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Western Animation
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new postcan somebody explain Spider-Man Unlimited to me?21Fri, 8th Mar '13 4:11:05 PM
new postAngry Beavers10Fri, 8th Mar '13 12:44:45 PM
new postWhich Shows Do You Think Deserve A Second Shot?93Fri, 8th Mar '13 9:01:33 AM
new postRevival of Clerks34Thu, 7th Mar '13 5:01:42 PM
new postWould you or would you not be nice to Meg?86Thu, 7th Mar '13 10:19:28 AM
new postChris Onstad working on an Achewood cartoon2Sun, 3rd Mar '13 3:11:04 AM
new postThe 85th Oscar Animated Nominations273Thu, 28th Feb '13 8:15:37 PM
new postNickelodeon Upfront33Thu, 28th Feb '13 8:13:55 PM
new postDreamworks Classics Media2Wed, 27th Feb '13 4:49:28 PM
new postThe recent VFX issues and state 2Wed, 27th Feb '13 4:02:34 AM
new postWhy is it that people avoid introspective action less movies?2Tue, 26th Feb '13 1:07:24 AM
new postThe Mysterious Cities of Gold/Les MystÚrieuses CitÚs d'Or39Mon, 25th Feb '13 6:40:39 PM
new postCybersix3Mon, 25th Feb '13 5:30:30 AM
new postKim Possible and American Dragon: Jake Long: how do they compare?2Sun, 24th Feb '13 4:12:03 PM
new postRoobarb (And Custard)3Sat, 23rd Feb '13 6:57:45 PM
new postDC Universe Original Animated Movies20Fri, 22nd Feb '13 7:06:08 AM
new postEnough of That Cartoons are Strictly for Kids42Thu, 21st Feb '13 10:28:19 PM
new postCats Don't Dance script6Thu, 21st Feb '13 8:19:35 AM
new postHelp trying to remember name of cartoon from either 70's, 80's or 90's6Sun, 17th Feb '13 8:39:53 PM
new postYour Favorite Pixar Moments15Sun, 17th Feb '13 7:34:08 PM
new postPositive Spongebob Thread219Sat, 16th Feb '13 6:41:42 PM
new postMagic School Bus/Dr. Who meme8Sat, 16th Feb '13 11:26:44 AM
new postFavorite WB Director and Enterpretations9Fri, 15th Feb '13 8:09:07 PM
new postIs it wrong to feel like Disney's shine has worn off?65Fri, 15th Feb '13 10:29:09 AM
new postWhat Animated Series You Wish To Have A Japanese Version?32Fri, 15th Feb '13 12:11:47 AM
new postDarkest Cartoon Episodes!15Tue, 12th Feb '13 9:31:51 PM
new postDreamworks Talks up Kids Channel of their own!64Tue, 12th Feb '13 2:47:46 PM
new postCartoon Network Upfront79Sun, 10th Feb '13 5:47:36 AM
new postShow creators that were in the zone28Sat, 9th Feb '13 3:16:18 AM
new postHappily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child3Thu, 7th Feb '13 12:54:04 PM
new postPaperman37Wed, 6th Feb '13 6:34:08 PM
new postHenry Selick opens new studio12Tue, 5th Feb '13 11:13:11 AM
new postAre Action Cartoons Going Extinct?71Mon, 4th Feb '13 10:50:33 PM
new postJem26Mon, 4th Feb '13 2:06:14 PM
new postSpike's cartoons (Stripperella, Gary the Rat, Ren & Stimpy APC)9Mon, 4th Feb '13 10:36:39 AM
new postCertain Voice Actors seem to follow certain patterns5Sun, 3rd Feb '13 7:47:34 PM
new postIs the South Park movie darker than the show?10Sun, 3rd Feb '13 8:29:05 AM
new postLand Before Time Sequels23Sat, 2nd Feb '13 6:41:16 PM
new postThe snow queen7Sat, 2nd Feb '13 4:46:51 AM
new postFoster's Home For Imaginary Friends18Fri, 1st Feb '13 8:18:32 PM
new postGreg Weisman: Master of the Story Arc20Tue, 29th Jan '13 2:19:14 PM
new postJake and the Neverland Pirates35Mon, 28th Jan '13 1:38:28 PM
new postCharacters you used to hate and grew to like24Mon, 28th Jan '13 12:41:43 PM
new postWarner Brothers Creates "Think Tank" For New Animated Films35Mon, 28th Jan '13 12:21:14 PM
new postDid anyone else remember this segment on Cartoon network?15Mon, 28th Jan '13 11:51:07 AM
new postwestern animation recommendations3Sat, 26th Jan '13 4:12:33 PM
new postHolidays of Future Passed3Fri, 25th Jan '13 10:09:27 AM
new postFavorite Leitmotifs15Thu, 24th Jan '13 4:08:49 PM
new postAnimated Characters With Unused Potential25Thu, 24th Jan '13 7:10:52 AM
new postLikeable Smart Characters in Western Animation.73Wed, 23rd Jan '13 5:37:00 PM
new postDreamworks Animation Stigma24Tue, 22nd Jan '13 6:17:37 PM
new postDeadstar...3Wed, 16th Jan '13 6:59:46 PM
new postCreepiest Western Animation Episode9Sat, 12th Jan '13 1:44:55 PM
new postThe Hub is Named Best Network for Family Programming 66Fri, 11th Jan '13 9:13:28 AM
new postWhat's Your Top Western Animation Villain?75Thu, 10th Jan '13 9:22:35 PM
new postPadak12Thu, 10th Jan '13 7:30:15 AM
new postControversial Adaptation Choices in Animation17Wed, 9th Jan '13 5:43:40 AM
new postBest Pixar film?83Mon, 7th Jan '13 1:43:42 PM
new postFinding Nemo 267Sun, 6th Jan '13 7:53:41 PM
new postChristmas Specials without a page.9Sun, 6th Jan '13 6:21:08 PM
new postYoung Justice and Impulse5Sun, 6th Jan '13 6:04:21 PM
new postDodger Dare 1Sun, 6th Jan '13 3:50:14 PM
new postTeam Rocket Wins in Western Animation13Sat, 5th Jan '13 8:11:34 AM
new postNine Latter-Day Simpsons Episodes That Match Up to the Early Classics13Sat, 5th Jan '13 1:02:28 AM
new postBest/favorite Disney film12Fri, 4th Jan '13 4:05:16 PM
new postName Some Cartoons you grew up with46Fri, 4th Jan '13 8:54:28 AM
new postFranklin18Wed, 2nd Jan '13 9:12:02 AM
new postMary And Max11Mon, 31st Dec '12 11:03:57 PM
new postCinderella 3D11Sun, 30th Dec '12 1:22:31 PM
new postIf Ended Shows had continued... 17Thu, 27th Dec '12 6:47:04 PM
new postYour favorite and funny "Ho Yay" moments in cartoons.2Thu, 27th Dec '12 4:23:10 PM
new postPlease, I need help with indexing..I created a new page4Wed, 26th Dec '12 10:31:30 PM
new postThe Hub's "Naughty or Nice" Awards19Tue, 25th Dec '12 2:49:41 PM
new postSouth park movie genmre10Mon, 24th Dec '12 6:36:55 PM
new postYour thoughts on "The Boys of Bummer".4Sun, 23rd Dec '12 12:10:28 PM
new postEliot Kid5Sat, 22nd Dec '12 5:18:30 PM
new postPilots that you wish that were picked up61Thu, 20th Dec '12 7:49:09 AM
new postMy Holiday joy is being undermined5Tue, 18th Dec '12 5:06:24 PM
new postKaijudo:Raise Of The Duel Masters85Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:57:51 AM
new postThe Dating Guy10Fri, 14th Dec '12 4:16:06 AM
new postNew Titmous show to appear on Nick, giant robots confirmed.19Mon, 10th Dec '12 11:49:32 AM
new postBONE Movie in the works185Sat, 8th Dec '12 7:22:17 PM
new postRush Zone: Guardians of the Core44Fri, 7th Dec '12 9:00:44 PM
new postDetentionaire2Fri, 7th Dec '12 11:27:55 AM
new postCreator Driven Era of animation15Fri, 7th Dec '12 5:55:32 AM
new postDisney's future animated projects28Thu, 6th Dec '12 5:07:28 PM
new postDisney Finally Streaming on Netflix10Thu, 6th Dec '12 7:02:28 AM
new postChosin Battle for Fox Hill Animated Movie4Tue, 4th Dec '12 12:30:25 PM
new postAmerican Dragon and Secret Saturdays: too hard of the hero8Sun, 2nd Dec '12 5:43:39 PM
new postIf Captain Planet was being remade what you do to make it better?218Sun, 2nd Dec '12 1:25:27 PM
new postEd edd n eddy darkfic2Sat, 1st Dec '12 10:23:16 PM
new postFrankenweenie- Tim Burton's new stop-motion film86Thu, 29th Nov '12 11:24:43 PM
new postBrenda Chapman Leaves Pixar29Wed, 28th Nov '12 7:21:40 PM
new postLooking for: The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus (2000)2Wed, 28th Nov '12 10:34:22 AM
new postSWAT Kats revival13Tue, 27th Nov '12 1:32:35 PM
new postWould you like to see Afternoon Cartoon blocks to Broadcast Television9Tue, 27th Nov '12 11:29:07 AM
new postMoments that you loved from stuff you loved16Mon, 26th Nov '12 9:34:43 PM
new postWhy are people so hard on Timmy (fairly OP) for acting like a jerk?24Mon, 26th Nov '12 8:07:49 PM
new postAvengers:Earth Mightiest Heroes! 1,087Mon, 26th Nov '12 12:27:04 PM
new postAnimaniacs is Coming to the Hub3Thu, 22nd Nov '12 5:48:51 PM
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