and the Samurai Sword"3Thu, 2nd Aug '12 1:27:50 PM
new postSilly Symphony Thread2Mon, 30th Jul '12 12:20:43 PM
new postCartoon recomendations pls?2Mon, 30th Jul '12 7:14:36 AM
new postThe appeal and stigma of Periphery demographic animated shows8Sun, 29th Jul '12 12:58:57 PM
new postCan Somebody help me remember the name of this movie?9Sat, 28th Jul '12 10:59:27 PM
new postDave the Barbarian29Sat, 28th Jul '12 5:08:37 AM
new postYour favorite Western Animated series (and why?)71Fri, 27th Jul '12 11:11:36 AM
new postDisney TV Animation: The jewels in the crown.22Thu, 26th Jul '12 8:45:17 AM
new postYour Ensemble Darkhorses: Western animation15Tue, 24th Jul '12 8:21:42 PM
new postAmerican Dragon: Jake Long5Tue, 24th Jul '12 5:43:54 PM
new postMe and My Shadow - Dreamworks goes back to 2D kinda.6Mon, 23rd Jul '12 9:14:54 PM
new postGroovie Goolies - looking for a trope to match this scene3Mon, 23rd Jul '12 6:27:13 PM
new postIf They Were In Live Action...2Mon, 23rd Jul '12 12:38:22 PM
new postDoes anyone ever notice any Seven Deadly Sins in a lot of Cartoons??11Mon, 23rd Jul '12 10:46:22 AM
new postnon-Lantz Universal cartoons?1Mon, 23rd Jul '12 9:32:39 AM
new postPepper Ann17Sun, 22nd Jul '12 6:05:34 PM
new postNine Latter-Day Simpsons Episodes That Match Up to the Early Classics1Sat, 21st Jul '12 4:49:57 PM
new postAwesome Western Animation Promos3Fri, 20th Jul '12 3:11:03 AM
new postIce Age 451Wed, 18th Jul '12 8:28:39 PM
new postA Monster In Paris17Wed, 18th Jul '12 3:08:42 PM
new postAeon Flux2Tue, 17th Jul '12 7:11:04 PM
new postThe Wuzzles12Sun, 15th Jul '12 5:54:41 AM
new postTop Cat8Fri, 13th Jul '12 10:07:10 PM
new postMichel Ocelot's work1Sun, 8th Jul '12 10:24:56 PM
new postNew Simpson Short28Sat, 7th Jul '12 7:19:54 PM
new postMadagasacar 3: Europe's Most Wanted208Sat, 7th Jul '12 5:51:34 AM
new postDanny Phantom's Portrayal of Black Characters11Fri, 6th Jul '12 9:38:41 AM
new postNeed help identifying this animation about a king with spiked armour2Thu, 5th Jul '12 1:45:59 PM
new postIron Man Armored Adventures41Tue, 3rd Jul '12 12:31:41 AM
new postShare something obscure!8Mon, 2nd Jul '12 11:47:16 PM
new postThe possibilities of a Pixar Marvel film64Mon, 2nd Jul '12 6:49:22 PM
new postDisney Self-Plagiarism18Mon, 2nd Jul '12 2:11:40 PM
new postParallels between 2D/3D gaming and animation2Mon, 2nd Jul '12 10:53:20 AM
new postThe Best and Worst of Middle Earth Animated2Sat, 30th Jun '12 1:27:42 PM
new postWarner Bros Animation films3Fri, 29th Jun '12 8:28:13 PM
new postJem Returns to TV!32Fri, 29th Jun '12 12:12:23 AM
new postAqua Unit Patrol Squad 115Mon, 25th Jun '12 2:34:02 PM
new postAdult Swim and Valve doing some Team Fortress-related project14Mon, 25th Jun '12 5:41:03 AM
new postGlen Keane has left Disney55Sun, 24th Jun '12 5:18:37 PM
new postGene Detich Tom and Jerry VS. Post-Movie Spongebob25Sun, 24th Jun '12 1:05:50 PM
new postThings you thought Walt Disney could've done differently35Fri, 22nd Jun '12 10:01:52 PM
new postMy Zevo-3 Issues12Fri, 22nd Jun '12 9:14:23 PM
new postRon and Jon's best film(yes the Musker and Clements Duo)4Thu, 21st Jun '12 9:38:14 AM
new postThe Black Corsair1Thu, 21st Jun '12 6:52:55 AM
16 pages in this list
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