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Western Animation
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new postBONE Movie in the works185Sat, 8th Dec '12 7:22:17 PM
new postRush Zone: Guardians of the Core44Fri, 7th Dec '12 9:00:44 PM
new postDetentionaire2Fri, 7th Dec '12 11:27:55 AM
new postCreator Driven Era of animation15Fri, 7th Dec '12 5:55:32 AM
new postDisney's future animated projects28Thu, 6th Dec '12 5:07:28 PM
new postDisney Finally Streaming on Netflix10Thu, 6th Dec '12 7:02:28 AM
new postChosin Battle for Fox Hill Animated Movie4Tue, 4th Dec '12 12:30:25 PM
new postAmerican Dragon and Secret Saturdays: too hard of the hero8Sun, 2nd Dec '12 5:43:39 PM
new postIf Captain Planet was being remade what you do to make it better?218Sun, 2nd Dec '12 1:25:27 PM
new postEd edd n eddy darkfic2Sat, 1st Dec '12 10:23:16 PM
new postFrankenweenie- Tim Burton's new stop-motion film86Thu, 29th Nov '12 11:24:43 PM
new postBrenda Chapman Leaves Pixar29Wed, 28th Nov '12 7:21:40 PM
new postLooking for: The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus (2000)2Wed, 28th Nov '12 10:34:22 AM
new postSWAT Kats revival13Tue, 27th Nov '12 1:32:35 PM
new postWould you like to see Afternoon Cartoon blocks to Broadcast Television9Tue, 27th Nov '12 11:29:07 AM
new postMoments that you loved from stuff you loved16Mon, 26th Nov '12 9:34:43 PM
new postWhy are people so hard on Timmy (fairly OP) for acting like a jerk?24Mon, 26th Nov '12 8:07:49 PM
new postAvengers:Earth Mightiest Heroes! 1,087Mon, 26th Nov '12 12:27:04 PM
new postAnimaniacs is Coming to the Hub3Thu, 22nd Nov '12 5:48:51 PM
new postMyth arcs/arc driven animated series: what makes them unique?8Wed, 21st Nov '12 8:23:19 PM
new post TEAM TOON: A new beginning for CBS SatAM?5Tue, 20th Nov '12 3:17:42 PM
new postBeforal Oral - a "Moral Orel Special"3Tue, 20th Nov '12 6:47:33 AM
new postDisney characters get radical redesign for department store77Mon, 19th Nov '12 3:58:21 AM
new postLittlest Pet Shop - on the Hub6Sun, 18th Nov '12 5:48:17 PM
new postDisney Adaptations of works/Adaptation Displacement29Sat, 17th Nov '12 1:31:57 PM
new postNeed Help Setting a Simpsons fanfic3Fri, 16th Nov '12 1:59:58 AM
new postHow much violence and injuries can you show in a Y7 and a PG rating?27Wed, 14th Nov '12 6:14:21 PM
new postPB&J Otter15Mon, 12th Nov '12 3:11:00 PM
new postBatman: TAS, is this what really happened?10Mon, 12th Nov '12 2:32:28 PM
new postWestern animation credits, animation production, and YOU!7Mon, 12th Nov '12 7:53:59 AM
new postRIP Lucille Bliss (Crusader Rabbit, Smurfette, Ms. Bitters)5Sun, 11th Nov '12 1:06:20 PM
new postDisney's Live Action ambitions and its influence on the animation12Sat, 10th Nov '12 5:56:24 PM
new postViacom's Treatment of Dora9Sat, 10th Nov '12 12:55:00 PM
new postKleo the Misfit Unicorn15Fri, 9th Nov '12 7:41:41 PM
new postThe Goon Kickstarter project28Fri, 9th Nov '12 3:43:01 PM
new postSo yeah....Bravest Warriors19Thu, 8th Nov '12 8:06:45 PM
new postDisney Marathon1Mon, 5th Nov '12 5:43:07 PM
new postCartoon Network's 20th anniversary. 75Mon, 5th Nov '12 5:02:40 PM
new postThe Brave Little Toaster GGI remake.103Fri, 2nd Nov '12 10:23:42 AM
new postWatership Down13Thu, 1st Nov '12 7:41:14 AM
new postLucas to become the top shareholder at Disney?23Wed, 31st Oct '12 12:44:04 PM
new postDark Knight Returns Trailer32Sun, 28th Oct '12 6:39:42 PM
new postWhy is it bad for the Hero to get Revenge?78Sun, 28th Oct '12 2:34:59 PM
new postFantasia Type films4Fri, 26th Oct '12 1:24:15 PM
new postGood Idea, Poor Execution150Fri, 26th Oct '12 1:21:35 PM
new postAre people stuck seeing Dreamworks in their 2005-2007 era?6Fri, 26th Oct '12 1:12:22 PM
new postKing Robo5Thu, 25th Oct '12 5:32:35 PM
new postMarvel Universe5Wed, 24th Oct '12 7:02:38 PM
new postSuper Monkey Robot Team Hyperforce Go!3Wed, 24th Oct '12 5:56:05 PM
new postGargoyles: Best Disney Cartoon?64Tue, 23rd Oct '12 6:59:56 AM
new postThe Iron Giant: I have one question16Mon, 22nd Oct '12 3:40:46 AM
new postIs there any Western Western animation?22Sat, 20th Oct '12 5:18:04 AM
new postHoly Lego's, Batman!5Thu, 18th Oct '12 11:23:08 AM
new postAnimaniacs Volume 4 is finally happening!2Tue, 16th Oct '12 4:49:35 PM
new postSonic Underground Getting Conclusion in Archie Comics67Sun, 14th Oct '12 8:26:33 PM
new postHave you ever had a thing for a Disney villian/villianess?35Sun, 14th Oct '12 4:42:41 PM
new postIron Man & Hulk: Heroes United7Sun, 14th Oct '12 8:03:51 AM
new postAn idea for a reboot/sequel of Captain N: The Game Master14Sat, 13th Oct '12 1:28:15 AM
new postDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood12Fri, 12th Oct '12 8:14:13 PM
new postAn episode/movie that made a good impact on a TV show15Thu, 11th Oct '12 7:38:25 PM
new postSuper Best Friends Forever needs to become a full show!13Thu, 11th Oct '12 7:01:45 AM
new postWhy, how and When did the Simpsons Jump the Shark???62Wed, 10th Oct '12 3:42:09 PM
new postToonami is back?273Mon, 8th Oct '12 11:21:28 PM
new postOld World War One Cartoon4Mon, 8th Oct '12 2:31:47 PM
new postHulala Girls from the creator of Xiaolin Showdown3Sat, 6th Oct '12 3:55:07 PM
new postSuperman TAS on The Hub9Sat, 6th Oct '12 3:49:12 PM
new postAnimation Revelation's Top 65 Cartoons38Sat, 6th Oct '12 2:02:14 AM
new postFire Nation vs. Slytherin: Showing Humanity from an "Evil" Tribe97Thu, 4th Oct '12 11:20:31 AM
new postBlack Dynamite: The Series82Tue, 2nd Oct '12 9:00:12 AM
new postStudio Mir?9Mon, 1st Oct '12 6:10:29 PM
new postRob Pratt and Superman Classic2Mon, 1st Oct '12 3:08:42 PM
new postSym-Bionic Titan and ThunderCats coming to Toonami on October 6th14Sun, 30th Sep '12 7:04:38 AM
new postAnimation and Its Influence on Furries43Fri, 28th Sep '12 12:26:14 PM
new postBest use of Flanderization in an animated series53Thu, 27th Sep '12 2:03:14 PM
new postShould Fox stop picking up stuff from Seth Macfarlane?253Thu, 27th Sep '12 1:22:08 PM
new postKim Possible46Wed, 26th Sep '12 8:53:52 PM
new postLegend Of The Guardians: Owls Of Ga'Hoole26Mon, 24th Sep '12 10:12:18 PM
new postMary-sues in Family Guy.18Mon, 24th Sep '12 5:25:25 PM
new postI'm looking for animated nostalgia3Mon, 24th Sep '12 4:45:09 PM
new postHated Ed Edd n Eddy episodes you didn't think was so bad16Mon, 24th Sep '12 4:15:31 PM
new postPopeye the Sailor Man26Wed, 19th Sep '12 9:32:55 PM
new postCare Bears on The Hub52Tue, 18th Sep '12 7:02:44 PM
new postExamining Propaganda In Cartoon Form13Tue, 18th Sep '12 3:01:23 PM
new postThomas The Tank Engine8Tue, 18th Sep '12 7:27:20 AM
new postGeneral Disney Animated Canon Re-release thread165Sun, 16th Sep '12 7:05:52 AM
new postWhat Is The Most Memetic Western Cartoon EVER!?72Sat, 15th Sep '12 1:29:10 PM
new postTwo new Cartoon Network Cartoons green-lighted. 29Sat, 15th Sep '12 7:22:33 AM
new postBeast Hunters2Fri, 14th Sep '12 3:58:36 AM
new postWilliam Hanna and Joseph Barbera5Wed, 12th Sep '12 9:11:16 PM
new postDreamWorks schedules 12 animated films for the next 3 years!32Tue, 11th Sep '12 3:23:30 PM
new postMost WTF (Positive,mind you) Induced by a Western Cartoon28Mon, 10th Sep '12 6:50:50 PM
new postCodename: Kids Next Door12Sat, 8th Sep '12 4:30:40 PM
new postDP, AD:JL and TLATOJL: How would a crossover between them work?15Thu, 6th Sep '12 5:27:28 PM
new postStar Wars: Detours14Thu, 6th Sep '12 12:22:39 PM
new postWhat episode of The Simpsons was it?4Tue, 4th Sep '12 3:53:34 PM
new postA Non-Fox Cartoon Enters syndication for the first time IN YEARS8Tue, 4th Sep '12 12:13:26 PM
new post Cookie Jar TV: Doomed?17Sun, 2nd Sep '12 2:45:13 PM
new postThe Great Mouse Detective4Thu, 30th Aug '12 8:12:34 AM
new postUnderappreciated Cartoons116Mon, 27th Aug '12 6:21:35 PM
new postStar Wars Detours5Sun, 26th Aug '12 9:21:21 PM
16 pages in this list
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