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27th JunManga/Chintsubu
Reason:Chintsubu is a gag comedy Yaoi manga that is essentially about talking penises. Most of the dialogue revolves around penises as well. The plot (if it could be called that) is basically an excuse for porn as there is at least one or two masturbation and/or sex scenes in every chapter.
27th JunMain/Hooker Verse
Reason:This page was created here because the correct place (FanFic.HookerVerse) is locked from a rogue cut back in 2012. That said, the premise and name of the story leaves certain uncertainties regarding its standing under the Content Policy, so I\'ll flag for a proper review. From Septimus Heap.
9th JulWebcomic/Sonic Girls
Reason:Fart fetish fic.